Underground Madness at the Sanatorium

In a farewell sojourn to the demolished Essex County Hospital, Wheeler Antabanez and his trusty companion Mad Mike recently explored what’s left of the defunct facility’s abandoned hilltop tunnels. Widely accepted as haunted, the isolated darkness of the subterranean passages — likely at risk of caving in — would be enough to repel most folk, but the intrepid pair had been there before, and were unable to resist the siren’s call into the depths one last time.

Here’s an excerpt of Antabanez’s account, published in the latest issue (#36) of Weird NJ:

“If the buildings that once stood abandoned on the hill were the ghosts of the Essex Mountain Sanatorium, then we were now searching for the ghosts of the ghosts. The terrifying darkness of the tunnels had been a legendary draw for explorers and thrill seekers. According to the urban myths of my youth, the tunnels were the refuge of satanic cults, escaped convicts, mental patients, homeless men and supernatural entities. I knew from experience that the only satanic mental patients down in the tunnels were my friends and myself, but even to veterans like us, the underground maze of concrete hallways was creepy.”

You can purchase Weird NJ here, or at local bookstores.

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