Who Likes Hates Pink Snow?

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Or in the case of the suburbs, one neighbor’s Kwanzan cherry tree is another neighbor’s blossom-encrusted car and driveway — to be eradicated by leaf blower at the earliest possibility.

I will admit that the I am the neighbor with the tree, and sight of my lawn blanketed in pink feels like an annual miracle. My neighbor doesn’t seem to see it that way.

That said, since the rain brought it down yesterday morning, blanketing the sidewalk, steps and porch as well as the lawn, and making it all but impossible to keep from tracking inside on our newly-refinished floors, I am beginning to see the alternate point of view.

When it comes to landscaping, there’s so much to drive each other crazy. The unkempt lawn, the kitschy lawn ornaments, red mulch.ย Michael Pollan’s essay about his father’s refusal to cultivate a rectangle of emerald is my favorite writing on the subject.

When it comes to local landscaping, what’s your pet peeve?

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  1. We have a neighbor three houses down with the same pink tree and we love it! Love to take photos of it.

    Don’t really have any landscaping pet peeves, to each his own, with the exception of people who don’t tend to their lawn. But there’s a town ordinance for that.

    I guess if I have any pet peeves, it’s those HUGE blow up thingies around the holidays: giant bunnies, Santas, turkeys, even one of a NY Giants football player! They’re tacky, waste energy and look like crap when they’re deflated. A pox on the person who invented them!

  2. No landscaping nor tree nor hedge problems here. Just annoyed that in Bloomfield the homeowners have to schlep their garbage cans back ‘n forth to the curb, while the majority of the other Essex county towns do not have to do that. S.O., Maplewood, Millburn, W.O. (except on county roads), Livingston (Except on County roads), and Glen Ridge, among MOST other towns, in Essex County.

  3. “whatโ€™s your pet peeve?”

    Not enough bitching about each other on baristanet this morning? Next up, Deb will moan about the “tone” of blog comments.

  4. What no coverage of the Mayor’s new Cultural Revolution?

    “Sadly, you would never know how great Montclair people are by reading the overwhelming majority of anonymous postings on Patch or Baristanet.

    A small handful of people create the illusion that our streets are full of intolerant, snide, angry people.

    Is this the town you live in?

    I understand that a few who run all the Patch sites have considered doing away with the toxic policy of anonymous postings. I hope that they do this and that other local news sites do the same.

    Until then, I ask Montclair residents to abstain from posting anonymously and to renounce those who do. Nothing is gained by this practice. It hurts our town, and it creates the illusion that we are a nasty, cranky place, which we most definitely are not. Most of the stories and all of the profiles I read on Montclair Patch give a real sense of the real Montclair.”


  5. Montclair has been schlepping for a few years now. Steady erosion in services, but at least they’re picking up mixed paper these days. Years ago you had to bring it to the dump, and you couldn’t put newspapers in grocery bags at the curb even though when you took them to the dump all of the paper went into the same truck..still haven’t figured that one out.

  6. Pet peeve, hmmmmnnn… I guess it’s the large quantity of peanut shells I find all over my front and back yards. The local squirrels feast on them. The additional adipose tissue has slowed them down. I can easily catch them now. They have a delightful peanut flavor now not like before, when they tasted like acorns.

  7. Love the pink snow.

    One might even think the mayor’s an ass if one only read Baristanet & Patch. So what. Most people I know like the area, don’t like the taxes–pretty simple.

  8. Denounce the anonymous posters?!? Sure, and this site will become as bland and inane as Patch. Clearly comrade Fried only wants to hear praise for his noble efforts. First denunciation, then he will be asking us to keep dossiers on those whose thoughts are not deemed in keeping with party philosophy.

  9. I’m with Deadeye…the snark is what helps make this site interesting. If everyone posted nice comments, it would be one big yawn.

  10. my pet peeve is the neighboring slumlord who refuses to maintain his properties, and tend to the enormous oak tree that is surely going to be the third to go in my nabe, it’s only a matter of time. (the other two of comparable size and state of decay went within the last 12 months of each other, doing significant damage!) It’s pretty clear he could care less about the moss growing on the vinyl siding, the rotting retaining walls, and the non-existent secondary fire escape egress. So what happens if that oak tree falls on my cars/garage/house!? ๐Ÿ™

    My other pet peeve is picking out a pretty new stellar pink dogwood, having it delivered, planting it with giddy excitement, then watching as it blooms white. Apparently the nursery switched the trademark tag sometime before delivery, but not the purchase price tag, because when I went back to my stash of tags the trademark tag was not the same one I saw at the nursery. Still a nice pretty dogwood, but not the pink I wanted. I feel like my tree was switched at birth! grrr

  11. kay, I’m with you. We warned our neighbor about the dead branches in his massive oak tree that hang over our driveway starting last year. Predictably, he did nothing about it. Two weeks ago, a huge branch fell and put a dent in the hood of the classic car I just bought. Now I’m trying to figure out the best way to present him with the bill for the ‘non-paint’ dent removal service I’m going to use.

  12. As I understand it, YOU are responsible for any branches which hang over your property.

  13. ROC, from what I read this is only true if I could trim the branches without going onto his property. Given where the trunk is and how huge the branches were, this would have been impossible. When he finally called the trimmer, the guy cut several of the dead branches all the way down to the trunk.

  14. Arg, Mike! That stinks! On a classic, no less! ๐Ÿ˜ Did you call your homeowner’s ins to see what they said? I mean, in these situations do you typically have to just try to squeeze payment out of the offending tree-owner’s pocket, or is it like car insurance where your company reimburses you and then goes after the other guy’s ins company? I’m actually a tad worried, since the other two trees went down like clockwork, weirdly – first one March ’10, then next one March ’11. Afraid I’m next!

  15. I have a pink weeping cherry tree and love its pink snow. I don’t love my allergies to green snow, but recently found reason to love it. While driving I noticed a large swath of both sidewalk and street covered in bright pink and green. It looked like an abstract piece of sidewalk chalk art and made me think of Mary Poppins.

  16. Crud! so that means there’s no incentive to get neighbors to maintain their trees, since I have to pay for their negligence anyway? Great!

    Or I guess the other solution is People’s Court!

  17. Sandy, I live in WO and we have to schlep. No big deal to me…..

    I was told that ONLY on COUNTY roads IN W.O. due property owners have to take out & bring in their garbage cans. This was told to me by W.O. Police.
    Are you located on a county road? Maybe the W.O. police really do not know.
    I ma not posting anonymously. I am using my real name.

  18. Let us be clear on tree issues. Adjacent neighbors are allowed to prune any branch or root crossing the property line as long as it is done to professional standards and causes no detriment to the tree. Therefore, i recommend good communication and using the service of a professional arborist. As far as dead or dying trees/branches stemming from a neighboring tree, I recommend contacting the municipal authorities. Trees that pose safety issues can be dealt with under code OR the owner of the tree made aware of the condition. Once made aware, choosing no action may lead to legal responsibility should an event leading to property or personal damage occur.

    Stephen Schuckman
    NJ Certified Tree Expert # 512

  19. “While driving I noticed a large swath of both sidewalk and street covered in bright pink and green. It looked like an abstract piece of sidewalk chalk art and made me think of Mary Poppins.”

    or Lilly Pulitzer!

  20. Thank you Mr. Schuckman! I may have to make that call pretty soon. This particular tree is so tall that no branches are actually overhanging – unless I also also own the airspace up to 100 feet above my property line (in which case don’t tell the town, they will only increase my taxes!) If/when it blows over, most likely it will be onto my side.

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