Tea, Pie, Cookies and the Queen

You don’t have to be British to have caught a bit of the Royal Wedding fever. Around Baristaville, there are signs of celebration, in food, drink and gown wearing. Check out what we’ve assembled.

True story. “Hello sir, may I help you?’ “TURKEY PIE, PLEASE.” “Ok Sir, Large or small?” “LARGE TURKEY PIE PLEASE! ” This is all the man behind me, on line at the The Pie Store in Montclair seemed to be able to say. He had this rather hypnotized look over his eyes — a bit zombie-esque.  But I completely understood his single minded pie-speak. He needed one thing and one thing only. I too have been there, and have scorched the roof of my mouth after not being able to let my hot-out-of-the-oven dinner cool. I’m that girl and these are those kinda pies.

If you are feeling the need to get your British fix or host a Royal Wedding tea, Samantha Codling, proprietor of The Pie Store, is featuring all kinds of brilliant specials this week. Cucumber, mint and cream cheese tea sandwiches are at the top of the list (pictured below). The scones, sausage rolls, Cornish pasties( pictured below), Chicken madras soccer pies (pictured below) to name a few more.

If you have ever been fortunate to travel to the UK and are craving  a particular food item, check out their selection of everything from tea to toffees (and if they don’t carry what you are looking for Samantha will probably order it for you….shhhh…. don’t tell her I said that).

The gorgeous tea items pictured are from my new favorite store in Baristaville :GARNISH (they sell way more than parsley). The store is a fun mix of antiques and vintage goods. Located on the corner of Walnut St. and Forrest St. (right by the train station) in Montclair open-Thursday-Sunday.

You can also add these lovely Royal Wedding cookies, spotted by Liz George at Le Bakers Dozen in Upper Montclair. They’ll make a lovely addition to any tea party.

Or if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids check out the royal headbands and how to make them on Barista Kids.

S.J. Streeter visited with Diane Isreal, who said she’s been called the “Queen of Montclair” since 1987 when she opened Essex Fine Arts Gallery on South Fullerton Avenue. Townspeople stopping in for conversation and a cup of tea couldn’t miss noticing her love for all things British Royal. To celebrate the Royal Wedding this week, Diane is displaying her personal collection of royal memorabilia, commemorating coronations, weddings and jubilees.

As for the royal outfit, Israel said “Since everyone calls me the queen, I decided to dress as a queen on Friday.” You can get a bit of the London experience by viewing the display from the sidewalk or inside the gallery. If you stop in, the queen will be serving tea.

Items pictured above available at Garnish

  • Spode lace edge decorative plate $32
  • Set of 6 light blue napkins $16/set
  • Light blue pedestal custard or sherbet cup $10
  • White hobnail pitcher $22
  • Milk glass pedestal cake plate $42
  • Vintage Tetley tea tin (date may be on tin)  $18



Blue and white Tea Pot Available at The Pie Store

What British things are you craving this week?


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  1. It should be Tea, Pie, Biscuits and the Queen. Cookies are just too American!
    I’m missing Twiglets and prawn cocktail sandwiches, luckily for the Pie Store I can satisfy my Twiglet cravings!

  2. WALLIS is not likely to return from the grave if you keep spelling her name as though she’s the former governor of Alabama.

  3. Pardon me. Here I was thinking that on a thread pertaining to the royal family etc., you’d all be talking about the actual person!

    God, you Yanks are inscrutable!

  4. My wife has the alarm set for 4 am, so we have time to toast the crumpets, spread the marmite and put on the kettle. Of course we have to drink tea first, to prepare the body for the shock and awe of the brackish, acidic liquid the English call coffee. And then we’ll sit our bums down on the sofa and turn on the telly. I might, for old time’s sake, even feel paranoid about the bbc van that drives around searching for scofflaws who don’t pay their telly tax.

  5. Deep-fried Mars bars! (I know, they’re really Scottish, but they stand for culinary greatness in the UK to me.)

    And Wallis Simpson, walleroo, was an American, from around Baltimore. She supposedly also did a stint in a Shanghai brothel.

  6. No I’ll be up, ‘roo. Thanks, but even after nearly 3 decades in this country I still answer to those European circadian rhythms.

    Anyway, I’m still on guard (Canadian style) for cathar’s expose of my “stage Irish Republican” anti-royal wedding posts. For the love of God, it is taking longer than the birth certificate!

    Dieu et mon droit, y’all!

  7. It was so beautiful. I cried. (Just kidding.) Loved Kate’s dress. Loved the way Harry trundled gorilla-like down the aisle. (Oh, yes, I like that wooly-headed man-child.) William’s hair is getting pretty thin on top, though, the poor b*stard; I suspect he’s already been hitting the Rogaine. Good luck with that!

    How fitting that Americans can watch the nuptials and still get in a full day at the office. If only we hadn’t declared our independence…

    The same clothes, the same face, the same thing every day
    Everyone’s the same, everyone’s weird, everyone has worries
    We are, you are always a Sala Sala Salaryman

    God save the Queen!

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