Ask Holly: Tsumami Kanzashi

It’s cherry blossom time in Baristaville and so I called on my inner geisha girl to make these semi-traditional Japanese flowers. It is a bit like folding origami but with fabric. Once you make a couple, they are really easy and a bit addictive. The best part is you can get everything for this project locally from the fantastic Baristaville store Rock, Paper, Scissors*. They carry gorgeous fabrics and all kinds of beads, buttons etc. Some new and some vintage. I’m a sucker for just about anything vintage except food…I like my food kinda on the fresh side.

This is what you will need:

  • Cotton or silk fabric about 1/4 yard of each color
  • Buttons, beads etc.
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A needle and thread
  • A warm temperature glue gun
  • Barrettes or pins with backings

Instructions for round Kanzashi petal
Step 1:
Cut out 5-6 3’x3″ fabric squares
Step 2: Fold in half
Step 3: Fold one corner down to the middle
Step 4:
Fold the other corner down to the middle to make a diamond shape
Step 5: Flip over
Step 6:
Fold left and right corners into center
Step 7: Fold in half with the corner you just folded in the middle and pin
Step 8: Cut bottom triangle piece off.

Step 9: Double thread a needle and push needle  through the bottom (make sure all of the petals are facing the same way)
Step 10: Tie thread in a double knot (not too tight)

Step 11: Gently fold out the petals (this can be the trickiest part) Push your thumb in the middle to form the petal shape
Step 12: Sew or hot glue and beads, buttons etc. in the middle of the flower
Step 12a: For leaf make one petal from green fabric and glue between petals
Step 13: Hot glue a  circle shaped felt or any fabric onto back of flower
Step 14: cut out  heart shaped piece of fabric for the barrette and oval shaped for a pin (I like felt) and hot glue barrette or pin between the two layers of fabric

These look great pinned or clipped onto coats or  in hair.

*Rock, Paper, Scissors has books that you can check out about various crafting projects. I checked out a book called Kanzashi in Bloom which was a big help.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

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  1. Erika you just gave me the best idea! Debbie of course! I working on making little tiny flowers for earrings and a butterfly.

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