Carpooling is “In” at Millburn High School

Millburn Schools Superintendent Dr. James Crisfield auctioned off his parking spot as a prize for the Education Foundation’s fundraiser this spring. Jonathan Justice was the winner, but realizing he wouldn’t need it for his kindergartener for a few more years, he donated it back.

So Dr. Crisfield offered the spot to student Melanie Rieder, as long as she would take him  up on a carpool challenge – she could use his spot, if she would come in a group. Melanie’s 18-year-old friend, Natalie Sarano, agreed to drive three other students to school in order to enjoy the prime parking spot for a week. 
Dr. Crisfield’s hope is that everyone will follow the lead of these students, and start planning carpools now for next year, and save on gas and go green. 
(Photo: Danielle Rieder, freshman, Natalie Sarano, senior, and Melanie Rieder, senior with Dr. James Crisfield.)

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