Name that Royal Cocktail

Fancy a cocktail to get you dancing on the ceiling like Fred Astaire?  Feeling a bit knackered from all of this wedding hub bub? If you are staying in and not  “on the p*ss” this weekend here is a brilliant  British inspired cocktail to pour in your gob. Warning: these are absolutely smashing. One, will have you pleased as punch. Two, you will feel completely mental. Three, you will be barking mad and after four you’ll be pulling a tactical chunder in the hedge or as I like to call it a “T.C”.

Now what shall we call this Gin and Pimm’s scrumptiousness?

As for winner from the last Name That Cocktail. Anyone who used the term “Bing” was disqualified; wrong kind of cherry. If a family  member could win I would pick my 8 year old niece’s entry of  “Cherry Bloom Bloom” , but alas no. Here are the  other favorites: “Branch Brook Spark” from Paz, “Cherry Gar Seeya” from Walleroo and “Red Wings” from Mellon Brush ( only because I’m from  the D). Your prize is each and every winner gets to give me $500 to defray the cost of squirrel proofing my house! Congratulations! The next prize will be even better (I swear it will)!




Here’s how you go about knocking one of these out:

  • Over ice pour:
  • One shot of gin
  • One shot of Pimm’s
  • One cap full of Rose’s Lime Juice
  • 6oz ( a half of a bottle or to your liking) good ginger beer. Personally I think Reed’s Ginger Beer is the best
  • A squeeze of fresh lime
  • Stir lightly

All of the beautiful bar-ware generously provided by Garnish located on the corner of Walnut St. and Forrest St. in Montclair.

  • Set of 7 Numbered low balls with blue and gold shield like motif – $30/set of 7
  • Off White pottery pedestal ribbed compote-$30
  • Hammered aluminum covered ice bucket -$26
  • Clear glass cocktail mixer with spout-$24
  • Set of 4 cobalt blue napkins with embroidered white thistles-$12/set of 4
  • Shiny lace design chrome serving tray-$28
  • Cobalt blue glass “Cotton Club” swizzle stick-$2

So let’s raise a glass the newly married royal couple and say, “Pip pip and Cheerio”. Cheers darlings here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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  1. Good taste in gin, Holly — Plymouth is the best. But I think the contest was over with Cro’s entry — brilliant, as the Brits might say. Too often.

  2. Rubbish. The contest ain’t over til the giant yellow marshmallow peep leaves the room.
    Looking at William’s looks compared to his bride… about “It’s Good to be the King”? Or “The Royal Snoggington”?

  3. I don’t think ole’ Kate is half as likeable as William. I have a feeling she’s not going to be very popular, and may even show herself to be a heartless calculating beeyatch. (Let them eat cake!) So far I haven’t found any other takers for this theory, I must admit.

  4. Missed you last night, Conan. Closed the bar at Highlawn. Drinking Nolet martinis (truth be told, only one). Oh, what a window onto the human soul…

  5. Sorry to be so late checking in.

    I whipped a batch of these cocktails yesterday afternoon, post-nuptials, following the directions.

    I’m just now waking up.

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