Montclair Pie Store Gets Pi Day Snaps

What better food to eat on National Pi Day (as in the celebration of the “ratio of a circle’s circumference to diameter,” better known as the mathematical constant beginning with 3.14159) than pie?

When the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution in 2009 to designate March 14 (3/14 — you get it?) as National Pi Day in an effort to urge schools to engage students in math, it became an official holiday. This newcomer to the national holiday scene has yet to establish a traditional menu, like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. Clearly, though, pies of all kinds should be included in today’s meals.

The Pie Store in Montclair was contacted by 92.3 FM celeb DJ Nick Cannon — who is married to Mariah Carey — to talk pie live on-air this morning. “We told him that our pies make people happy,” store spokesperson Yomi Karade told Baristanet. Cannon wanted to know if the store could name a pie for him. “I said that we can call it ‘Nicky Pie,’ and he said that was his wife’s nickname for him.”

Store owner Samantha Codling and her team (brother and sister bakers Randy and Erin Brennan shown above) are now working creating a special “Nicky Pie” for Cannon this week. Exactly what type of pie it will be hasn’t been finalized, but the possibility of a Banoffee Pie (banana/toffee sweet pie) was mentioned.

Will you eat pie today? We know where you can get it. The Pie Store is open until 7 p.m. today.

The Pie Store

100 Watchung Avenue
Upper Montclair

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