Elvis Costello at the Wellmont Postponed

Bowery Presents sent out a message from Elvis Costello, who is scheduled to perform at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 18.

I’m very sorry to have to postpone our date at the Wellmont Theatre but I would rather disappoint our friends and tickets-holders than cheat them with an inferior show.

Having unfortunately contracted bronchitis, the success of the Chicago Theatre show on the 15th of May was in large part thanks to the wonderful crowd and our many willing and good-humoured participants in the Spectacular Spinning Songbook.

They inspired 2 and 1/2 hour performance well beyond its occasionally audible vocal limitations.

Against the express advice of a doctor but mindful that people had traveled from as far as Cleveland and Lexington for the show in Cincinnati, our show there went ahead on the 16th of May.

We enjoyed an incredible welcome of Taft Theatre crowd, my voice rallied for another show or more than two hours but this was at a cost.

To proceed further without adequate recovery would risk cancellation of the remaining dates of “The Revolver Tour.”

We will make every effort to re-schedule the Wellmont Theatre date when “The Revolver” tour rolls out again in not too distant future.

Once again, I send my regrets and apologies for any disappointment and inconvenience.

Yours through music. Elvis Costello a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamate – M.C. of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook.

Feature photo by gdcgraphics via Wikipedia.

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  1. IF the new date does not work for any ticket-holders, and you need to sell, I’ll take them.

    OH DAMN! I’m anonymous! If only I had obeyed Mayor Fried….

    Maybe I’ll reveal my true identity and risk renunciation from my more pious neighbours. It would be worth it see Elvis, and see him this close.

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