Name That Iris Cocktail

“Are you ready kids?”
“Aye, aye captain!”
“I can’t hear you.”
Arghhhh… Sea-woman First Class Korus reporting for duty Admirals, Commodores, Captains and angry freaks.

I have been busy cleaning the poop deck, and from the looks of the comments lately, there is a quite a bit of poop!

So I’m back up from the galley with a crisp, refreshing, sassy  Iris inspired cocktail, made with some fun liquids you may have seen, but not been certain what to do with.

Creme de Violette — with its lovely purple color and floral overtones — just popped back on the market after being missing in action for 20 years or so. It is by far one of the most fascinating substances I have ever sipped. Combine it with the sometimes-too-sweet-for-most french aperitif Lillet, clean vodka, seltzer water and a squeeze of fresh lemon, and you get something heavenly.

Ok Maties, what shall we call this bit of mid-spring in a glass?

Here is how you mix it up:

  • One ounce Creme de Violette
  • One ounce Lillet
  • One ounce  clean vodka (Ketel One, Titos, Bootlegger or Crop are all nice and clean tasting)
  • Two ounces “sparkling” water/seltzer (not shown)
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon
  • Ice

    Mix first three ingredients together. Pour over ice, add sparkling water and stir. You can add more or less selzer depending on your taste. If you want a bit more of the lovely floral overtones add a bit more of the Creme de Violette and a touch less selzter.

    Creme de Violette, Lillet and Ketel One Vodka are available at Amanti Vino
    , , Vintage Glassware, Hockning “Ring” ice bucket (1927-33),  Pickel dish (late 1800’s) and blue glass drink stirrers available at Little Cricket.

    And yes, croiagusanam won the “Name That Royal Cocktail” round with “Windsor Knot (maybe not a TKO in the first round though). Lovely.

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  1. Whoa, a compliment from walleroo. Thanks, bud, that’s what the Jews call yichhus.
    Cathar, your turn now.

  2. And, by the way, Lillet is very good on its own over ice as an aperitif and it is also a key ingredient in James Bond’s Vesper Martini (from “Casino Royale):”

    3 measures of Gordon’s gin (although I prefer Plymouth or Hendrickl’s)
    1 measure of unflavored vodka (Ketel One or Tito’s will do)
    1/2 measure of dry/blonde Lillet

    …and you know the rest: “Shaken, not stirred.”

    Garnish with a thin slice of lemon peel. You can get dry Lillet at Bottle King in GR for around $19 for a 750 ml bottle.

  3. I think, Spiro T., that a drink capturing your personal, loathsome essence would have to be made with Guckenheimer’s rye (still available on Skid Rows nationally, so I’ve heard) and Iron City beer. Perhaps with a dash of both beet and prune juices. To be imbibed while watching Keith Olbermann or while pooping (I know, they’re kind of the same thing).

    “Kettle,” “Winsor,” “Maties” – plainly, Holly, proofreading is not one of your strengths. There is a point at which copy editing makes stories stronger, honest. Try approaching it next time, and maybe even temper the perkiness lest diabetic shock kicks in amongst your (doubtless many) readers with less tolerance for this kind of thing than reliably affable old walleroo.

  4. Bottle King is a fine place, Conan. I like that it’s next door to Starbuck’s. One can therefore get legally obtainable stimulants and depressants in one highly efficient one-stop shopping trip.
    And, for a spiritual alternative, one can go out back and watch the river go roaring by, down in the glen part of Glen Ridge, said river reminding us of the fleeting nature of life, which reminds us, once again, to promptly visit both Bottle King and Starbuck’s.

  5. I like Spiro’s as well, and if he wins it will perhaps ease the sting of cathar’s predictable, and tiresome, rants.

    As the former winner, it is good to pass the baton to a promising youngster, though I cannot help but wonder where my prize went?

    In the meantime, my feeble entry would be “The Randy Rhizome”.


  6. Thanks cro, although I’m not especially all that young. In fact, I was just looking around town today and saw the 30somethings and their kids all over the place, and realized that all those mommies were teething and in diapers while I was doing all nighters in college.

  7. But as recent birthday boy Bobby Zimmerman said, you were so much older then– you’re younger than that now.

    Cathar to flutter in, batlike, and drop “loathsome”, ” excreable”, etc. in five, four, three…..

  8. When I was a lad, ‘gette, for some strange reason I used to root for the Minnesota Vikings, whose four defensive linemen, the best in the business in those days, were nicknamed the Purple People Eaters.

  9. With all due respect to Mr. Quayle, the name’s a bit long. How bout shortening it to ‘Iris Eyes’.

  10. Spiro after dining in Raymond’s last night and then crossing the street for dessert my beau and I sat and people watched. The young families were so appealing. Where ever did the years go?

    Pass me one of those purple thingys.

  11. “Roo, I unlike most folks who originate from the “British Isles” adore baseball, and I am a frequent patron at Jackels Stadium, especially on the $1.00 beer nights.

    Sad to say, however, I will be in California next weekend and then some, until Thursday, as my niece is graduating from Stanford University and proving, once again, that is an Irishwoman manages to hook a rich Yank, their kids will live a wonderful life.

    Perhaps later in the season? It is, after all, a LONG season!

  12. Presbyopia.

    Although right now, I’d call it ‘make mine a double’ after spending an hour and a half in line in the 88 degree sun at the Wayne DMV to renew my license only to be told they ‘wouldn’t get to me today.’ I hate this state.

  13. Awwww Cathar…you crack me up! You poor thing I was out and just walked in the house and saw what you wrote. How many times have you checked this post to see my response? I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting, Cathy darling.

    No, proof reading is not one of my strengths (particularly when I’m trying to write while playing Hot Wheels with my son 🙂 ). You got me there. Zing! However creativity is one of my strengths. Thanks for reading sweetheart. XXX

  14. All right, croi, I’ll take a rain check. I hope you’re not just teasing me, though. If you win another contest, I’m going to expect you to bring a flask, too. In the meantime, have fun in California, and please tell your niece congratulations from Uncle Walleroo. Stanford U — gosh, she must have her uncle’s smarts (yours, not mine).

  15. Dag, this lyric comes to mind. Recognize the song? One of dear old Bob’s.

    I see people in the park forgetting their troubles and woes
    They’re drinking and dancing, wearing bright-colored clothes
    All the young men with their young women looking so good
    Well, I’d trade places with any of them
    In a minute, if I could

  16. Yup walleroo and this line from said poet in one of his more reflective moments:

    It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there

  17. And don’t forget, Dag and Roo, another of his all-time great lines:

    “…you just kind of wasted my precious time.”

    Hmmm. To whom on this blog might that apply?

  18. She got her ma’s smarts, ‘roo.

    Oh, and a dad who is an alum and a big shot doesn’t hurt either.

    (I told you her ma is smart!).

  19. To whom on this blog might that apply?

    I am tempted to say “everyone,” Conan, but actually I don’t regret a minute I’ve wasted on this site. Well, maybe a minute here and there. All right, perhaps I’d could do with a few hours or weeks back. Certainly less than a decade.

  20. Oooooh I like “Iris Eyes”. I love “The Randy Rhizome” Cro you are good.

    Of course my heart belongs to Conan (sorry Roo). I think I will have to have you and the Mrs. over for Aviations:
    2 shots gin
    ½ shot lemon juice
    ⅓ shot Maraschino
    ⅙ shot Crème de Violette
    Shake well with ice and fine strain in to a cocktail glass. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

  21. Roo,
    It’s what I live for.
    You are a beer drinker…am I right? The name above “Purple Haze” made me gag. That is by far the worst beer I have ever had. We hosted a beer tasting party last fall and someone brought PH. I think I still have 10 bottles in the basement you are welcome to….no that would be cruel and although you are not Conan I would never do that for you 🙂
    How can I compete with Liz or Gette?

  22. Never had that beer. My favorites on draft are Guinness and Bods, but Heinie is good and nothing beats Bud in a bottle. Some of the microbrews are good, some are crap. Conan has recently renewed my appreciation for gin olive martinis. And then there’s Scotch, but Irish whisky (late: Bushmills) is not bad either. Don’t get me started on wine… that’s a subject for another day. As for ‘gette and Liz, just make sure you mix’em by the pitcher…

  23. Guinness gal here, too. Or Black and Tan. Tend to like the darker brews. There’s one out of NOLA called Blackened Voodoo which is awesome.

  24. I seems more like a perfume than a drink.
    Violette #5
    Eau de Violette
    Fleur de reve
    Reve Pourpre

  25. Kit the smell is fantastic.

    Hoegaarden in Amsterdam. Also any I love Labatt’s or any Canadian beer. I also make a mean Caipirinha!

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