Montclair Library Disturbance Over Cell Phone Call Ends in Mother/Daughter Arrest

Last night, several tipsters wrote us about police activity at Montclair Library around 6 p.m., with two young women yelling in front of the library. According to Lt. Scott Buehler, police responded to the Montclair Public Library on South Fullerton Avenue on a report of disruptive juveniles. After hearing a disturbance, police attempted to escort three disruptive teens from the building. One of the teens refused to terminate a cell phone conversation (cell phone usage is prohibited by library rules). According to the police report, the teens became loud and argumentative before finally leaving the library. Then, they stood in front of the library, blocking those from entering or leaving. The group was again told by police to leave the property, but police say they stood in the street in front of the library and continued to cause a scene. A13-year-old Montclair female, was taken into custody for her involvement in the ongoing disturbance and the teen’s mother was contacted.

According to police, Kim White arrived at the library and was advised by police that her daughter was taken into custody. White responded that her daughter was allowed to be in the library, as it was a public building, and threatened to sue. White then became loud and argumentative, which incited another parent and other female juveniles in the library to shout and argue with the police. Officers then told White that her daughter would have to be handcuffed and transported to headquarters. The police report states that White became enraged and lept towards one of the officers, attempting to push him out of the way. She wedged herself between the officer and her daughter, putting her daughter in a bear hug and preventing officers from handcuffing the juvenile. White then shouted, spit, and elbowed two of the officers. Police then advised White that she was also going to be placed under arrest. After a struggle, White was placed under arrest.

While handcuffed, White tried to escape the grip of one of the officers and lunged in the direction of another officer before spitting at the officer. As a result of the struggle, one officer suffered scratches on his arms, while another officer suffered pain in his right wrist.

The juvenile was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. She was later turned over to another family member. White, 53, of Montclair, was charged with obstruction of the administration of law, aggravated assault against a police officer, and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $20,000.

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  1. I hope that the police are at least going to have the decency to deliver to Ms White the book that she was in the process of checking out — P.M. Formi’s bestseller, CHOOSING CIVILTY: THE 25 RULES OF CONSIDERATE CONDUCT.

  2. Just by the elder Whites behavior one can see how her princess feels as though she has a right to entitlement. I can only imagine that scene.

    The situation reminds me of one of the 1950 classic movie Qucksand starring Mickey Rooney.

    Just another day in Baristaville.

  3. I feel sorry for all the nice, normal and sane people living in Montclair who have to put up with this kind of behaviour from the “other half of Montclair” who put the town in sch a negative light. This whole “sense of entitlement” thing so many people have these days is destroying our culture.

    I’m glad i escaped Montclair for a neighboring town that doesn’t have as much of this crap.

  4. “Other half of Montclair?” Just what “Half” are you talking about hansmeier?

  5. Ugh…entitlement parents and their offspring. I see way too many of them these days. Hope she and her “precious” get the maximum sentrence allowable.

  6. I’ll bet I can guess what floor of Montclair High School Kim White’s daughter goes to all of her classes on. People need to stop “playing the victim”, get their heads out of their asses, and realize that the world doesn’t owe them jack sh*t. Defaulting to “being a victim” in every situation and scenario in life is what has led to this awful decay in our society. Kim White and her poorly-parented daughter are perfect examples.

    Apparently, there is (or was) a Kim White who teaches at MHS. I hope it’s not the same Kim white as in the article above. That’s no way for an educator to behave.

  7. Don’t come down on Hans for his observation that there is a subset of individuals whose actions reflect poorly on the community. That would be denial, and the perpetuation of the myth that everything is peachy around here. Some people would prefer to insulate themselves from this sort of behavior. They’re the one’s who aren’t buying the houses in town that people who love it here so much are so desperately trying to sell.

  8. Hansmier are you serious? Other half of montclair? Making jokes on a teenager? Exactly how do you feel? All high and mighty on a computer. You are one sick individual. I’d like to know how you sleep at night.

  9. “Other half of Montclair” that sounded quite racist to me and for I am glad you decided to get out of our town as well. This has nothing to do with Montclair it is a people issue and people like this exist all over the world no matter where you are. To criticize a community or a section of a town for that matter is wrong. Good riddance hansmeir.

  10. Montclair is a great town. I hate seeing it being ruined by a “subset of individuals”.

    Racist? What are you smoking? I think my English (not my native language) is being read incorrectly.

    I sleep just fine at night, thank you.

    There is a saying in other parts of the country, “from the other side of the tracks.” I think this saying can be applied here and substituted for “the other half of Montclair”.

  11. hans, are we sure it’s someone from “the other side of the tracks” or just a spoiled rich wife and her kid, from “this side of the tracks?”

  12. It seems that Hans has incurred the wrath of the PC police. What is so “sick” about calling out uncivil behavior? If a group of individuals or residents of a certain section of town contribute disproportionately to crime and quality of life issues, that’s a problem. Good thing that the police came and arrested these savages (defined as violent, uncontrolled, and aggressively hostile, not in any racist sense). You see, if this sort of behavior was considered tolerable they wouldn’t have to post $20,000 bail after being hauled off to the slammer. Congratulations to Montclair’s finest!

  13. Christoph, So, people that value law and order are somehow the problem around here? A cancer in the community? You must be off your trolly. If you are so fond of this type of self expression, you are doing yourself a terrible disservice by not spending more time in Newark, Irvington, or East Orange. Those places are 24/7 rollicking bastions of pandemonium, right up your alley!

  14. Also, I sick of society protecting someone just because he or she is a teenager. Today’s teenagers have SO many more advantages than I did when I grew up in 60s and 70s (and I don’t mean financial ones) but some of them don’t realize what they have at their disposal and just throw it all away.

  15. Kids may have more, but their expactations are even higher. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. High expwctations are what pull people up from their bootstraps.

  16. Grat way to set an exampl, Ma! Next time they should just cuff the daughter with no courtesy of pre-notifying the parents.

  17. “I’ll bet I can guess what floor of Montclair High School Kim White’s daughter goes to all of her classes on.”

    This is a funny statement, the majority of the basement classes in MHS are Art classes

  18. And I doubt a 13-year-old is a student at MHS, regardless of what floor her classes are on (what does that mean, anyway?).

    The apple may not have fallen far from the uncivil tree here, but Hans seems to be jumping to some peculiar conclusions.

  19. I’m always amazed at the restraint shown by the police in the face of such
    barbarous behavior. I would have struggled not to kick her. I would certainly have hurled the cell phone under the wheels of a passing car.

  20. Hey yalls! Was at the MTC publics library last night and saw an authentic “melee”. Tons of alt tweens went crazee and then the popo came and “tazed” some lady. It was like a “reality” show where angry broads eff each other the eff up. It was mad funnie. From what I understand, there were many entry level bros from the “poor side of town” who came to the libraries to go wilding (via microfilm). Kinda feel like the MTC publics library is turning into the “hood”.

    Ne ways, just wanted to say that sometimes in America I see ppl who do dumb sh*t. Rlly confused. Cuz every day I browse the internet for people/memes to <3 and people/memes 2 h8. Thinking we should put together a team-building arts+crafts activity so we can bond in the mtc.
    We need 2 come 2gether as a community to help poor children and ride chillwaves 2gether.

    Should I be scared to go to the MTC publics library?
    Will there b drive bys on South Fullerton?
    Can I score sweet dank in the bathroom?
    Are books "bullsh*t"?

  21. Don’t know that I would be so quick to jump to Deadeye & Hans’s conclusion as to what side of the tracks this family comes from.

    I’ve met plenty of SUV driving soccer moms who probably would have reacted in the exact manner above if their silver spoon-fed progeny were about to be cuffed.

  22. I’m not sure I understand this urge to make some kind of generalization about a group of people (poor or rich) based on the behavior of two a**holes. Sometimes an a**hole is just an a**hole.

  23. This behavior isn’t tolerated, deadeye. The cops came, and they didn’t pin a medal to the woman’s chest, they hauled her and her kid off in chains. Is that not enough for you? Should she have been flogged? Tarred and feathered? Stoned?

    I must say, though, that I admire, for its fluency and humor, the passage that contains this line:

    They’re the one’s who aren’t buying the houses in town that people who love it here so much are so desperately trying to sell.

    Very funny. You have become my favorite poster of the local chapter of the vulgar right wing.

    Speaking of favorites: welcome back, realhrobrah.

  24. Oh, I almost forgot: I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid description of this incident as rendered by the wonderful, incomparable LIZ!

  25. POSTED BY Nellie | MAY 04, 2011 @ 11:53 AM
    So much class in Montclair!

    The real question is, do Kim and her daughter live in a house that’s professionally decorated and freshly painted?
    Or, to satisfy Montclairgirl’s litmus test, do they have big asses?

  26. There is no stereotyping going on here. It’s simply an observation of living in and around Montclair for many years. There is definitely a bad element in an around town and there are plenty of a**holes from “both sides of the tracks” who share this bizarre sense of entitlement and who think their sh*t don’t stink.

    I’m glad the police handled it the way they did. No one should get special treatment just because they’re loud, obnoxious and can call in their mommy to save them when they’ve gone over the line. The mom’s behaviour tells us exactly where the little brat learned how to be an obnoxious idiot in a public space.

  27. Pray tell, hans, where is this utopia that you have relocated yourself to that is free of the myriad a**holes inhabiting our hellhole of a town?

  28. I notice that you keep coming back to post, hans. Doesn’t your little patch of green have a local blog? Or are you just slumming?

  29. Dear Ms. White,

    You took an unpleasant situation and managed to escalate it to felony status. Nice going! Wow, you really showed those police officers, didn’t you. Your little tantrum is going to cost you a s*it load of money and you might actually go inside for a a span.

    A few years from now, your darling daughter will have some kids and, most likely, will regale them with the story of “the day grandma went ape-sh*t”.
    You’ll have to just sit there and take it. Right?

    Yours truly,


  30. All towns have a**holes but some towns have more than their fair share. Hey, some people would call me an a**hole for speaking my mind, but at least when I act like an a**hole I know I’m doing so, unlike most people around here.

    Don’t get me started on how selfish and *stupid* the drivers are around here. Not everyone, but so so so many morons in their SUVs and Mom-Mobiles who drive as if somehow everyone else on the road knows exactly what they’re going to do next. We’re not mind-readers, you selfish twits! Traffic laws are laws for a reason, and yes, you have to have obey them too.

    By the way, I love slummin’ it here in the BaristaSlums.

  31. Are you saying you found a place in Jersey where the drivers are not a$$holes? Can I come live under your porch?

    No, I take that back. I could never leave Liz.

  32. When I was a kid, the worst thing you could have done was call my parents. Ban me from the property, fine me, arrest me, or take me away. Just don’t call my parents! How quickly times have changed.

  33. You are right, hobbes. When I was a kid, the guy down the street didn’t want us riding our bikes in front of his house, so a group of us rode in front of his house just to aggravate him (Little Nellie was bad). One day, he called me aside and said I was clearly the ringleader of the group and he was going to call my father..For weeks, whenever the phone rang, I shook…He never followed through, but he sure did put the fear of God in me.

  34. sounds to me like a terrified mother who got out of control. Hope everyone is ok. Maybe the schools can use this “teachable moment”?
    And Hans, “the other side of the tracks”, while not racist per se, is a highly offensive term. It categorizes a whole group based on income. Not about being pc, just about being civil.

  35. It is a shame that this escalated to an arrest, but the only victim here is the patrons who were at the public library to study or read in a designated “quiet/shhhh/no talking” building. I dont care what side of the tracks you come from, if you are talking in a library on your cell phone loudly then you know what you are doing is wrong. Ive never walked into Montclair’s library, but I can close my eyes and imagine a little old lady with her finger to her mouth saying “SHHHHHH” while stamping inside book covers! We all know this lady and for that, these kids are in the wrong. The resistance and ignorance to say “this is a public building, I have every right to be here” would have been slapped out of my vocabulary if I said that as a kid. Mrs. White is a punk kid herself, at 53 she still doesnt know to conduct herself in public.

  36. “other half of Montclair” implies African Americans. “Other side of the tracks” implies poor. Whichever one you meant Hans, you are stereotyping, since the article doesn’t mention the White’s skin color or income level. Whatever your level of ease with the English language, Hans, your message is loud and clear. And that makes you part of a “subset of individuals” that make the community of Europeans (and Causasians in general) look bad.

  37. You’re reading a police report, and have already determined that it is completely accurate. How many of you actually witnessed this incident? Why are the police “assumed” to be telling the truth about what happened? And, when has the Montclair Library ever been a place to go for quiet study? Ms. White is referred to as a “savage”, by people who have no idea of her character, and because a juvenile had a cell phone, they are characterized as privileged and entitled. The police officer reacted because he felt disrespected, not threatened. The good Cops know how to make that distinction.
    Montclair is definitely being over run by a “subset of individuals”, many of whom believe themselves to be privileged and entitled, who whine at the slightest inconvenience, and demand that whatever is important to them, be important to us all. I find quite a few examples on this site.

  38. It’s not fair to these people to classify people on which part of Montclair they live in. How do you even know where they live? Simply putting her into “the other side of montclair” makes you sound utterly stupid.

  39. I find all the comments disturbing given the info in the article is hardly complete. It might interest u to know the 13 year old is an honor student who volunteers to tutor her contemporaries. She was not the person in possession of the phone and the officer in question had no right handcuffing a 13 year old who was not being violent. Before you all pass judgement, why don’t you wait for more facts to become available before you take this conversation down racial and economic corridors it doesn’t belong in.

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