Suspect Who Jumped From Goethals Bridge After Chase Has Died

New Jersey State Police say that Darren Hickman, the Staten Island man who jumped from the Goethals bridge Saturday night at the end of a police pursuit that began at the Short Hills Mall, has died.

Hickman was 46.

The chase began around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday night when Millburn Police tried to detain Hickman at the mall in order to “conduct an investigation into the theft of a Louis Vuitton handbag from Neiman Marcus valued at $2,450.00 that occurred on 5/15/2011.”

Millburn police say they pursued Hickman by foot through the parking decks, then by car on Rt. 24.

Lt. Stephen Jones of the NJ State Police says that state police pursued Hickman on I-78. Hickman ultimately turned onto the Rt. 440 and collided with a Port Authority police vehicle on the Geothals bridge, causing Hickman’s vehicle to catch fire.

Hickman jumped 80 feet from the bridge to the water and was found conscious and talking, according to Jones, but died of his injuries around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.

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  1. Although Hickman was an alleged criminal, it’s a bit depressing that he died.

    The law and order crowd might rejoice,
    [Portion of comment deleted.]

  2. Stolen handbags and Haband: Perfect together

    It is sad that he died….Especially since he was already dead when we were joking around about him this morning..

  3. As well as being your usual appallingly stupid self, Spiro, you’re exceptionally callous as well today. I’d tell you to think before you post, but reflection is probably not your forte.

    Nellie, you too might feel a bit shamed today. I mean, you’re bouncing lines off poor, witless Spiro? You’re that desperate for an excuse to post?

  4. and, cathar, you should reconsider assaulting Nellie’s posts. Unlike you, she has class.

  5. When you have good friends who lives go off the rails like this guy’s apparently did you don’t see someone’s suicide as a reason to rejoice or as an invitation to a punch line. Show a little compassion. This guy could have left children behind. I wonder how some of the jackasses who post here would feel if this was their brother, cousin, or good friend. Everything here no matter how tragic is like a New Yorker cartoon contest crying out for a winning witty line.

  6. Everything here no matter how tragic is like a New Yorker cartoon contest crying out for a winning witty line.

    Except for the scolds, gotta. Don’t forget the scolds.

  7. A police pursuit over a handbag is the scandal here. No handbag is worth risking lives via a chase.

  8. cathar, getting along with someone else on this sire and sharing a few laughs really isn’t a deficiency.

    Thanks for the kind words, Spiro.

    yougottalovehim, I’m sorry if my comment offended you. I was using humor to stave off the effects of a bleak Monday and a bad head cold. If you found that inappropriate, I do apologize.

  9. The police should be prosecuted for manslaughter. The Millburn police chased him all the way down Routes 24 and 78 to Elizabeth and onto the bridge as he was heading to New York. How do they have jurisdiction? How is that safe for other motorists? The shoplifting that they were investigating happened a week earlier. Where is the urgency? A shoplifting suspect, chased by police from the Short Hills Mall, ends up crashing his car into a police car on the Goethals Bridge, car bursts into flames, man jumps off the Goethals Bridge and dies. For shoplifting a handbag. Insane.

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