Montclair Street Sign Sullied

Holiday weekends mean kiddies run amok perhaps — someone has been playing with letters, creating a portmanteau for the corner of Park and Cooper. Fortunately it looks like a sticker — but let’s see how long before the sign gets restored.

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  1. Sometimes citizens have to step up to the plate and not wait for the town’s workcrew to do it.
    When the wall near my house gets tagged, I’m out there painting it over myself.
    Maybe someone in that ‘hood will get out there with some Goop remover and do the good deed.

  2. Reminds me of an upstate bar I knew a long time ago.
    The place was called “the Black Angus” but someone stole the g.

  3. I hesitate to mention the great fun the locals have had with the street sign near my sister’s house in Massachusetts, Big Rock Lane.

  4. There are so many underage drinkers coming and going from a party house near that intersection that nothing surprises me!

  5. Laugh it up!! Those in the “42” might find thing a “prank” or funny” (or worse, common) but we in the “43” know this as nothing more than a high crime and misdemeanor, tantamount to the ultimate offense: toilet papering a tree.

    I expect an update on the police and community reaction.

  6. I think the Long Arm of the Log needs to be called in on this one (original credit goes to Tony Shaloub’s brother who apparently considered LAotL as the name for his pooper scooper invention but instead settled on “The Sha-Pooper.” Personally, I’m prefer the former).

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