Name That Cocktail: 2

So cherry blossom fever is in the air. What better way to celebrate the grandeur of spring than a nature-inspired, booze-laden beverage?  Are you feeling me? After two of these cherry flavored cocktails my neighbor Cindy was not feeling much of anything.  A third and she would’ve ended up in Mount Vernon with a tattoo of George Washington and an axe on her lumbar.

After our last “Name that Cocktail” post, the winner was…ROC with “Petal Pusher” and Jenn with “Breakfast” was a close runner-up.  And what does ROC win? Well for now a hearty virtual handshake and pat on the back. So calling this a “Cherry Blossom” would be way too obvious. What do you think this  cherry-liciousness should be called?

Here is how you mix it up:

  • One ounce vodka
  • One ounce St. Germain
  • One ounce Tart Cherry Juice*
  • One cap full Rose’s Lime Juice and/or a squeeze of fresh lime
  • Two ounces “sparkling” water
  • Ice

Mix first four ingredients together. Pour over ice and add sparkling water. Stir, Auntie Mame says shaking bruises the vodka.

Check out how to make the Tsumami-Kanzashi (Japanese fabric flowers pictured above) on Barista Kids as well as all of the cherry blossom happenings around Baristaville. Run Martta run!

The beautiful glassware was provided by Colorstoryhome in Montclair (soon moving to a new and improved location…my lips are sealed) I have to say I love working with smart, fun retailers like Barbara. Talent and joy.

Hand-decorated Number Glasses, designed by Christopher Jagmin, $22 each
Hand-blown Flared Glass Lidded Canister, $48 each

Cherries and cherry blossoms from The Garden Shop in Upper Montclair

*Tart Cherry Juice from Whole Foods

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  1. A Cheracolic Rickey (In tribute to both cherries and to Cheracol, a beverage I once drank plenty of for a while.)

    Walleroo, you truly have nothing better to do than to post multiple times on this one? Are you living on a trust fund?

  2. Like ‘roo, I also have nothing better to do. So here goes.

    Prunus No More

    (Cherries are in the Genus Prunus)

  3. Sorry. That was in poor taste. I couldn’t help it. I had just eaten almost a pan full of brownies topped with chocolate ice cream. I was not myself.

  4. Holly, this drink sounds delicious. I love St. Germain. It sounds potent, though.

    Prunus syncope. (Cherry Blackout.)

  5. Paz-Still working on it……so many to choose from. I will probably post it on the next cocktail post in a couple weeks.

    Tudlow-St. Germain is only 40 proof but of course the Vodka is 80 proof.

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