Sign Vanishes from Hospital Demolition Site

Wheeler Antabanez has been following the status of the defunct Essex County Hospital Center since he was a kid, exploring the abandoned (read haunted) buildings. His recent video of the demolition, shot in March, showed the last standing moments of the historic complex, as backhoes and bulldozers tore it to pieces, making way for a housing development.

When he stopped by the site on March 17, the hospital signage posted on the brick post was intact. When Antabanez returned on April 13, he found that it had been removed and wonders who took it (he made it very clear that it wasn’t him).

Does it now sit in some official storage place for historic Essex County objects? Is it hanging over the developer’s fireplace? Did a “freelance” artifact collector snag it in some stealth night time maneuver, or did, as I am inclined to suspect, one of the ghosts play some mischief with it?

While we all ponder the next possible iteration of the hospital sign, you may be interested in Antabanez’s demolition update:

The west side of Fairview has two buildings left standing: the firehouse and another building where they are doing asbestos remediation. The firehouse might stay but the other one is a goner….

Photo courtesy of Wheeler Antabanez. You can see more of his Essex County Hospital photos and read his musings here.

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