South Park Redevelopment Project: One Step Closer to Green Light

This week the Montclair town council passed an ordinance allocating $500,000 of the $750,000 that is needed for the redevelopment of South Park Street, adding to the already existing $250,000 that the township had previously set aside for it.

While the council has yet to finalize its approval, this ordinance brings the project one step closer to making the downtown’s makeover a reality. Read more here.

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  1. Debt is debt whether or not it is interest free. Where is the proof that we will make the money back? Property values might not go up because we made the street prettier. We are also eliminating parking spaces in front of those businesses, so won’t that make them less valuable as retail spaces? Where will the money come from? The 7% municipal increase that cannot ever be zero (references to fairy wands and ballet slippers aside) because it’s just not possible and would have dire consequences? Doesn’t anyone on this council realize that our ridiculously high taxes are making the town less attractive to businesses and home buyers?

  2. Totally agree. Can’t buy the argument that businesses will be all too happy to pay increased taxes because this will make their businesses more valuable. They already are having trouble paying their overinflated rents.The parking there is ridiculous as it is, and they plan to remove most of the spaces? Park in the Crescent deck? I have never once parked there, it just seems out of the way and inconvenient.

    Most of the value of this project is based on wishful thinking. No one can say that the Upper Montclair business district is unattractive, yet there are many empty stores there as well. It’s the economy, and who the hell knows when or if that will pick up? And in the downtown area, much of the problem is that shopkeepers can’t afford to pay the rents the landlords are demanding.

  3. How this gets paid for stumps me. Supposedly properties within 1,000 feet (a thousand feet!) will increase in value and pay higher taxes. Who came up with this logic?

    And lost parking is a real issue. People have double standards when it comes to parking but they are still standards, fairly widely held. They’ll park pretty far at a mall, then walk quite a distance to reach the mall and further to reach their desired stores. You go to the mall, you w-a-l-k. In town if there is not a spot within a few storefronts of their desired destination, they complain. Look at latebloomer’s post above. Having never parked there, the Crescent deck “just seems way out of the way and inconvenient”. At Willowbrook the equivalent distance would be a “great spot”.

    There is poor logic all around, but I guess this is what makes us human.

  4. I’m sure all those empty storefronts will look MUCH nicer after this project is completed.

  5. latebloomer? Is it you? What a blast from the past–from Baristanet circa 2005, more or less, when it was me, ROC, cathar, butch, and one or two others. I had given you up for dead. Nice to see you again.

  6. The town council has their collective heads up their collective butts. They only care about their short term future, not about long term solutions for the town. Do you think a few more potted plants and less parking on S. Park st. Will make a difference? How about more police on the street deterring crime. This town is too top heavy, to many chiefs not enough indians. Stop bussing kids all over town for school. When I was a kid you went to the closest school and you walked. I heard a rumor that the FD made concessions to save jobs, I guess that is where the town got the money for pretty curbs.

  7. Hi, walleroo, yes, it’s me. I was lurking for a while there. Actually was seriously sick for a while, though rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated. All good now. You did a disappearing act too, yes?

  8. Bloomer, I am very sorry to hear that you were ill. (I hadn’t heard any rumors.) Thank goodness all is well now. I’ll try not to be verbally abusive for at least for a couple of days. (Ha ha, just kidding.)

    Yes, I disappeared too. I had myself molecularly reconstituted. The apparatus, which is still in my basement (I’m very bad about putting away my toys) looks much like those old Frankenstein movie sets, with the arcs of electricity rising along a pair of antennas, and big dials, and a master switch that is so difficult to throw I had to hire an assistant, a young guy who walks with a stoop. My setup, of course, is quite functional, not for show. In any case, I inserted myself into one of the chambers, had my assistant throw the switch. All hell broke loose. My body and mind and soul were disassembled molecule by molecule, packaged into digital bits, sent through the Internet to a radio antenna in Australia, beamed up to the Voyager spacecraft, which is now somewhere in the Kuiper Belt dodging comets, bounced off of several objects in the Oort Cloud like a pinball machine, and ultimately sent back here to Montclair, where the information was used to reassemble an exact replica in the second chamber in my basement lab.

    Along the way, somewhere, somehow, something happened to me. I am the same walleroo, for the most part, but there are subtle differences. For instance, I never used to be able to get much topspin on my backhand, but lately I’ve been hitting screamers. Perhaps there are other differences, in personality, in temperament, in cognitive ability. For better and worse, no doubt.

    It is good to see you back in the saddle. Carpe diem.

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