Shanie Israel: Rethink Cell Tower

Dear Zoning Committee,

I look at history and think to myself, why would we repeat some of the poor choices made in the past. In connection with the possible cell phone tower being built at Bay and Broad, I am reminded of things like asbestos, the poisoning of the small town of Hinkley by Pacific Gas and Electric or the numerous cancer findings in connection with a local nuclear power plant. These and many other big business decisions that have had a negative impact on towns makes me very concerned for this community and for my daughter.

We recently moved here from Brooklyn, NY. We left an apartment lifestyle for the comforts and safety of a more suburban life. We fell in love with Bloomfield for its diverse small city feel. We bought a house on Clark Avenue directly behind the possible site for the cell phone tower. We have a 2 and a half year old daughter who is vibrant and full of life. What concerns me most is the possible effects of this cell tower and her well being. The fact that no tests have been done about the long term effects of cell towers and their communities makes me even more unhappy with this possible outcome.

I have heard that there are other possible sites for this cell tower. Ones that are not in highly concentrated residential areas. I implore you to either cancel this possible project or move to a less populated area (like a cemetery).

For the well being of my daughter and the countless other children that may be effected by this tower, please make the decision to stop T-Mobile from building it. I don’t care about the eyesore of it all, I care about my family. Please think of my 2 and a half year old daughter when making this decision. If you don’t and something does happen, her life and health will be on your conscious. And if something were to happen, you will have a bigger problem on your hands.

Thank you,
Shanie Israel

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  1. The Zoning Board is not allowed to consider health effects of the presence of cell phone towers; the towers are considered safe in populated areas; whether or not that is true, it is the law. Other concerns such as setbacks, dangers from falling ice, etc. are another story, and can be considered by the board. If you have concerns you need to attend the zoning board meeting in person and speak.

  2. *We are all concernced about the health concerns, but Federal and State law has repeatedly upheld the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Suggestions of health concerns is not a valid reason for denying a cell tower.

    *The loss of property values in the vicinity of the proposed cell tower will be significant ……. 10% or more. Ouch ! And, like dominoes, the losses travels to adjacent neighborhoods.

    *How many weeks does an average neighbor need to work to save $25,000.00???

    *T-Mombile is asking to chop safety codes by up to 80% to squeeze in a 120 foot cell tower at the Broad & Bay intersection. They want the front, back, and side setback standard chopped from 150 feet each ….down to 54 ft., 88 ft., 42 ft., and 25 ft.

    *There is an UST (underground storage tank) under the Greenhouse, this in close proximity to where T-Mobile’s proposed cell tower. The reports show contaminants..drilling 40 feet deep will disrupt the ground water. The close proximity to the Third River will be affected.

    *Come to the Zoning Board Meeting Tonight 7:30pm Bloomfiel Town 2nd Floor to hear testimony on the cell tower.

  3. I know what could do the trick, to deep-6 the smell tower !
    If everyone in a one-half a mile circle of the location did not pay their taxes. Then it would hurtig the town, and then perhaps the town would chase away the big bad smell tower.
    You can write leters, walk with “Strike-Signs”, write letters, yadda yadda yadda – t’aint gonna do diddly.

    Hold back taxes en masse – ‘ya, that will get the atention ‘ya need !!
    By the way, to aid & assist, throw away your cell phone !
    Ooooooo – you don’t wanna do that – do you ? No? Then, be quiet.

    (I like the idea of putting the tower in a cemetary . Wat it gives off, will not hurt those folks ! “) )

  4. Hi Shanie,

    Hope to see you at tonight’s Zoning Board meeting 7:30pm – 11pm at the Municipal Building. We’ll be asking questions of T-Mobile’s RF engineeer (based on his previous testimony).

    You don’t have to stay for the entire meeting but you do have to be respectful of the Zoning Board rules for meetings – it’s like testifying in court. You can only question the expert on his/her testimony and you have to give your name and address. You cannot disrespect the experts but you can point out flaws and inconsistancies in their testimony

    The Zoning Board cannot dismiss the application without a full hearing which includes testimony from all of T-Mobile’s experts; testimony from experts hired by the Zoning Board (at the expense of T-Mobile); Questions asked of T-Mobile’s experts by the Zoning Board’s experts, the public, and the Zoning Board itself. At the end all all of the excpert witness testimony and questioning the public will be allowed to come up and make a statement.

    It’s a complicated process and it looks like it won’t be over soon.

    Each of the previous Zoning Board meetings have been filmed by WBMA, Bloomfield’s Public Access TV Station and can we viewed on-line.

    Hope to see you there!

  5. Sandy – TMobile already has a cell tower by the cemetary – at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.

    *****Possible township-owned properties for installation of a cell tower monopole proposed by Paul D. Lasek, P.E.,
    Township Engineer

    *****The locations: 142 East Passaic Avenue – Bloomfield Firehouse # 3; Block 698, Lot 52

    Baldwin Street – “Collins House” Property – next to Kinder Towers behind McDonalds

    Spring Pond Area – 375 Hoover Avenue; block 695, Lot 35


    ****WATCH PREVIOUS MEETINGS****The previous Zoning Board meetings please click on the link, Click on Media Center – Categories – Town Council Meetings – Choose the Video of May 10, April 14, and May 12 for the full testimony on the Cell Tower

  6. I meant Zoning Board Meetings…

    ****WATCH PREVIOUS MEETINGS****The previous Zoning Board meetings please click on the link, Click on Media Center – Categories – ZONING BOARD MEETINGS – Choose the Video of May 10, April 14, and May 12 for the full testimony on the Cell Tower

  7. We spoke with Nicole Brennan, the Zoning Board Secretary – she clarified that anyone who writes a letter/email to the Zoning Board that according to bylaws they cannot be passed onto the board!
    ***She said if you cannot attend the meeting give your letter to someone that can read it. Letters can be read to the board after all of the testimony has been completed, which we understand from last night may go to August!!!!
    ***So if anyone has a letter that they want read to the board who cannot attend the meetings you can forward them to and we will make sure your letter will be read to the board…but your presence at the meeting would mean a lot more!
    ****Continue sending your letters to the editor and posting on Baristanet and the other blogs that service Bloomfield.

  8. You can also come to Monday evening Town Council meetings
    (schedule here: ) and express yourself for 5 minutes. The cell tower doesn’t have to be on the agenda to be what you talk about.

    It puts the issue on TV and you get to look Peggy Dunnigan O’Boyle in the eye and tell her what you think of her family’s idea to put this monstrosity on their property next to a residential neighborhood.

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