Crazy Car Crashes Cause Concern

Yes, we were just talking about the spate of accidents and bad drivers. This week, two local car crashes make for alarming news.

A 68-year-old woman was hospitalized Tuesday night after her car was struck head on by a 63-year-old Bloomfield man driving north on the southbound side of Grove Street, near Cooper Ave., the Montclair Times reports. The crash is under investigation, but police say the driver did not appear intoxicated.

The Jersey Tomato Press reports that an elderly woman drove her car into Shop Rite in West Caldwell yesterday, just two weeks after a car vs. building incident at a Caldwell beauty parlor.

Be careful — and if you see something, send us a tip or photo.

Photo: Bob Markman, with permission from Jersey Tomato Press

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  1. Older drivers are a real issue. Anyone older than 65 who wants to keep their drivers license should be required to for a semi annual road test. If I see one more story on CNN about some guy in Florida with dementia driving the wrong way on 1-95 I’ll scream. But political correctness dictates that you can’t say anything about older Americans. No sir. Can beat on younger people all you want but no one wants to address the undeniable fact that as we age we lose our vision, hearing, and sometimes a lot more.

  2. My uncle had two fender benders when in his 80’s and officially turned in his license. My siblings, cousins and I took turns driving him to the supermarket or wherever he needed to go.
    I turned 65 recently and know that my reaction time and visual range have diminished since I was a young man so I’m a bit more cautious. Not to the point of driving 50 in a 65 zone. If I reach that point I’ll also officially turn in my license. I agree with yougotta that a yearly test after 65 or 70 is a good idea and it should be a true road test, not on the Wayne driver’s license course.

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