Pedestrian Struck by Van in Montclair, Serious Trauma Injury

At 8:30 a.m. today, BNN reported that a pedestrian had been struck on Valley Rd & Bellevue Avenue in Montclair. At that time, police and EMS were said to be on the scene, and the injuries were categorized as serious. The patient was taken to St. Joeseph’s Trauma Center, with the paramedic unit requested to meet the ambulance en route.

Lt. Kenneth Miscia from the Montclair police department has issued this statement:

On 3/30/11 at approximately 8:00 AM, Police were dispatched to the southern entrance to the Bellevue Parking Plaza on a report of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Preliminary investigation showed that a 29 year old male from Bloomfield struck a 60 year old female pedestrian from Montclair. The pedestrian was transported to the trauma center at St. Joseph’s Hospital with serious head injuries. The accident was called in by the driver of the van that struck her and at this time there are no witnesses.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Lt. Kenneth Miscia of the Uniform and Traffic Bureau at 973-509-4740.

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  1. If you were to check the phone records, I’m confident (but only my opinion)that there was some sort of smart phone activity: internet, talking or texting at the time of the incident.

    Why bother having that law when you can drive down pretty much any street , any time of the day and see people gabbing or texting while driving.

    My favorite one on my commute is the person with the Iphone on (or like device) with headphones either talking or listening to music while looking down texting or playing a game with a back pack on. Totally oblivious to the world around them, banging into people or crushing them up against walls with the pack. Then when they get off the subway , train (where ever) they stop in the middle of the foot traffic flow and light up a cigarette.

  2. Whoa, in the midst of my rant I forgot to say that I hope for a full recovery for the pedestrian. Very sad.

  3. I’ve seen plenty of folks barren of any technological impairment walk down the street “totally oblivious to the world around them”, so I’m not sure why you cast technology as the foe here…

  4. I am friends withan owner of a large body shop. He tells that PRE-Cell Phones 75 percent of crashes would be frontal damage to cars. (Bumpers, Grilles & hoods.

    Now? it has flipped to back ends, needing trunks, taillights, rear bumper covers, because the talker behind doesn’t realize traffic has stopped and smacks into the stopped car.

  5. Wouldn’t the increase in that kind of accident lead to his getting 50% of customers with rear-end damage and 50% with front end damage?

  6. I was across the street on my own walk to the train when this happened, but did not see the incident. I have gotten hit, however, on multiple occasions by cars turning in/out of parking lots while looking in the opposite direction. I’ve always been able to pull back within a few inches so I’ve been safe while my bag goes flying into the hood. I pass no judgment who was paying the least attention, but the victim was passing a bunch of people waiting for the DeCamp bus, so it may have been hard to see her, however with so many people walking about that crosswalk/corner any driver should have looked both ways before turning anyway. It’s sad that something like this has to happen every few months and fear my walk every day, even more so by Valley/Bellevue Ave intersection.

  7. Hell, I’ve seen police driving while talking on their cells. My car was almost struck by one officer in the QuickChek parking lot. He was totally oblivious, laughing away on his cell. I’m sure if he hit me some how it would have been my fault, though.

  8. Folks speculationg as to the cause of the accident are way off base. That is a dangerous driveway (and it is not the one in the picture). You have building right up to the sidewalk, so the only view a driver has is directly in front. I slowly pull out of that driveway onto the sidewalk so I can see what is happening. Still, it only takes a second for a pedestrian to cut in front of you.

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