Ask Holly: Home Grown Wheat Grass

Wheat grass….one of life’s great mysteries. You can grow it for decorative purposes, you can juice it, you can roll it but I would not recommend smoking it. It takes about 5-9 days to have full grown wheat grass to make arrangements, so start it now for Passover on the 19th and Easter on the 24th. 

This is a great project for kids because the germination is so fast. My kids love to cut the grass and stick flowers in it to make a “garden.” I use a variety of containers. Old milk glass planters, terra cotta pots, large terra cotta saucers, an old Horn and Hardart loaf pan (if you know H&H you are old).

Wheat grass is not a house plant . After about 2 weeks this stuff is compost but it is fun easy and inexpensive  way to make a spring centerpiece. When it looks really tired I just let my kids go to town on it with scissors and they have a blast.

Here is what you  will need:

  • Hard Red Winter Wheatberry*
  • Potting soil
  • A pot or container that will hold water (drainage is not an issue)
  • Daisies
  • Egg shaped candies
  • Toothpicks

  1. Soak the wheat berries in water overnight.
  2. Spread generously over the top of a pot filled with potting soil. Spread just a bit of soil over the top.
  3. Keep damp and the grass should start to germinate in about two days.
  4. Cut with a scissors to  give a neater look.

Cut daisy stems different lengths and stick into the grass. Use the buds as well. The daisies should keep for a few days if the grass stays well watered. Use a chop stick to make a hole in the soil if roots are particularly thick. I made a hole  with a sharp knife in the bottom of a egg shaped Whopper  and inserted a toothpick. Then I stuck the eggs around the base of the containers.

*Hard Red Winter Wheatberry available at Whole Foods Market in the bulk grain section (I grew everything pictured and more for $1)

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

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  1. This is a great idea! I’ve done similar plantings but with standard backyard grass seed — it takes much longer before it looks like anything. Wheatgrass seems a much better way to go.

    Our favorite container for these indoor gardens is a little wooden clementine crate. You can paint it or leave it as is. We line the inside with a piece of plastic – a large ziploc bag works well.

  2. Ron Howard:Do I smell vodka… and wheatgrass?
    Homer Simpson: It’s called a lawnmower, I invented it, do you want one?
    Ron Howard: Yeah, okay.

    I think if you mixed wheatgrass and beer you could call it a ” Pondscum”.

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