Montclair’s Zaentz Hardware Closed

If you’re heading out for nails or washers, you can’t go to Zaentz on Bloomfield Ave, which will surely be missed by many, including Favorite Place contributor James Cotter. A tipster alerted us to the recent closing of Zaentz and referenced a sign on the building directing customers to South End Paint and Hardware.

According to the folks at South End, Zaentz’ owner retired and the store’s inventory was bought and is being split between South End and Saunders Hardware on Valley Road, two hardware stores owned by Tom Vultee.

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  1. Roz and Chris were the best! They always helped me find exactly what I needed or would refer me to another hardware store nearby that carried something they didn’t have in stock. It’ll be a rough adjustment to make, after going there for over 30 years.

  2. What a shame. I never met a nicer bunch of people who worked in a hardware store. Very helpful and informative. Will miss them and will be forced to contend with Home Depot, where you could die of old age trying to find someone to help you.

  3. Best of luck in your retirement Roz! Enjoy your Grand-children which is much deserved after working all those long hours! Our whole family will be at a loss for your expert guidance in doing household repairs. Where else can you go to get items needed for old victorians. I miss you already!

  4. I highly recommend Saunders Hardware (Valley Rd near Lorraine in Upper Montclair) or American Royal Hardware on Park St and Watchung Ave. In fact, I’ll be headed to one of these in just a few minutes to get a gas pipe fitting for my new dryer.

    I will generally go to the Home Despot (or Lowe’s for that matter) only when I’m really desperate or when it’s so late that the local stores have already closed. However, for larger chain hardware stores that are open late, I recommend either Sears Hardware on Bloomfield Ave in West Caldwell (just west of Passaic Ave), or Ace Hardware on Bloomfield Ave in downtown Caldwell.

  5. I always liked stopping in here. It was one of the friendliest stores, of any variety, in town.

  6. Ah! Stopped by Saturday for some odd doohickey and saw the sign. Broken hearted!

    Thanks Roz for all the help and advice and nuts and bolts. You and Chris will be sorely missed. Enjoy a blissful retirement!

  7. I have been going to South End Hardware since 1984, and have never been anything but pleased, with both the pricing and the quality and the selection. The people who work there give 100-percent to ensure that they will return next time they need hardware supplies.

  8. Over 20 years ago, when I moved to Baristaville, Zaentz was my hardware store of choice. When I wanted to paint my attic Roz provided everything I needed, including directions & advice. Screw drivers, laundry filters, ice meltZ, snow shovel, collendar, pyrex baking dish, toaster oven …these are but a few of my remembered Zaentz purchase. Who wants to drive to target or kmart & stand in line for these things? I’ll go to South End & Saunders now. Let’s continue to support our local retailers.

  9. Actually, a friend… of a fried of mine, is looking into rental space (fairly ample in size) to open a Kosher Deli / reataurant in Montclair. I don’t believe that there is one in the area. But, per usual, it’s all about the $ $ $ … There are too many Thai, Italian and pizza places.

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