Streaming More Than Tears

Let go of the foregone conclusion that funeral services are only for the recently dead and the reasonably close. Rosedale Cemetery, whose chapel holds memorial services and final services, announced this week that they will be giving families the option to stream ceremonies over the internet for a $120 surcharge. The option is intended for friends and family for whom health, cost, or distance prohibits their physical presence at the memorial.

Bob Gist, Rosedale’s general manager, had the technology installed after he saw the company that sponsors it, FuneralOne, at a conference last year. Rosedale does not offer streaming of burials—only of services held inside the chapel. Regardless, this can make a big difference for family members who cannot travel long distances—think back to this winter and the incessant snow, for instance. “It’s unfortunate,” says Gist. “We often see friends and family unable to attend memorial services due to illness, the prohibitive cost of travel, or simply by living too far away. We can now help our customers bridge that gap with the use of technology.”

Thomas Edison, who was interred at Rosedale for 32 years before his body was exhumed in 1963 and moved back to his Glenmont estate, would almost certainly have admired the technological advancement.

Put in place several months ago, the streaming service has already been used by six different families.

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