Time for Your Great Falls Adventure

Several of our favorite lensmen have made their way to the Great Falls in Paterson recently. This picture was taken by Baristanet Flickr Group champ John Lee (who also took this icy shot in Dec. 2009). Wheeler Antabanez took this dramatic picture of the falls at night on March 12. Chris Landers went on Wednesday and took several dramatic videos, which you can see below.

Landers warns that you should be prepared to get spritzed (ever been to Sea World?) if you get close to the falls or try crossing the towpath. Here’s his advice on getting there and parking.

I went Wednesday afternoon [3/16]. I have been there before but not in the last 6 or more years. My parents used to take my sister and I there when we were kids. I know I’ve seen the falls pretty “full” before because I’m sure I’ve been after storms. Although memories are a bit hazy now this seems to be the “fullest” I’ve seen.

I went to Great Falls Park although I think I read that there’s also good viewing from Overlook Park. There were about 20 or so parking spaces outside the stadium next to the park on Maple St. and some on-street parking.

Getting there was really easy – I took GSP North to Exit 155P [Route 19] and took that to the Grand Street exit and followed the signs. I did drive through or past the historic district where Overlook Park is so that is a little closer – by maybe 1/2 or 1/4 mile. There also may be more things to see in that area.

Here’s a destination to add to your adventure, courtesy of Rosie Saferstein and Karen Schloss Diaz: Taskin Bakery, 103 Hazel Street, provides the amazing Turkish breads that they serve up at Sofra on Valley Road in Montclair.


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