Looking For Vehicle in Fence Hit & Run

A Montclair resident asks for you to keep your eyes open:

Some one drove at high speed through our fence, right across our front lawn and out through the other end of the fence last night at about 2.15 am. the fence and garden small trees and shrubs are destroyed. Wood fence everywhere. I saw the car leave towards Montclair State, a white/pale colored kind of SUV. If anyone in Montclair sees a car with a lot of new damage on front and sides of a car they should report it to the police. We called them and they have a report. There were several people in it and they must have been drunk. They could have killed some one. We’d been up late and I’d only just taken Olive [our dog] back in about 30 minutes beforehand. Thank God they didn’t hit our house.

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  1. So here’s the question of the day – when a car goes into a shop for repairs, how do you feel about the repair shop filing a report with police about the car and damage. In the above case for instance, the person driving may very well file a claim with their auto insurance company and the good people at Maaco will do the repairs. Like gunshot wounds at the hospital, do we want to have some sort of reporting for automobiles that were involved in connecting with other things?

  2. If there is an an insurance claim, my understanding is that there must be a police report filed. Reputable body shops also report to companies like CARFAX about damage repairs so that potential future buyers have an idea of a car’s history. I had a car take out several sections of split rail fence at my house several years ago. It also went over a large rock. Judging from the miscellaneous pieces of the vehicle scattered about the yard I determined that it was a Dodge/Plymouth minivan. The police officer that took the report said that he would contact local dealers and body shops. I never heard anything.

  3. Must be the same person who took the MHS athletic team support magnet right off the back of my car! Argh! And No, it didn’t happen at the team’s award banquet, either – I think it happened right in my own driveway by some mean and spiteful person!

    Hey you scofflaw! What comes around, goes around!! How would you like it if I took a wheel off your skateboard!

    p.s. in all seriousness, glad no one was hurt in the fence-and-run.

  4. It happened on Upper Mountain. My husband and I arrived back home this afternoon to find that our yard was also damaged. The issue to me is that anyone who is willing to drive when not sober needs to be taken off our streets. This car was airborne. Thankfully no one was killed and I pray these people learned a lesson.

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