Siena Leaks As Pinnacle Eyes DCH Auto Site

Baristanet readers had lots to say about green redevelopment plans for the DCH Auto site. Pinnacle chosen by DCH to develop the site, is also the group behind the Siena, where just this week, it rained inside the building with leaks in the stairwells, a reminder of the leaks and mold that have plagued the building. Says resident Vincent Forbes, “I think it is really wise that the people of Montclair be aware of what kind of building Pinnacle and Kohl produce as they are looking to develop further in Montclair.”

Siena resident Raniya Kassem can’t escape the leaks. She snapped these photos Monday in the stairwell located next to the temporary apartment where she lives now, after the apartment she bought became uninhabitable due to water and mold. “The conditions are unsafe and scary,” says Kassem.

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  1. Why would anyone in their right mind select Pinnacle and Kohl to develop anything in Montclair or anywhere else? I wouldn’t hire them to design and build a house for my dog.

  2. “Pinnacle” of shoddy construction…..Why, this makes even old Soviet Bloc style housing look great by comparison.

  3. Funny, I thought they were re-gentrifying that area. Evidently I was wrong. They are building brand new slums.

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