American Idol Finale: Lauren or Scotty?

Who will win American (Teen) Idol? Who are you rooting for? And how weird was this long strange season of American Idol for you? There seemed to be lots of drama — from the early elimination of Pia Toscano, the surprising save of Casey Abrams early on, the staying power of Stefano or the late exit of James Durbin. There was also the rise from the bottom to the top three for Haley Reinhart (her take on Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and Should Never Be” was awesome (and a break from all the country) even with a spill. Last night, radio shows and websites were buzzing with more drama — reports that Haley might get called back because Lauren Alaina blew out a vocal chord. If you watched last night, you saw Alaina recovered nicely from almost losing her voice last night (we hear she lost some 20 pounds, too, during her Idol journey).

What did you like/ not like about this season (providing you watched of course — it was family time at our house). And who is really in it to win it?

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  1. Maybe we can find a nice authentically-local bar (Fitzgerald’s? Egan’s?) to go watch it at.

  2. Watching a Channel 34 rebroadcast of the latest town council meeting at Eagan’s or Tierney’s. THAT would be authentically local.

    Then, we’ll just have to wait until someone opens up a microbrewery here in Montclair.

    I here the DCH site is available still.

  3. We were rooting for Lauren. She’s spectacular. When Scotty starts smoking and drinking a little bourbon he’ll sound like Dave Alvin, who, I think, is one of the best male singers we’ve got.

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