Baby Lock Them Doors

This week, residents on Summit Avenue (between Park and Grove) received a cautionary email from a neighbor:

Last night at just before 11pm, we were talking in our kitchen when we heard a noise. Our back door screen shut and we realized that someone had just tried to open our back door. We were about 10 feet from the door when he tried it.

The email details how the resident went to the front of the house and saw someone in tan pants and a bulky jacket walk down their driveway toward the street. He immediately called the police as well as a neighbor to let them know that the man was now walking down their driveway. The man came back out to the street and walked further down the block going in and out of a few driveways. The resident called the police again to let them know the person’s location. He lost sight of him about mid block around the time when two police cars arrived on the street. Police told the resident they were not able to find the suspect.

This is just a reminder to keep your doors locked at night. It seems scary that someone would try so boldly to get into houses at not such a late hour where people are home and awake!

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  1. No, it was his science. He was performing a sociological experiment on how many people lock their doors at night. Thank goodness he wasn’t a creationist!

  2. The same thing happened on my street. The fellow came reeling out of a dial-a-car wearing an Ermendegildo Zegna suit and an Hermes tie. Had to try several doors before he found the right one…

  3. One of the basic lessons we’re all supposed to learn in life is, “Leave other people’s s*&% alone.” Guess some people never learn.

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