David Tyree Says Same Sex Marriage Will Equal “Anarchy”

Superbowl hero and Montclair High School alum David Tyree has come out strongly against gay marriage in a video statement, warning of “anarchy.” Tyree says he was motivated to take a stand after seeing Michael Strahan come out in support of marriage equality.

In a video produced for the National Organization for Marriage, Tyree not only predicts anarchy if same sex marriage is legal in the U.S., he also insists gay couples can’t raise a child properly, saying “Two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman. That’s simple common sense.”

Garden State Equality Chair Steven Goldstein says, “We live in a free county and David Tyree is entitled to express his view, but I’ll take Michael Strahan over David Tyree any day.” Goldstein says that with Montclair being the proud center of equality in the state of New Jersey, he was surprised that Tyree ended up with these values, adding “He is a fish out of water to say the least.”

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  1. I rarely comment on Baristanet anymore, but David Tyree comments are truly pathetic.
    He’s no hero. His idiotic statements make him a chump (and not very well informed either).
    He sounds like a true homophobe as well. Anarchy? Oy vey. What a nutcase (and a disgrace).

  2. Dear Baristanet,

    Why are you giving this guy the opportunity to spread his propaganda?

    The only “anarchy” here is the mixed-up, brainwashed, backwards thinking that Tyree and his Christian ilk are so desperately trying to impose on the American people.

    Maybe Tyree should go back to his crack and alcohol and leave the rest of us alone.

  3. First post already shows many are only tolerant of others views if they are in agreement with them. lol. Let the hypocrisy loop begin.

  4. I do not think gay marrige will bring anarchy. I do think Homosexuality is wrong, but nobodies business but your own. I do think there is no benefit to society or human rights requirement to allow or approve of gay marrige.

  5. herbeverschmel is sort of correct. Speech is protected in this country, and rightfully so. It doesn’t matter if the speech is hateful or ignorant or even both.

    It also serves an important role in society. If we buried this type of speech, we’d remain ignorant of those forces of bigotry and oppression within our midst. Better to hear the speech than remain in blissful but impotent ignorance. Hearing this reminds us that such fights don’t end, and that rights won shouldn’t be taken for granted. There are always people looking to take them away under the the guise of some twisted moral (or other) code.


  6. It’s a free country. The guy is entitled to his opinion. I disagree with it. Emphatically. It’s really not that complicated. Religions can have any rules and dogma they want. And people in those religions can press those views any way they see fit provided it complies with the law. But the state is not religion. The state cannot be in the business of discriminating against people. The state is there to protect people who are being discriminated against. The David Tyrees and Cardinal Dolan’s of the world can preach all they want. It’s just wrong to discriminate about people and deny them equal benefits under the law. Same exact arguments were urged by religious folks in the 60s in support of anti-miscegenation statute. Would be chaos in the street if blacks and whites could marry. It didn’t come to pass and won’t here either.

  7. Anarchy! I can see it now, Gay man running around, stealing show tune dvd’s, setting fire to bad hairstyles, and throwing nerf balls at windows. Lesbians driving Nascar hot rods through red lights ! And everyone will be forced to hire a decorator !

  8. Spiro, that reminds me of one my favorite movie lines of all time:

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

  9. It wasn’t so long ago that people like George Wallace argued against the “anarchy” of racial integration.

    Perhaps Tyree’s slogan should be “Heterosexual Marriage now, Heterosexual Marriage tomorrow, Heterosexual Marriage forever”

  10. I am more than happy to tolerate people’s intolerance as the price for living in a free society.

    I am also happy to use said freedom to point out that this is flat our paranoid bigotry.

    As such, it’s creepy and weird to boot. This bizarre marriage of fundamentalists, disaffected “libertarians” and cynical Randian capitalists that passes for the right wing in this country today is an amalgam of contradictions and nonsense, happy to point their fingers at everyone except themselves. “Judge not lest ye be judged”—who said that, anyways?

  11. “Two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman. That’s simple common sense.”

    And by the same extension, two men together could never teach a future husband / boyfriend etc how to poorly treat a woman. But two women together could teach a future wife / girlfriend all about the Trojan Women, or how to play ferocious softball.

    I wonder what the “rate of recivitism” is in children of same-sex relationships following in their parents’ footsteps. IS it nature vs nurture?

  12. Actually, jcunningham, the right wing free market advocates welcome a boom in sales of sleeveless t-shirts, tight jeans and backpacks ( and work boots for the ladies ) since that’s job creation.

  13. David Tyree is certainly entitled to his opinion about same-sex marriage, just as I’m entitled to my opinion that his opinion wrong, intolerant, and bigoted.

    And as is typical among those who claim they are simply “defending traditional marriage”, his position is irrational, illogical, and completely at odds with the facts.

    The erosion of “opposite-sex” marriage is purely the consequence of loosening social mores among heterosexuals, period.

    On the way into work yesterday CBS news radio broadcast the statistic that 50% of fathers under the age of 45 have a least one child out of wedlock. There’s your threat to “traditional marriage”.

  14. How to resolve these disparate points of view? On the gridiron, of course. Tyree gets the football on the 50 yard line. Strahan stands five yards away. The umpire blow his whistle. If Tyree makes it past Strahan, no gay marriage. If Strahan nails him, gay marriage.

    Another problem solved!

  15. As a loyal Patriots fan, I petition the NFL to take the Giants Super Bowl win away from them and give it to New England because Tyree caught the ball with his head, which is clearly screwed on backwards and, therefore, is not allowed to be used to aid in the reception.

    And if you think my logic is screwed up, replay Tyree’s video.

  16. There once was a sportsman named Tyree,
    Who cried ‘foul’ on marriage equality.
    No one questioned his creds
    (he once caught a ball on his head),
    So the rest of us opted for anarchy.

  17. “Two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman. That’s simple common sense.”

    So does this also mean that a single father could not properly raise a daughter, or a single mother not raise a son? His logic is flawed.

  18. Please explain why this is news?

    The man made one important catch in the Super Bowl. He played football and he is retired.

    I would want complain about Gov. Chris Criste stand on equal rights for gays.

  19. This kind of thought is worth spotlighting. So those of us who disagree can speak out against this “God fearing” fellow.

    But please! Free market Randian capitalists aren’t all cynical. And too, there are some strange bedfellows on the left side too.

  20. While I find Mr. Tyree’s views to be fascinating, I am still caught up in studying Derek Jeter’s statements regarding the trade imbalance with China.

  21. cro, let’s not forget the return champions on Bowling For Dollars offer great insight during their half time commentary, on all matters pertaining to Albania and Cyprus.

  22. He’s allowed to him his views just like I am allowed to think there should be equality. I’ve met Tyree a few times and this guy is one heck of a guy. In fact just 3 months ago or so he ran a clinic to help people get in shape and ALL the benefits went to Eric LaGrand the injured Rutgers football player who was paralyzed. We all have different views of things, whether its gay marriage, abortion, or politics. The best thing about this country is you can think what you want and live your life. Its amazing seeing how many people would say “TYREE YOUR THE BEST!!” But then hear how he feels regarding ONE situation and he’s public enemy. Let people live.

  23. Perhaps psycho, your admonition to “let people live” would be better directed to Mr. Tyree.

  24. Hey yalls! Been thinking abt the gays lately. Apparently, there is alot of “controversy” abt the gays and “marriage” in the MTC. Rlly confused. Always thought that the ppl in the MTC were “pro-gays” (via antique stores). Seems like a chill gay bro, David Tyrees, wants 2 get “married” to his other chill gay bro. They are facing mad “discrimination” bc of their man love. Kinda think David Tyrees and his shortie should b able 2 make sweet love whenevs. Sorta think the ppl in the MTC need to get the eff out of the way for David Tyress so he can get on with his “life”. Why can’t we love every1 and ride chillwaves 2gether?

    H8 u gay haters.
    <3 u man love.

    Ne ways, wondering if being a “gay” might fit in with my personal brand. From what I understand, the gays like to shop at the Hole Foods and drink “wine”. I like the Hole Foods and I like to smoke dirty danky dank, so prolly being a gay will only work halfway.

    Is gay love “relevant”?
    Do you shop at the Hole Foods?
    Does Davis Tyress and his shortie “deserve” to get married?
    Has ne1 ever mixed “wine” and cough syrup to make the Jesus juice?

  25. The headline should be: “Sports hero found to be an uninformed jerk.”

    He can disagree with marriage equality without sounding dumb. Unfortunately, by claiming Anarchy (“a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority”), Tyree shows he’s an idiot. Dumb too.

    I guess this is where I state that, yes…. He went to the public schools…. So he shows the two Montclairs: one where we raise Rhodes Scholars, and another where we raise dumb athletes!!

  26. I would like to note that, since the above item has absolutely no real news value, its sole purpose seems to have been to allow some reliable old sweats of posting to once again establish their liberal credentials.

    And then, of course, such wearily reliable voices as croisgusanam and Spiro T. did so once again. (Though I was somewhat surprised by the good prof’s similar eagerness to chime in to so little real purpose.) It was, however, something of a shock to see “hans meier” (how odd that someone liberal chose as a posting handle one which seems to sum up the very essence of the Wehrmacht’s lowly landsers) adding his two cents. Hansi, weren’t you once booted off this site for excessive profanity or something like that? Even profane terms which took on a distinctly sexist verbal cast? You’re that “reformed” now, eh?

    Still, this is Baristaville, and thus the general verbal thrust of the posts above was a foregone conclusion. No, this is not Omaha, Nebraska or Waycross, Georgia. But since this is clearly not, the degree of smug calculation which led the “editors” (by title, I’d suggest, but hardly necessarily by way of actual professional accomplishment and commitment) to run this item is distinctly unsettling. Even suggests that the baristas may in fact believe that there’s a liberal sucker born every minute. (As well as one desperate to post.)

    In the end, too, whatever his dated, shameful social views, David Tyree still has a Super Bowl ring and the posters above do not. There is not yet a litmus test re one’s political and social views for professional athletes, even if I suspect several posters would support the imposition of one.

  27. Good to see the reliable “old sweat” cathar taking a break from saving children from liberal indocrination in the public schools while at the same time strolling down memory lane a la synagogues that used to be churches, etc. etc. on and on and on, to offer yet another swipe at Spiro (watch it Spiro, I think our boy has a crush!) and of course, as LeBron would say, “myself”.

    Long inured to examples of his stunning self-absorption and his turgid prose style, I take it all in stride. I’m only sorry that, with flag day just a few hours in the past, we weren’t treated to the annual “liberal Montclairians don’t know how to honour the flag and they didn’t prowl the rice paddies like I did” spiel.

    Oh well, there’s still time. July 4th is coming soon!

    As for psycho well, who cares?

  28. I would love to see cathar and hrobrah sit down for a one on one interview… Can that be arranged?

  29. Sorry to disappoint, cathar.

    … Here I was feeling as if I added something to this by attaching his silly word choice. And then making fun of myself and how I am always to quick to claim a local hero as a product of the public schools? I thought that was nice, self-depreciating touch.

    Oh, well. I’m probably just tired from all that protesting today at the State House in Trenton, and an hour of Adabatto droning on on NJN with Christie.

    I’ll be back on my game tomorrow.


  30. ….” David Tyree still has a super bowl ring and the posters above do not.” Are we really concerned about this athlete’s opinion. He’s a jock last time I checked and have to agree with the Prof…..DT missed the bus to Rhodes but he looks good in Spandex…..Touchdown!
    Hey, on second thought maybe he can be Sarah’s running mate! What a ticket!
    SNL, pick up on this skit before it comes to fruition.
    PAZ almost out of MCO.

  31. This must be the most tedious and pompous word salad yet to have sprung stillborn from your brain, cathar. Have you ever swallowed a pill that seemed to lodge itself in your throat and taken hours to complete its journey to your stomach? Trust me, it’s awful. That’s pretty much how it felt reading your meandering, pointless, smug post.

    David Tyree chose to make a public announcement about gay marriage that, to anybody with a functional cerebral cortex, is completely inane. He is a local hero, and the Baristas ran the story. What don’t you understand? It’s a topic that’s regularly featured on the primetime news, and yet you, in your vast wisdom, deem it to have “no real news value.” What color is the sky in your universe? Pink? Chartreuse? News flash: here, where the humans live, it’s blue.

    Sometimes I wonder if you truly confess your sins during your weekly Sacrament of Penance. “Dear Father, forgive me for I have sinned….I have again hurled vicious insults, completely unprovoked, to my fellow posters on Baristanet. I make the world a more rotten place but I cannot control myself. Help me, Jesus, help me! Okay, father, how many Hail Marys this time? Please hurry, I have to get home for a Dirty Harry rerun on TBS.

  32. So lets sum up here.

    Tyree is dumb

    Liberals and conservatives for the most agree

    cathar pontificates

    Tudlow nails it

  33. I thought a human couldn’t be any more ignorant and bigoted than Tyree but then Hans proves me wrong by suggesting Tyree go back to his “crack and alcohol”. Apparently prejudice against gays is a big nono but prejudice against blacks is allwhite.

  34. While in no defending Hans’ stupid comment, it is a fact that Tyree struggled with crack and alcohol addiction and was arrested long too long ago for drug use/possession. Hence, the reference. How you managed to deduce that racism was involved is nearly as puzzling as is Hans’ original post.

  35. Cathar, you’ve got to agree Tudlow smacked your pishy stick bad. I tried to wade thru your comment and sometimes you are historically correct but the verbiage last night put a hurt on my poor little medulla. Maybe you should try Haiku.
    PAZ hitting the air
    T storms up & down the coast
    Le weekend rolls in

    Praise The Lord and pass the Project Paso!

  36. Per his biography: “Born in Livingston, New Jersey, Tyree grew up in a one-bedroom house in Montclair, New Jersey with his mother and two older sisters after his parents divorced.” If two men can’t raise a girl to be a woman, can three women raise a boy to be a man?

  37. I often find that people who lack intelligence and education are the ones who get sucked into the religious dogma. Their religion exploits this and fills their heads with all of these backwards thoughts homosexuality and abortion. Instead of learning to think for themselves, they rely on an ancient book of fiction to tell them how to think.

    Whatever happened to the type of faith where you live your life the way you want to but you also let others live their lives the way they want to? Stop inserting your religious beliefs and values into the lives of others.

    You have faith? Great! I’m very happy for you. But please, keep it to yourself.

  38. That’s part of the story, Hans, but I’ve also met non-religious people who are against same-sex marriage. Some, like David Tyree, think the world will be turned on its axis should we ever allow gays to marry; others think that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. If you press them about the why, they usually respond with that only a man and a woman can produce children. But that argument is weak because what about senior citizens who marry? What about couples who marry who choose not to have children, for whatever reason? Should be deny them the right to marry as well?

    If you ARE a religious person and your religion prohibits gay marriage, then by all means, get married in the house of worship of your choice. But you have no right to dictate what others choose. Your marriage will not suffer because two gay people have decided they want to get married, too.

  39. Many years ago when I was in catholic high school, we were taught that you can’t have sex until you are married, and then you had sex for “propagation of the faith”. In other words, #@%&* your heads off , don’t use contraceptives and pump out as many little catholics that you can. I don’t know if they still teach this.

  40. Whatever happened to the type of atheism where you live your life the way you want to but you also let others live their lives the way they want to? Stop inserting your non-religious beliefs and values into the lives of others.

    Your comment above is a blatant example of liberal stereotyping and non-tolerance…

  41. Yes Howard the good nuns of my youth taught me the same thing. I am as they say a “fallen away”. So far fallen that I’m one of those atheists that Nellie would, I think, approve. i respect the right of others to believe in whatever makes them happy and gives them emotional support. There are, despite Hansi (as per cathar) claims, many very intelligent and highly educated people who follow and support their religion’s dogma.

    Nellie did you watch Tryee’s video? I believe that his rational for his point of view is based on his religious belief. Unfortunately religion can impact non believers in many ways. I could point to a lot of our laws here but I think you get my point.

  42. I’m not religious nor am I an atheist. I don’t subscribe to the theory that one’s beliefs (or non-beliefs) need to be labeled.

    I’m not advocating that a law be passed that all people of a religious faith must attend Non-Believer’s School or an Atheist Education Camp. No, that would be ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the religious people who are trying to pass laws that force their beliefs on people who don’t share their views.

    As I’ve said before, if you are happy with your faith, then great! Good for you. But please keep it away from those of us who don’t care to have our life’s decisions mandated by a religious belief system that we don’t necessarily feel is in our best interests.

  43. Of course, one has to respect the utterances of a man whose shoe size and IQ are identical numbers. What a complete loser: whoever decided this pathetic specimen was a “hero”???

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