There’s a New Coffeehouse on Bloomfield Ave.


Back in February, we wrote about a little snafu involving Trend Coffee & Tea House on Bloomfield Ave. Construction was closed down by the town for lack of a permit.

Well, the permit was obtained, as well as a certificate of occupancy, and on Saturday the much anticipated coffee shop finally opened. I scored a prime spot in one of the sunny front seating areas, where I read, wrote, ate a sandwich and did some serious people-watching. The two jutting, multi-mullioned bay windows are quite a draw for a certain kind of person, and over the course of a few hours, I saw dozens of people stop, check out the menus and look inside.

The two front windows are Trend’s greatest asset, but also — because there are only two of them — its greatest limitation. If you’re lucky enough to get one, you’re apt to stretch out like a lazy cat and monopolize the space all afternoon. The rest of the restaurant is cozy, but a bit dark.  Co-owner and manager Eliott Alex plans to renovate the back half of the building to create cozy little seating areas, each with its own fireplace. When accomplished, that will go a long way to extending the restaurant’s gezellig footprint.

Wherever you sit, be sure to check out the sandwiches. I had one titled the “gobble gobble” (roasted turkey, jarlsberg, applewood bacon & tomato with cranberry horseradish sauce on a 7-grain bread), and it was absolutely heavenly. “They call them paninis,” says Alex. “I call them grilled cheese.”

The store also carries salads, quiche, wraps, soup and a wide variety of sweets, supplied by Lawrence Rosenberg.

Alex wisely cut many of those up and set them out for customers to sample on Saturday, including the chocolate-covered bacon. If he sets out the chocolate-covered bacon indefinitely, and saves me a seat by the window, you may never find me anywhere else.

The opening of Trend is a welcome addition to the neighborhood as, sadly, the tea house Cha Ma Gu Dao, around the corner on Glenridge Ave., closes its doors this Sunday. It will continue as a mail-order business.

Trend is open 7 am. to 11 p.m. Sunday – Wednesday and 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday to Friday. Wifi is available.

Trend Coffee & Tea House
411 Bloomfield Ave.

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  1. Wait a minute!!

    Whats with the Trend trend?

    There’s already a Trend Coffee Bar and Boutique up the road in Verona. Now another one? Something fishy is going on with all this ‘trend’ stuff. I guess its trendy.

  2. Thank you for posting, herb. I looked at the site a few minutes ago and realized that the last person to post was… me, late last night. How pathetic is that? Evidently I need to make another call to Postaholics Anonymous.

  3. If they merged would they be called Trend Cafe Boutique and Coffee Tea House? Or Trend Coffee Tea House and Cafe Boutique?

    Man this trend stuff is getting gout of hand.

  4. Postaholics Anonymous…That’s a good one…

    Do you go to meetings? “My name is Metternicht Von Klink Walleroo, and I’m a Postaholic.”

  5. Great little cafe! Went there last night (Sunday) and was able to sit in a window seat since the place wasn’t very busy. Love the decor, love the atmosphere; the windows are great for people-watching. I had a latte and a slice of banana walnut cream pie, and my friend had a coffee and the chocolate mousse. Coffee/latte was fine, pie was very yummy, and the mousse was excellent. There were several other treats that looked delicious in the case at the counter, so I look forward to going back there again to try them out.

    The woman at the counter was very friendly, bringing the food and drinks to us in our window seat. She checked on us once to see if we needed anything and to clear away our plates, but let us chat for as long as we wanted. We didn’t feel rushed or hovered over, which is a nice change from some other cafes I’ve been to and lingered at.

    For only being open a week, my friend and I were very impressed with the service, the food, and the hospitality at Trend. A big perk of this cafe is that it is open late–11pm on weeknights and even later on weekends. Makes for a great place to stop after a late dinner or a movie. The only complaint that I have (and it’s mild) is that I think the menu is slightly overpriced…$5.99 for a small cup of mousse is a bit much, however tasty; same goes for the slice of cake I had. Looking at the menu, the sandwiches and salads seem to be a higher price than I am used to at cafes, but since I haven’t sampled either item yet, I can’t remark on whether they are worth the money or not. But, if the management were to lower prices by about a dollar, I think it would help them against the abundant competition in Montclair and nearby towns.

  6. Had the pleasure of stopping by this new cafe over the weekend and was very impressed. The atmosphere was bright and inviting and the service was friendly and attentive. Very much the opposite of my horrible experience later that evening when our party was treated rudely by the staff of 32 Chruch. I will never ever step foot inside that establishment again for many reasons and suggest the same for others.

  7. @mtcrestaurantguide, I agree with you about 32 Church. We tried it twice and we won’t be going back. I don’t need attitude with my dinner, thank you, although the glitter on the hostess’s eyelids was pretty.

    On the other hand, I popped in at Trend the other day and it looked very inviting. A nice addition.

  8. Yes uptowndowntown. Of all my 30+ years in this area I have never ever seen a group of people run a restaurant with such an utter disregard for it’s patrons. Rude – Rude – Rude and 32 Church is a BIG NO…..

  9. Grabbed brunch here today. It was wonderful! The staff was friendly and attentive, the atmosphere was a lot nice than I expected (I thought it would be a lunch counter type place, with some simple tables/chairs. It was quite stylish) and the food was great. My husband and I both had a panini. They came with a side of a tomato/cucumber and feta salad. Very good. We also got the fruit & cheese plate which was a lot bigger than we expected. I brought it home and snacked on it for a light dinner. I was so tempted to try one of the desserts, but I was so satisfied from my sandwich that I didn’t want to be greedy. We will definitely be back, and next time I will be saving room for chocolate mousse!

  10. I thought I should share with everyone that according to Elliot, the manager of The Coffee and Tea House, this business would prefer that we all just go to Starbucks. That’s really too bad. The location is great. The atmosphere is lovely—very bright and inviting. Sadly, I never got to taste the coffee, tea, or food so I can’t comment on that.

    I didn’t realize that I didn’t have change for the parking meters until I had already parked. Rather than returning home, I decided to get change from The Coffee and Tea House, put the money in the meter, and then return to enjoy a drink and pastry. However, when the barista returned my change, there were only 3 quarters to the dollar. Even though I promised to return immediately (which was always my plan) and be a paying customer, she refused to back down from their policy. When I pointed out that there were 5 other coffee places (including Mei Café with superior service, wonderful food, and amazing coffee and bubble tea) within walking distance who would all give me change but that I would much rather buy from them, she still refused. My utter shock was mixed with sadness as I knew I couldn’t patronize a place that wasn’t community facing. As I walked out the door, I muttered to myself “They’ve got to be kidding! This is really too bad.” as I thought how perfect this place was for before/after a dinner or show.

    After walking down the street to get some change and then enjoying a coffee and pastry from the always superior Beans (which sadly doesn’t have enough room to sit), I returned to The Coffee and Tea House to show my mostly empty ice coffee as a sign of my original intention to buy a drink from them. My reasoning for this was twofold: a) I want local businesses to thrive, so I wanted to point out the ramifications of their policy, and b) I was kind of hoping they’d be nice to me so that I wouldn’t have to hold to my conviction not to return there. Sadly, it was a wasted trip.

    Elliot, the manager, said that if I was a regular, then they would’ve given me change (apparently they are nicer to people after you’ve been there a few times) and that he’d actually prefer for people to go to Starbucks. At that point I realized that perhaps he and I weren’t having the same conversation, so when I asked for clarification, he said that he’d prefer that people like me go elsewhere because I was nasty. I was nasty?!? Yes, he said, when I was leaving the previous time, I muttered under my breath. I explained what I had muttered—no cursing, how it came out of sadness not hate. He repeated that I was nasty.

    When I told Elliot that I was going to write this review for, he asked me to mention him by name. Giving him more consideration than he gave me, I’ve now mentioned him by name three times. It could be that Elliot (that’s 4!) was in a bad mood already when I came in, or perhaps, like me, he hadn’t had his coffee yet. It could be that I am a nasty individual (funny how that hasn’t come up before now). Or it could be that when you go to The Coffee and Tea House they will charge of $0.25 for something that is free elsewhere or call you nasty if you don’t speak up.

  11. This is my new most favorite spot in Montclair. Love the atmosphere and the service is great. I always look forward to my latte late on a Saturday afternoon. The place is busy, but not too busy and the latte is good.

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