Accident on Helix Snarls Morning Commute to Lincoln Tunnel

A Baristanet tipster snapped this shot from an extra-long bus (2 hour) ride on Decamp this morning. An accident on the outbound helix going to NJ created major delays getting into the Lincoln Tunnel. Did you get stuck?

Our tipster says Clever Commute was a big help:

They helped so many of us…including the driver, who actually turned around and asked the bus if anyone heard any updates from Clever Commute. We filled him in and he made a dramatic move by going in reverse a quarter mile before exiting bus ramp. Afterwards he said driving backwards that long made him so nervous he now has to change his pants.

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  1. Did I ever…and in typical DeCamp fashion, the driver would not open his mouth and communicate with us what happened. It wasn’t until I got into Port Authority that I found out what the problem was. Why are the drivers so close-lipped about these things? They have radios, they know what’s going on. Occasionally, you get a driver who tells you what’s happening, but I think a lot of them like to operate on the premise of keeping us in the dark.

  2. A Decamp dispatcher contacted by phone clued in the waiting passengers at the bus stop this morning, but, of course, the news wasn’t good: The next bus wouldn’t arrive until another half hour, at best, and then we’d probably be taken to Secaucus so we could take the train into Penn Station. A bunch of us just walked to the nearest NJT train station instead. A two-hour journey to travel 12 miles! Oh well …

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