5 Favorite Things Around Baristaville

How many stores in Baristaville have you passed by and never stepped foot in? Well here is a little peek inside some of them and five of my new favorite things.

Love the clothes worn in Mad Men? My Inheritance is a fantastic vintage clothing store.  I love vintage handbags and jewelry. Each one is its own conversation piece. I would wear this blue bracelet with all black and let it be “the look” of the whole outfit. I had a hard time putting this piece down.

Hand carved celluloid bracelet (circa 1903-40) $50

What can I say? I think these children’s purses speak for themselves. I know Barista Kids fans would all like the owl purse!  Jafajems is loaded with unique, colorful collections from around the globe for the home and personal accessories.

Children’s Animal Purses $28



Sweet Home Montclair has now expanded with its new addition “Words.” The pink card reads,”The super girl cape is in the laundry. You’ll just have to take my word for it…”

All cards $4 Card holder made of tools $60


I have been using this Gardener’s Hand Recovery for years. This stuff makes my hands feel alive again by exfoliating and grinding the dirt from the garden out. Then after you lightly rinse, your hands feel soft and smell great. If they stop making it I think I will cry (I love it that much).  Chelsea Square also carries an wonderful line of Kiehls products which I am now becoming addicted to as well.

Gardener’s Hand Recovery Crabtree & Evelyn$22




Beautiful flats of pansies and violas are ready to be planted now. They (unlike me) don’t mind the cold.
$14.99 a flat Brookside Garden Center


What are some of your favorite things around Baristaville?

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  1. I love The Chocolate Path on Walnut Street. They’re pricey, but worth it! I’ve recently had a few baskets made up there for people, and they were a big hit!

  2. Brookside, the place that wants to alter zoning rules to erect a cell pole? No thanks, I’ll go to Ploch’s; the selection and parking are much better.

    I will however find Chelsea!

  3. I’ve made this plea before, but please put the addresses right in the copy! I understand you may be intentionally directing people to the businesses’ websites however it’s an extra step for readers to take and some of the sites are not particularly good at giving their own locations! Case in point, “My Inheritance” really needs to bump up the visibility of their location(s) on their site.

  4. Five favs:

    Little Cricket on Bloomfield Ave
    Montclair Book Center on Glen Ridge Ave
    Parcel on Bloomfield Ave
    Blu on Bloomfield Ave
    Cafe Eclectic on Bloomfield Ave

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