From Bad Guest to Good Guest: a Great Hostess Gift Helps

For all of you who have ever hosted a holiday or party in your home you know what a labor of love it can be. For the rest of you who enjoy the holiday or party but don’t love the labor…first of all thanks for being an anchor.  However if you must continue your sponge-like ways and refuse to utter the words “This was great…next time let’s do it at our place!” then this is the post for you.

Here are some traditional and some not so traditional ideas for your freeloading behind to say, “You are a real sport for getting up at 5 a.m. and hiding all of those eggs” or “Wow you made Old World German Easter Sausage from scratch…Thanks!” or “You made Charoset toffee? Well done you!”

I have hosted my fair share of holidays and have my own list of hostess pet peeves.  Such as  the person who shows up  a day early,  or an hour late, or the guest who has dietary wants or needs  and likes to  decribe them to me in graphic detail,  stating what my food  will do to their bowels. Thanks, I’m all set.

If you’re guilty of any of these guestly sins, here’s how you can make up for it this holiday season. Although wine and flowers are always much appreciated, try a creative twist. When you go that seder or Easter breakfast, be sure to bring…

  • A flowering bulb in a fun reusable container tied with gorgeous ribbon and topped off with a broach.
  • Interesting decorations: The head of this reproduction vintage rabbit comes off to fill with candy
  • Antique holiday post cards ( I have many and they are funny conversation pieces as they usually have messages and  addresses on the backs)
  • Vintage candy holders filled with non-vintage candy (vintage candy=nasty)
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Handmade cookies
  • Napkins printed with the host’s or hostesses’ town
  • Hand lotions and hand soap
  • Chocolate covered matzo




And where to find them:

Vintage egg basket-$30
Chalkware lamb (Made by the now-deceased Chalkware Man of Nutley)-$22
Lamb planter-$18
Blue flowered enameled brooch c 1940-$50
White McCoy planter
Pink flower enameled broach c 1940-$50
“Colonial Block” green sugar bowl c1930-$18
Goose candy dish (occupied Japan) c1945-53-$40
Easter Postcards– $3-$6
Repro bunny candy holder-$28
Green Depression glass cake plate-$38
Available at Little Cricket Bloomfield Ave. Montclair
Chocolate Bunnies, chocolate covered matzos and boxed candy tied in ribbonsavailable in a wide variety of prices from Sweet Home Montclair. The wonderful staff there will work with your budget and put something gorgeous together for you with all of the trimmings.
Town napkins (Montclair, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge shown but many other surrounding towns available)-$19.75 for a box of 50 and Host/ess towels wrapped to look like desserts-$15-$25Available at Watchung Plaza Home Watchung Plaza Montclair. Emiko will put together a lovely box to fit your budget and  package it up with tissue in a box tied with whimsical ribbons.
Hand-made and frosted cookies (A personal favorite) from Le Bakers Dozen Belleview Upper Montclair
Ribbon available at I Have A Notion Watchung Plaza, Montclair
Potted bulbs available at A&P- 3  for $10

Click here for directions on how to grow the wheat grass shown above.

And hostesses, do tell your best rude guest stories!

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  1. I go to sweet home montclair for all my holiday goodies and that is not all, when I need a very special gift you can be sure to find it there. I am just thankful they came to upper montclair

  2. Sweet Home Montclair is my fav too! Now that they expanded, there is so much more. Their card selection is awesome!!! Wish those chocolate cov. pretzles weren’t so darn good though…

  3. Hmmmmm…I don’t know, a heartfelt thank you, and an offer to host next time goes waaaaaaaaaaay further than anything on that list. But if you must buy gratitude, then, go right ahead–be my guest. Or not.

  4. ihateplaydates:

    You’re right, and that’s why the author put this in: “However if you must continue your sponge-like ways and refuse to utter the words “This was great…next time let’s do it at our place!” then this is the post for you.”

    Another great place is Parcel on Bloomfield, just west of Park. It has cute vintage things, and she will put something together for you by request.

  5. Aww these are some really cute ideas! I’m not big on Easter, but I do feel it is very important to show your hostess appreciation. Offering to help clean up or just leaving less of a mess is always welcomed.

    Here’s my pet peeve:
    I hate hosting an event and then rushed my impatient freeloaders. 😉 When you come early (or late) please be patient and do not ask (repeatedly) when the food will be ready. You are just helping to prolong the process.

  6. Sweet Home Montclair is my new guilty pleasure, besides the eclectic potpurri of cards and gifts, i love indulging in some the sinfully good Chocolate delights they have to offer! What a welcome addition to the Valley Road family of retail. The dark chocolate bunnies are the best of the season to me!!!!

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