The Plane Story: Win a Copy!

Young man with a secret past breaks into the advertising industry in New York. Mad Men? No, it’s the plot behind a new graphic novel, “The Plane Story,” by Bloomfield artist Kevin Sacco and just out from IDW Publishing.

Sacco says he first got the idea after reading “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel. “I was galvanized,” he says. “Here was a wonderful artist telling a personal story. I always wanted to tell my personal story and decided to take a shot at a graphic novel.”

When the economic crash hit in 2008, Sacco, a freelance graphic artist, had his chance to work on his own project. “My wife Ronnie calmed me down about finances and encouraged me to ‘just write.'” Sacco says. “Everyday I found myself drawing my father (an adman himself) telling me the story of his life — instead of a product spokesman telling America what to buy. New characters emerged as I wrote and took the story over for themselves.”

The book’s title comes from a story that Sacco’s father tells him about his secret past during a plane ride to London.

When he finished, Sacco sent his manuscript to fellow artist and mentor Neal Adams, who sent the book to the legendary Bob Schreck. After a series of business lunches at Raymond’s and Schreck’s insistent championing, Sacco got his deal with IDW.

Want to win a copy of “The Plane Story”? Sacco has given us one to give away. Just leave a comment naming your favorite graphic novel. At midnight, we’ll select one randomly.

Picture above: The new author autographs his book for the first time.

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  1. The Watchman published by DC comics.

    Came out in the mid – 80’s when Herb was in college and enjoyed reading the series. They made it into a movie which I never had a desire to see. Years later Herbs children continue to enjoy The Watchman. I wish I kept the originals because I’ve heard they are worth a lot of money. I will try to read Mr. Sacco’s graphic novel and wish him much success with it.

  2. My favorite…it’s hard, but one favorite is “The Contract with God” by Will Eisner. Sharing similar family roots, it’s hard not to sympathize: the pathos in the drawings and story tug at your heart and never let go once you’ve seen it. Kevin Sacco is soooo real, fresh and honest!! Love it.

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