The New Age of South Orange Government

Alex Torpey, newly-elected South Orange Village President, has already helped the police department fight flash mobs through the monitoring of Twitter feed, and initiating proactive Tweets. Is he a social media savvy Village President President super hero? It still remains to be seen, as he has only just taken office, but he’s off to a good start with posting his Trustee meeting overview on YouTube.

What if the mayors of other Baristaville towns, let’s say Montclair and Bloomfield, did this as well? Would you watch them? Are they photogenic enough to join the ranks of elected official talking heads?

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  1. Everything is great when your new and ride the wave of victory. Let’s see these youtube postings when there is some controversy and his base starts to return to everyday town life. I’m willing to bet by the time his first term is over these postings go the way of the Edsel.

  2. I think it would be great if I could follow my mayor on Twitter. I get tweets on my phone so I would instantly know when an update was made and what it pertained to. It could very easily get out of hand but if properly used it would make for a more informed citizen.

  3. Herb,

    You sound like Lily Tomlin:

    “As cynical as I become, I can’t keep up.”

    You make very valid points, but Village President Torpey gets credit for trying to do the right thing. We need more – many more – just like him, and he deserves our admiration and support.

    With experience he’ll learn what works, and what doesn’t – the reality is, someone in his position can make a difference, especially in a small town like South Orange (just under 17K) – let’s hope he holds on to at least some of that idealism and energy after the honeymoon is over…

  4. It is heartening to see young people getting involved with local government. After all, they will be alive and kicking long after most of us ‘boomers’ are no more than an afterthought in their conciousness. We can look at them and, maybe, see ourselves 30 – 40 years ago.

    Human kind is marvelous, beautiful, creative, joyful, and wise.
    Let us all strive to become better versions of ourselves and spread light wherever we travel.

    Cynicism is the refuge of mediocre, dissapointed people who have decided to quit life and spread darkness.

    Don’t give up people! You all are born with the potential to create and witness miracles in your sphere. Take a deep breath, relax and smile at the next person you see. Keep going, don’t stop, don’t quit on life.
    “You’re only pretty as you feel.”

    Hey, isn’t Tubby a handsome cat!

  5. News flash (from Facebook): Torpey’s got an electric razor and is planning on a clean-faced look for summer.

  6. Tweeting and youtube videos doesn’t impress me. Someone that can seek new revenue, control spending, maintain services and doesn’t make town hall their political playground does. I also don’t want someone spending my local tax dollars that’s not sharing the burden of paying property tax (this is under the assumption he’s not a property owner). Of course I wish him well, seems like a nice fella but the technology stuff is simply just bells and whistles to me.

  7. SinceI am no longer a S.O. resident, I could not vote in this election, but IF I couldhave, I would have voted for Alex’s challenger. However, I now know that I would have made a mistake! Alex Tropey is terrific! He is in constant touch with the population, both via computer AND the township newspaper. He is intelligent and approachable. I do wish we had someone like him, here, in BLOOMFIELD, RATHER THAN THE OLD STALE GUARD, and the “that’s the way we always did it, mindset.

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