Kitchen Nightmares Coming to Leone’s, Montclair

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Back when New York Magazine wrote its infamous Montclair article (remember when we were a Top 10 Affordable Suburb, folks?), the restaurant named as the local favorite was Leone’s. Now Gordon Ramsay will come and tear the place apart, as is his habit on Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay and crew will be filming at the South Park eatery next week, starting Tuesday. The match-up of Leone’s formidable owner, Rose Leone, and Ramsay should make for good TV, no? Are you surprised (you might recall it was “for sale” some time ago)? Will he change the interior? Do you think Ramsay will find his worst nightmare at Leone’s, or might the family-run eatery be looking for a boost while waiting for the stalled South Park redevelopment plan?

Want to dine at Leone’s during filming? Update: Surveys/reservations are now full.

Coffee with…Betty Liu

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Every weekday morning from 8:00 to 10:00 E.T., people turn to Betty Liu, anchor of Bloomberg Television’s, “In the Loop with Betty Liu,” for breaking business news and interviews with industry leaders.

Available to more than 270 million homes around the globe, Bloomberg Television recently launched its first advertising campaign aimed at increasing the profile of the channel, Betty Liu and other Bloomberg TV talent in the tri-state area.

Tara Williams spoke to the veteran financial journalist by phone about her move to Millburn, her family and career and her insights on the economy.

Q:        What attracted you to Millburn?

When I was living in Metuchen, we were renting and thought at the time now is a really good time to buy a home; prices are dropping; New Jersey has a lot of great neighborhoods; and my kids were just getting to the age that they were going from preschool to elementary school.  So I really wanted to find an area that had a great public school system and was also very family-friendly—those two things go hand-in-hand.

A couple of people told me about some different towns, like Westfield and Montclair.  I came upon Millburn because there was a house there that I just loved—it was big; it was modern; it had everything I wanted and it was a really good price.  Being the business person in me, I thought, “This is a really great deal.”  So I checked out Millburn some more.  I love the town—good restaurants, cute places for kids, and I love the fact that I’m near Maplewood and Short Hills and I’m near all of these other great towns and I realized a lot of people there commute into New York very quickly, so it just had everything I wanted. Continue Reading

Fatal Accident Involving Hillside Student Not Bike Related

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When Jen Savitch wanted a place for her son to lock up his bike on Hillside School property, she learned that principal Michael Chiles did not want kids biking to Hillside.

Savitch, who subsequently organized a bike protest on June 20, says Chiles told her the 1993 death of a Hillside student was the reason.

“Mr. Chiles and I share our concern of safety regarding biking to Hillside. Mr. Chiles expressed to me as a big part of his concern, a child that died biking to Hillside school about 20 years ago. He said a tree was planted after her death on Hillside property, and the bike ban began,” says Savitch.

In an article published the day after a “bike-in” at Hillside with support from Bike&Walk Montclair, superintendent Frank Alvarez told the Montclair Times Chiles has agreed that if parents want to allow their children to bike to school that would be “acceptable.” Alvarez said Chiles had discouraged students from riding their bikes due to traffic safety reasons because of the school’s location at the intersection of Orange Road,  Hillside Avenue and Church Street. In the June 21 article, the Montclair Times also refers to the school as the site of a 1993 accident in which Hillside student Kia Carnegie was killed in an accident while riding her bike to school.

However, police reports and a May 1993 issue of the Montclair Times both indicate that Carnegie was not riding a bicycle and was nowhere near Hillside School, when she was hit by a car.

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Corey Wolff: Reflections of the Sky

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It was a sunny day in South Orange and as I walked past the Gaslight, I was absolutely fascinated by the reflection of the sky against the glass. I must have spent at least 20 minutes taking pictures from different angles. I especially like this piece because it is bright, yet peaceful, just how I want to remember South Orange.

Corey Wolff is a high school teacher by day, but he loves to take pictures. His new blog, the 20/20 Vision SOMA Project, will feature 20 pieces of art, each for $20, all of setting and objects in the South Orange/Maplewood area.

Yo, I Drive a Minivan

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I never liked minivans. Swagger wagons are for soccer moms, and I won’t let my kids play soccer. (Because I’m mean.) They’re for parents who put those stick-figure decals on their rearview windows, the ones that represent each family member plus pets. (Again, I don’t do that because I’m mean.)

Like most people, I want to drive something cool. My first ride ever–at age 17–was a Dodge Ram D-50 4 x 4, a boy-magnet in high school. Anyway, when we decided to shop for my new car earlier this week, I told my husband I wanted something with a third row, preferably an SUV. (I’m going to skip the politics of global warming for brevity’s sake.) We had a Mercedes R-350 crossover, and I just didn’t like its indecisiveness. Were you a car or a truck, R Class? It handled like a station wagon, plus it was dented and had some engine problems.

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Crazy Car Crashes Cause Concern

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Yes, we were just talking about the spate of accidents and bad drivers. This week, two local car crashes make for alarming news.

A 68-year-old woman was hospitalized Tuesday night after her car was struck head on by a 63-year-old Bloomfield man driving north on the southbound side of Grove Street, near Cooper Ave., the Montclair Times reports. The crash is under investigation, but police say the driver did not appear intoxicated.

The Jersey Tomato Press reports that an elderly woman drove her car into Shop Rite in West Caldwell yesterday, just two weeks after a car vs. building incident at a Caldwell beauty parlor.

Be careful — and if you see something, send us a tip or photo.

Photo: Bob Markman, with permission from Jersey Tomato Press

Kids Eat Free Weekend at IKEA

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I love the Swedes. They have given us great design, delicious meatballs, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) on True Blood and IKEA.

This weekend, IKEA brings back its “Kids Eat Free Weekend,” my favorite time to go with the family. I stock up on stylish, inexpensive things for my home and my girls fill up on meatballs and ligonberries for free. It’s a win-win situation!

Here’s the deal:

All kids 12 and under eat free from Friday, July 1 – Monday, July 4. Choose any three kid-sized items to create a meal, including five meatballs, mac and cheese, PB&J sandwich, kid’s yogurt, two cookies, chocolate milk, and more! A $2.49 value. One per child and purchase necessary.

If you go to the Paramus store on Saturday, July 3, Jazzy the Clown will entertain and face paint your kids in the main lobby.

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The Weekend: Supersized For Independence Day!

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Amanda Grafton

Start your weekend off tonight with Italian Arias at a benefit concert at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Maplewood. Young Maplewood Soprano, Amanda Grafton, will present Viva Italia! A Concert and History of Italian Art Songs and Arias. She will be accompanied by pianist Duk kyu Kim of the Manhattan School of Music. Composers including Carissimi, Scarlatti, Bellini, Handel and Puccini, Verdi and Mozart. Half of the donation proceeds will go to St. Joseph’s Food Pantry and the other half will help sponsor Amanda’s summer vocal study in Italy with the Daniel Ferro Voice Conservatory.

Viva Italia! A Concert and History of Italian Art Songs and Arias
Thursday, June 30 at 7 pm
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, 767 Prospect St, Maplewood, NJ

The concert is free but donations will be accepted.

Or bring a lawn chair to Church Street in Montclair for the Montclair International Film Festival’s Outdoor Screening of Apollo 13 and celebrate NASA’s final space shuttle mission with this Oscar nominated and winning movie about the 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission. Sit under the moon and watch a moon mission.

Outdoor Screening of Apollo 13
Thursday, June 30 at 8:30 pm (film starts at 9 pm)
Church Street, Montclair, NJ 07042
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Your Summer Guide To Fun in Baristaville

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We’ve been working hard on giving you all there is to know about summer in Baristaville. We have some great guides, which you can find on our sidebar, but we thought we would  make your life easier by putting them all together in one place. And that place is here.

We’ll start with the area’s most comprehensive list of summer camps:

Summer Camps For Little Kids
Summer Camp For Big Kids
Sleepaway Camps.

If your kid is going to an overnight camp, make sure you read our Old-School Summer Camp Tips, for some great advice.

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South Park Streetscape Facelift Stymied

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Going down to South Park, gonna redevelop this time
New improved streetscape, say goodbye to diagonal parking
Going down to South Park, but we’ll miss the deadline
Getting shoppers on the street has to wait until September

South Park redevelopment project — approved back in April and scheduled for completion this summer — won’t even start until September, The Montclair Times reports. The delay means the project won’t be completed in time to be included in the reassessment. Did someone drop the ball?

Town mananger Marc Dashield cites issues with a culvert underneath the street as causing delays in the start of the project. John Reichman, chair of the Capital Finance Committee, who back in Feburary strongly urged the council to move on the project by early July, says the project should have been a priority and that those involved in the planning were aware of the culvert and underground river. Getting the project done in time for the reassessment was supposed to help pay for it, according to a Capital Finance Committee report, as it would “allow the cost of the [project] to be quickly recaptured through increased tax ratables from downtown properties.”

Reichman had also urged completion of the project in the summer to allow the township to capture a no interest loan of $488,000 from the state to finance to project, called NJ-DBIZ.

Meanwhile, if you’ve seen workers in the area, and thought the project had started, the work you saw was to improve the sewers.

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Sad. Let's hope that this is not its "Last Tango." One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in town. Valentino, Garbo, Keaton must have played there.

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