Should Weiner Resign?

The Anthony Weiner scandal (please, please, let’s find a label other than Weinergate) has incredible staying power. Yes, yes — we know it’s not hyperlocal, but when a scandal dominates the news for over a week, and grows more salacious with each passing day, we know you, dear readers, must be talking about it — at the bus stop, train, on Facebook, or at work. This scandal brings up so many questions — such as…is sending nude pics of your privates adultery? Is being social media stupid a crime? Or how about blatantly lying? And since when have we had a scandal with so much homophone headline potential?

Clinton/Monica Lewinsky, Spitzer/Client 9, Jim McGreevey — is it me, or does the whole Weiner thing seem even stranger by comparison (and really who does this stuff and thinks no one will find out?!?!) Once you are this overexposed (albeit manscaped) as a member of Congress, can you get back some semblance of dignity, much less public trust? How does it rank on the scandal meter for you?

Initially, many Democrats (and Jon Stewart) seemed reluctant to touch the Weiner debacle with a 10-foot pole, but now more and more are calling for his resignation. The sentiment is echoed by some folks in Forest Hills (weird Weiner connection: Weiner and now-pregnant wife Huma live in the same Forest Hills Gardens apartment building I lived in as a newlywed — and I can tell you, the co-op board is probably none too amused by the media maelstrom outside their door). Still others say they support Weiner. What say you — what’s a Weiner to do?

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  1. Do I care about Weiner’s weiner? No. Do I care that he didn’t have the balls to admit that it was his package? Absolutely.

    Do I think he should resign? I think he should do what his constituents want him to do. And since I’m not part of his constituency, what I believe he should do doesn’t matter.

  2. My initial thought was YES.

    But now, hell, if he wants to stay and fight for his seat, then fight.

    If Barney Frank can now be seen as respectable, Client 9 is has a show (and will be running again, I’m sure) and Slick Willy hung around, why not.

    He’s not my Congressman.

    If his constituents want him, then who am I.

    (I DO think his sleazy ass needs to go, and I hope that Democrats force him out, whether or not illegal. I wouldn’t want him near me. To be clear: having an affair is one thing, sending nudes to college kids? THAT is entirely another thing.)

    Cheating. Yes.

  3. Yes, he should, because he lied, shown he cannot be trusted, and because he can now never be taken seriously by his constituents or his peers in government.

    But while i am on my soapboax: Shame on you, Media (I believe was the first), for publishing the photo in question. Was that really necessary, other than guaranteeing more page hits?

  4. For those of you who say “I’m not part of the constituency,” think again. If he stays, this is setting a bad precedent by showing that one can get away with stuff like this.

  5. @Mrs Martta Unfortunately they have been getting away with it for years. The only difference is that before we never found out about it, but now with all of the gadgetry out there it is no longer possible for it dealt with behind closed doors. I don’t like it but I always wrestle with the question of ‘just because he/she is an idiot in their private life, does it really impact how they handle themselves professionally’. I have yet to come up with an answer, that for me, is acceptable.

  6. These scandals have become so predominant, it seems that it you made a list of politicians who are NOT involved in sex scandals, it would be the shorter list….Give people a little power, and they think they’re invincible…

  7. How does sending a picture of your underwear to someone make you a less effective political leader? Answer: it doesn’t.

    Therefore, he should not resign.

    It’s a private matter and it should remain private. Perhaps the media should focus on something more important instead of this free-for-all sensationalistic crap that passes for news these days.

  8. Who cares what he did. And No he shouldn’t resign. If every person needed to resign after flirting, sexting, or sending naughty pictures, unemployment would be at 72 percent….

  9. Oscar Meyer stripped him of his endorsement. No seriously, he should resign. I really feel for his wife and family. The shame this brings to all involved is unimaginable!! It will be difficult to get through this.

  10. If he was Joe Blow (no pun intended) who worked in warehouse somewhere, this wouldn’t matter as much. We are talking about a member of Congress, big diff. Plus, he did it while on the job, compromising security, so it’s private life meets public persona.

    Whether or not this is grounds for divorce, that’s between him and his wife. But Congress should “divorce” him.

  11. His own party is turning their backs on him which lessens his influence. He blatantly lied over and over throughout the week to the media, his constituency and his wife, going as far as calling a porn star to coach her what to say to the media and offering her a ‘pr’ person shows a sever lack of judgement. Attacking and discrediting the person and news outlets who broke the scandal and reported it while fully knowing he was lying shows that this guy is a sleaze. He duped the knee jerk lib bloggers into believing that this was some sort of right wing conspiracy. They certainly aren’t pleased. He stopped at nothing to protect his arse, if he goes that far who knows what else he’s been hiding and compromises he’s made to benefit himself. Wiener is a US congressman that votes on issues that impact this entire nation, not just his district. So I can say yes, he should resign. He is a lying embarrassment to this nation by remaining in office. Anytime in a press conference an elected official is asked ‘ was it was fully erect’ shows that he has become a joke. I don’t care if he resigns because it will neutralize him and cause damage to his party, he will continually be mocked and that makes me happy. I’ll bet that if he were a Republican most of you would be singing a different tune.

  12. Human sexuality is complex. How many men and women married or otherwise play at cyber sex games I wonder? Based on my limited knowledge of this latest sensational offering it’s my understanding that his tweeting partners knew who he was and were consenting adults. Should they too resign from their respective jobs? What did he get away with? Conducting personal business while on the job? How many posters here are “working” while posting?

    If he has the continued temerity to stick it out, as did Clinton, then so be it. Weiner at least didn’t drag the saga out as long as slick willy. Neither would get my vote because of their politics. Weiner is and will suffer the consequences of his actions. His party and constituency will rightfully decide.

    I will fess up and admit I find the commentary and debate interesting.

  13. To what length does a US Congressman go protect himself when some one texts him this”?

    “u owe me big time for keeping this all quiet…i am defending u to the death on every blog and
    to everyone….telling everyone u would never send dirty messages to women” -Lisa Weiss(fellow sexter)

    What does ‘you owe me big time, mean?

  14. I think he should resign. He’s not going to be effective in his job anymore, and the scandal shows an appalling lack of judgement.

  15. I question his judgement, if he did something as stupid as this, but I defer to his constituents regarding calling for his resignation. I’m with mackelvis, and am most disgusted by his lying. If you screwed up, dude, say so.

  16. That’s right, Erika. I don’t think this would have escalated as much as it did if he had done that from day one. David Paterson did that (about all his affairs) and they left him alone. Didn’t agree with his politics but he gets props for that.

  17. Public officials should be held to some basic standards of judgement and behavior. Weiner showed a lack of respect for his office and his constituents. According to the recipient of the photo, their exchanges began as political repartee, and then, out of the blue, Weiner sends her a lewd photo of himself. It may not be illegal, but definitely constitutes moral turpitude on some level. Basically the guy is a pervert and should be expelled from the house. Take a look at the gawker nude photo if you’ve got any doubts.

  18. I don’t think he should resign, but he probably should fire his PR person. They didn’t shut the whold thing down when they could. It got out of control and now he has to deal with the public humiliation and loss of his political clout. He’s just another silly shmoe now.

    And by ther way, we’re just seeing the ‘tip of the iceberg’ here. Everybody wants to get their ‘freak’ on. It’s human nature. Just don’t do it on the internet where there is absolutely no guarantee of privacvy.

  19. “Just don’t do it on the internet where there is absolutely no guarantee of privacv.”

    I was really surprised that a supposedly intelligent man like Weiner didn’t get this.

  20. “I question his judgement, if he did something as stupid as this…”

    He allowed his private life to dominate the media cycle, embarrassing his party and constituents. Congress and the media already have a hard time focusing on issues that matter, this just gave them another stupid distraction. Time for him to go.

  21. For those of you who say “I’m not part of the constituency,” think again. If he stays, this is setting a bad precedent by showing that one can get away with stuff like this.

    Seriously? Like Congress is filled with people of integrity? The boat has long sailed on that one, lady.

    I’m not really a big fan of the “well, their side does it, too,” but if I were Weiner, I’d think, “If Sen. Ensign and Sen. Vitter can straight up commit crimes and aren’t forced out, why the hell should I go anywhere?”

  22. He allowed his private life to dominate the media cycle, embarrassing his party and constituents. Congress and the media already have a hard time focusing on issues that matter, this just gave them another stupid distraction. Time for him to go.

    So he’s responsible for the tittering idiots who rule our national media spending every last second discussing this? He could have admitted it was his weiner from the get go, and they still would have spent weeks discussing it.

  23. Of course, it reminds me of the old line –
    when we have a democrat congressman’s sex scandal ( Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, etc) there’s usually another woman involved,
    but when we have a republican congressman’s sex scandal (Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard), there’s usually another man involved.
    Naturally, their are exceptions on both sides of the aisle.

  24. …perhaps I should expand the description from “congressman” to “politician” to be accurate…..

  25. This also reminds me of the late great Foster Brooks. His roasts on Dean Martin’s shows were priceless. His roasting of Dino was a classic, pretending to be Dino’s completely sloshed childhood Cub Scout Master, reminiscing years later on how they all spent their summer evenings “sitting around the campfire”, “roasting their weenies” and “warming their buns”.

  26. ‘I’d think, “If Sen. Ensign and Sen. Vitter can straight up commit crimes and aren’t forced out, why the hell should I go anywhere?”’

    and lets not forget Barney Frank and Charles Rangle.

  27. Hear, hear, Herb.

    “Seriously? Like Congress is filled with people of integrity? The boat has long sailed on that one, lady.”

    Well, my question is why don’t we the people demand better? Why have we set the bar so low?

  28. The bar is low because it’s mostly fools who would subject themselves to running for public office.

  29. While I of course note the localized authenticity of this item, wouldn’t it also make more sense to wonder out loud if, say, Montclair’s do-nothing state senator Nia Gill should also resign? (Who’d notice? Who’d care? Who’s ever even seen her in the Passaic County portion of her doman?))

    As for Weiner (who’s really quite creepy-looking), what strikes me most about the posts above is that no one is apparently bothered by one obvious point about the Congressman from Queens, that he is a man completely lacking a sense of honor. (He blamed everyone in sight for a week before coming clean, and sent the mnost self-absorbed posts to his many female pals.) This alone should (as it should for Spitzer) disqualify him from further public service.

    It seems, too, that many posters above simply react more strongly when a Republican is caught being a sexual scumbag. Ted Kennedy, after all, made a long Senate career out of sexual harassment and boozy gropings, and this after Chappaquidick. Again, the man had no sense of honor, merely of entitlement because he was, after all, a Kennedy.

    When someone said of the 18th century radical politician John Wilkes that he’d either die on the gallows or of “the pox,” he replied that it depended on whether he embraced his antagonist’s principles or his mistress. That was spirit! Instead, now we have a pale, defensive Weiner merely blubbering that he has no intention of resigning. He is simply a dishonorable swine who should never be trusted again in the public arena. A man utterly without honor, too, who’d have gladly thrown hs many “correspondents” to the media wolfpacks if he could have gotten away with it. (That he thus reminds me of Bill Clinton re Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky…ah well, let’s not go there, even as we mark the appropriateness of Weiner’s aggreieved spouse working for Hillary Clinton.)

  30. And Spiro, while you were crafting that “old rule” in your wee sma’ brain, perhaps you simply forget about the same sex-transgressive Barney Frank. Who, the last time I checked, was certainly a Democrat. (As is the similarly situated Gerry Studds of MA, come to think of it.)

  31. Charlie Rangel did far worse – and he’s still Lord of the Manor.

    New York voters won’t get rid of Weiner, no matter how bad it looks right now. Vote for a Republican instead? He’d have to be much more than an Oscar Liar Weiner. He’ll be fine. And if not, he’ll just run for mayor – as long as Bloomy doesn’t change the term limit laws again.

  32. cathar,
    We are all aware that both Barney Frank and Newt Gingrich are two of the reasons that it’s not a hard and fast rule.
    Well, maybe hard and fast aren’t the best terms under the circumstances.

  33. It proves one thing:
    You can get the grades in high school and college, and you can go on from there to higher degrees, and even to the lofty levels that Mr. Weiner did, but without good basic common sence, nobody but you will bring you down to rot-bottom quicker, than the man in the mirror !!

  34. How does sending a picture of your underwear to someone make you a less effective political leader? Answer: it doesn’t.

    Perhaps not, hans, but sending it to everyone sure would.

  35. Thanks, Jimmy, for pointing me to that Fallon vid. I played it at work and laughed so hard someone walking by my office poked her head in and asked if I was all right. (Have I managed to filter the puns from that sentence?)

  36. You are right, walleroo. It was hysterical. The world just keeps providing the late night comedians with this great material.

  37. What’s creepier: Weiner’s pic of his schlong or the fact that Andrew Breitbart carries it around on his cell phone to show people?

  38. Like tom said, only if Vitter resigns first. Wiener just showed pics of his junk over the internet to consulting adults, and despite lying, has fessed up. Vitter is a sex criminal who’s still lying about it and who remains a sitting Senator.

  39. He also has some questionable judgment in his past that had nothing to do with his penis. However, that was many years ago, and I think he’s proven himself effective as a representative.

    Considering his willingness to get angry about healthcare on television, I think he’s still a valuable member of congress. If he let’s this “scandal” affect his political behavior (ie: not take risks and remain quiet about his opinions), that could change.

    I’ll bet there are a lot of political figures who are nervous about what might be popping up on cell phones and computers now that folks know everyone is so titillated by these messes.

  40. @bebopgun, a docta?

    or maybe, play Moses in a movie?

    “And, lo, Moses set forth his rod”

  41. “Considering his willingness to get angry about healthcare on television, I think he’s still a valuable member of congress.”

    He lied to, bludgeoned and smeared his questioners in this case. Magically he’s presumed to be a straight shooter on political issues?

    Nothing would be better for the GOP than him staying in office (the RNC ads write themselves). Which is why his own party (the sensible faction anyway) will hound him from office.

  42. So let me see if I understand this, no one seems to have a problem with Diaper Boy David Vitter, after all he’s a Republican and since he mentions God in about every sentence he’s untouchable; but when a Democrat does something stupid everyone gets their knickers in a twist.

  43. And probably went to public school…if only his parents could’ve afforded Dalton this whole mess would’ve been avoided.

  44. What brand underwear was it? Maybe he can get an endorsement deal once he’s unemployed.
    My feeling is we need a new crop of young bipartisan millionaires to run for office…..Ha!….PAZ must be off his meds!
    Newt, how was that cruise to the Greek Isles?

  45. John: Really…you don’t think a Republican politician wouldn’t have been torn apart like a pork chop fed to hungry dogs? The bottom line is that this is unacceptable behavior for ANY elected public servant, no matter which party they are from.

    And how come we’re not hearing from the liberal feminists about this? Seriously, how do you feel about Anthony Weiner’s attitude towards women in general? I particularly *liked* his comments about Jewish women.

  46. I agree, ROC, he should resign. But more sex scandals will be coming our way, from both sides of the aisle, from now until 2012.
    And why not?
    This from the Congress with the 15% approval rating — this is including those members ( no pun intended ) who avoid exhibitionism.

  47. it’s not a sex scandal. It’s a lying scandal. If, on the first day he’d said “the photo mine and sent by me. It was meant to be a private message and publicly posted by mistake. It’s a private matter and I won’t discuss it” he’d have been fine I think.

    He tried to make the lie big enough to save his sorry ass insulting everyone else’s intelligence. That’s what pissed everyone off.

  48. Compare Weiner’s performance to Vitter’s statement made the day after his scandal broke:

    “This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible. Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling. Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there — with God and them. But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way.”

    Did you spot that “…for which I am, of course, completely responsible.” part?

    A politician’s job is to tell us things they want us to believe. Their stock and trade is credibility. It’s all that they really have. When they tell us the big lie and get caught they have nothing left to offer.

    That’s why Weiner has to go.

  49. Since nearly all politicians lie about one thing or another, ROC, and will always do so, your point of view could be readily expanded to advocate the abolition of all politicians, of all stripes, from the dawn of time, until the end of time.
    Politicians are expected to lie, but are expected to bring home the bacon to their constituents as well. As such, their constituents have always overlooked the lying so long as the bacon is brought home.
    Your post suggests it wasn’t the lying so much as the cardinal sin of “insulting (the) intelligence”.

  50. ROC….What PO’s everyone should be the lack of focus on:
    Small businesses
    Off shoring
    Social Security
    Dwindling middle class
    I couldn’t care less about Oscar & his Meyer
    or Pamper boy.
    Congress has to get back to reality
    and realize we’re all not going to the Greek Isles for R&R
    We’re already on an island surrounded by paper shuffling sharks punching enter keys and handing out big bonuses for showing up.
    Where’s our leadership?
    Where’s our mentors….not tormentors?
    Get rid of the martini sipping suits in DC
    If you’re not bipartisan you will be out!
    Save America now!
    Just don’t show up for roll call.
    PAZ….in Limbo

  51. In case you missed Vitter’s “I am completely responsible” spiro, you can simply substitute Weiner’s “I’d like to take this time to clear up some of the questions of the past 10 days or so, and to take full responsibility for my actions.”

    I guess Weiner’s “I take full responsibility” is not as clear as Vitter’s “I take full responsibility”.

    At least not for ROC, who continues to espouse the “your scumbag is worse than my scumbag” philosophy.

  52. “What PO’s everyone should be the lack of focus on:
    Small businesses
    Off shoring
    Social Security
    Dwindling middle class

    Sure PAZ, but we know those problems can’t be addressed by the likes of Weiner, because they’re PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. So we have to get rid of the Weiners before we can make progress on that other stuff.

  53. Oh, I see. Vitter doesn’t need to resign for repeatedly soliciting prostitutes (clearly illegal) because he publicly stated that God and his wife have forgiven him. Of course he only admitted to his actions after he was caught and he denied it previously, but as long as you say sorry and that God has forgiven you, you’re golden.

    If you think Weiner should resign, you should also call into question why Vitter did not and wonder why key Republicans had no qualms contributing to his campaign. Such hypocrisy.

  54. I guess for cro there’s no difference between the person who, when caught, admits it immediately and a person who continually lies and lies and blusters and insists he’s the victim in all this. I guess we’ll just have to accept that we have different criteria for character.

  55. btw, ROC, I’m not sure if you’re “paying careful attention” here, but please note that Vitter previously denied any wrongdoing, too.

  56. We have now accumulated almost as many comments on the Wiener Waver as the number of people who voted in the recent primary elections in Boondogglefield. The fool will fall on his own, he doesn’t need our help.

  57. I agree, cro, condemn them all !

    Also, the GOP should officially repeal their “family values” and “moral majority” hogwash. Either that, or expect to be held to a higher standard than democrats when it’s their turn for a sex scandal.

  58. I read more about Vitter (this will make Conan happy) I think Vitter should resign too. How can you use a “prostitute service” and not break the law?

  59. Have you ever looked any of these politicos in the eye, either right or left?
    Their own persona is protected behind that teflon suit and the PR staffer standing next to them collecting business cards. They have no idea about reality and the longer they serve the more surreal they become.
    Let’s get rid of them all and bring in a dictator. If he doesn’t like you, he kills you. He doesn’t wear you down or glaze you over with emptyhanded rhetoric with an American flag pinned to his forehead and his hand in your pocket.

  60. Well maybe he broke the law ROC, but clearly he has more “character” than Weiner, right?

    And you have a higher definition of “character” than I do as well.

  61. Well, shut my mouth! ROC, you changed your mind after considering the facts. My faith in humanity is restored. (Your acceptance of anthropogenic climate change is sure to follow.)

  62. “How can you use a ‘prostitute service’ and not break the law?”

    It all depends on what your definition of “use” is.

    And I had no idea until this thread who Vitter was. I must have been on R&R in the Greek Isles then.

  63. Spiro T., in an exceedingly rare instance of agreement with you, I’d of course agree with you that Newt Gingrich should have resigned long ago. Alas, it’s too late for that and he draws a nice pension now.

    Still, apparently his entire staff has resigned for him. Which I take as good news.

    Gingrich, Weiner, Frank, Vitter, assorted Kennedys, etc., yes, they all should have resigned. All are utterly without honor as men. They seem to coast along because the “public” is so morally undemanding.

  64. “Gingrich, Weiner, Frank, Vitter, assorted Kennedys, etc., yes, they all should have resigned. All are utterly without honor as men. They seem to coast along because the ‘public’ is so morally undemanding.”


  65. The Dems have already set the bar so low…see Rangel and Frank…what difference does it make? Let his constituents decide.

  66. Ah yes, the always fair and balanced Iceman, he of “baboon” fame.

    Randy Hopper, Larry Craig, John Ensign, Pete Sessions, Roy Ashburn, Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Mike Duvall……

    All forced to msstep due to the “Dems low bar”.

    What a crock!

  67. For purposes of this discussion, let’s not forget McGreevey…

    But I agree with Martta’a comment wholeheartedly…these scandals occur on both sides of the political spectrum…and sadly detract from the real issues.

  68. Ice, we’re getting close to an accord here, on all sides. Why would you even suggest that the Democrats were the ones to set the bar? That is truly preposterous.

  69. “They seem to coast along because the ‘public’ is so morally undemanding.” Yes, maybe so.

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone ….

    I really don’t want to know about any public figure’s personal life, sex included. I don’t support his politics, never liked him on MSNBC, see him now as an arrogant sap who was caught with his pants down. But since all the others creepy people remain in office why should he resign? For me, the case has not been made for Weiner to leave.

  70. Maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps we should embrace the sexual piccadilloes of our elected officials. Congress should create a beefcake calendar of all its *members* who’ve been literally caught with their pants down. Proceeds from the sale of said calendar can go towards legal fees and bail money.

  71. Seriously MM when you consider the beefcake, that’s accepted by so many in our culture, the daily boundaries that are crossed by politicians, entertainers, athletes etc. “briefs or boxers” for example the horror and outrage regarding this jerk seems at times to me hypocritical. Even the posting of his (add pet word here) doesn’t shock many. The guy will never regain his so called power but he too will survive. Maybe a reality show?

  72. these scandals… sadly detract from the real issues

    Oh give me a break. Sadly detract? From the real issues? I have news for you, Nellie, the real issues are boring and depressing in the extreme. Climate change? Leave that to Tudlow. Budgets? Leave that to ROC.

    I think these scandals give us a fascinating glimpse into the dark workings of the human brain (especially the male brain, oh imperfect thing!) and a bit of titillation in our otherwise dull, dutiful lives. If they detract from anything, it’s having to talk about the commute to Manhattan and the miserable state of NJ Transit.

    Are y’all really so humorless that you don’t welcome a shovelful of fresh material for the late-night comedians? If so, I urge you to go and listen to Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Weiner immediately. You owe it to yourself, and to the nation.

  73. Ditto walleroo

    I don’t seek it out but when it’s offered up for public consumption I’m able to “enjoy” the gossip. I’m just amazed that my emails haven’t yet filled up with weinie jokes.

  74. “Are y’all really so humorless that you don’t welcome a shovelful of fresh material for the late-night comedians? ”

    —i love how you posit this as an either/or. Either we laugh when you want or we are humorless.

    personally, i laughed my ass off—for a day. then i began to grow tired of the continual way that non-issues like this are used to distract from the larger issues we have to face—but don’t want to.

    just because you can laugh over and over and over again at the same joke doesn’t mean we all have to.

  75. walleroo, I never said I didn’t find the peter tweeeter funny. I posted yesterday at how much I laughed at the Jimmy Fallon tape (and I always laugh at Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno and the rest of the late-night comedians…)

    But humor aside, what’s kind of pathetic in this whole thing is the lack of separation between the tabloid press and the regular press these days…. The fact that weiner’s weiner can get the same amount of coverage as the killing of Bin Laden speaks to this…Yes, it’s great when we are given a chance to laugh and we should relish that, but let’s keep that in perspective….

  76. @walleroo, “I think these scandals give us a fascinating glimpse into the dark workings of the human brain” I think you’re onto something. As such, I plan on reading:

    “A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What The World’s Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire” By Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, hardcover, 416 pages, Dutton, list price: $26.95, this summer, in between margaritas, kayaks, and martinis.

    But in the meanwhile, I suggest he retire from the gubmint and join the FoxNews “Panel of Experts”. I’d sit him between Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks, and see if the shekhinah appears.

    (see the Talmud for further details on what happens when 3 Jewish men sit together)

  77. If bin Laden’s name were Sambool, perhaps his death would have gotten more coverage.

    I, for one, am grateful for each and every day of Weinergate, which apparently had to pass before, just now, I was blessed with the phrase “peter tweeter.” Praise to the Lord!

    Sorry, didn’t mean to j’accuse you all of being humorless. Though jcunningham may be symptomatic.

  78. According to the Tanya ( Hassidic lore) , God contracted into Himself to make room for the Creation of the Universe.
    The same thing happened to Anthony Wiener when he went for a swim in very cold water.

  79. I would sit Weiner alongside Ron Jeremy, and opposite Jenna Jameson and Candye Royall. I’m sure all three would have more to say, and display, of value, too. Bill Maher could moderate, along with that stripper he supposedly lives with.

    The guy displayed terrible, terrible, terrible judgment. And a pronounced tendency to lie, lie, lie. These two points alone should disqualify him from further consideration as someone’s congressman. What do we elect people for if not to tell the truth and to display judgment and comparable strength of character?

    There’s an exceptionally peculiar self-fixation to politicians, worse even than that found among actors. The guy comes out of the “Chuck Schumer School of Media Hogging”, even worked for Schumer in the first place. (And does anyone even really believe that the nerdy Schumer was truly called “Chuck” as a child? I dount it very much, that seems a self-applied sobriquet, Schumer probably often had to surrender his lunch money back in grade school.) This is a school of both thought and deed where one makes an automatic beeline to wherever the cameras are, there to expound, even if to no particular value. The point is to always be “on.” And to act aggrieved when called out, as Weiner tried to pull off at that fateful press conference, to hide behind the obfuscating language of therapy. Oprah simply “retired” a week early, and I’ll bet she rues now that she did, Weiner would likely have been an automatic “get” for her show.

    So now we have this ratty-faced guy sweating every time the media whips out its knives, whereas a week or so ago he was just playing reporters for fools with his lies. I have absolutely no sympathy for Weiner.

    Not even much for his spouse, since it really shouldn’t require much moral courage to go on a business trip whatever else is going on in your life.

  80. If his constituents demand it, then yes. Doesn’t look like that will happen. They are a pretty forgiving district and the majority if them support him. He is a fighter and an effective legislator.

    Personally, if he were my senator, I wouldn’t be happy and would probably vote him out. Special elections are costly.

  81. um, Mrs Martta, little is said of David Vitter (aka Diaper Boy) and the other residents of the house on C Street and their visits to prostitutes; so your theory of Republicans being tossed to the dogs is lacking.

  82. “He is a fighter and an effective legislator. ”

    A fighter yes, but no longer effective. Going forward, I can’t think of any Democrat( well, there’s probably a few )who would be politically stupid enough to publicly associate themselves with Weiner.

    I mean, will anyone be able to keep a straight face the next time Rep. Weiner gets involved in a floor debate over congressional “pork” ??

    With an election year pending, this guy is,and will be 100% radioactive to the Dems if he is still sitting in the House of Reps – Realpolitik, pure and simple.

  83. Cro…Nancy Pelosi has announced that Weiner should stay. I accept your apology. Yes, she has validated that type of behavior for our Congress. And that includes both parties.

    And I love how you keep shoving the ‘baboon’ remark back in my face. In retrospect it was too derogatory to those beautiful animals.

  84. Actually Ice, Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation. Do you bother to read at all?

    And yes, the baboon remark deserves to be shoved at you in perpetuity, because it is one of the most offensive, racist, and piggish remarks that has ever “graced” this site.

  85. Cro is right, Iceman. It’s not necessary to defend to the death every stupid remark you’ve ever made. Having made more than my share, believe me I ought to know. A simple admission or apology goes a long way, we’ll all move on, and the world will be a slightly better place for it.

  86. Stupid remarks, really stupid tweets, really realty really stupid pictures .. Now Weiner will move on!

  87. yes Cro she absolutely called for the investigation but she also announced that he shouldn’t lose his job. What’s the point.

    Oh, and you need to ‘man up’. You seem like one of those standard bearing liberals who feigns such indignation and horror at every conceived (and obvious) remark. Of course what I said was bad but it can’t be taken back. Please climb back off the ledge and stop your whining.

  88. Ice, with all due respect, I doubt that Cro was “feigning” anything.
    He found your description of our President as a “baboon” offensive, and I’ll agree with him on that one.
    I see that you always post in a straightforward way on Baristanet. This is to your credit, political beliefs aside.
    Based on this alone, I’d wager that you probably do view our President as sub-human. And, now, having visited the posts on many times, I’d say you have plenty of company.

  89. I see. I need to man up. Not you, someone who called the president of the United States, and a fellow human being, a baboon. Because you disagree with his politics.

    And you not only do not apologize for the remark, you repeat it today in your assertion that the comparison of Obama to baboons is insulting to baboons.

    But I need to man up.

    I’m not feigning a thing. I found your remark, as well as the new one today, to be representative of an ugly worldview, a racist mindset, and a political sophistication that would be immature in a fourth grade setting. Nothing feigned about any of that. As to whether I’m a “liberal” or not, I suspect that you wouldn’t know how to define or recognize one if he/she bit you on the derriere (which, come to think of it, Weiner might like to try).

    For the record, Pelosi called for an investigation, which could lead to censure or expulsion. In the meantime, she said that he could not be forced out. Which is true.
    And is very similar to what GOP leaders said about Vitter. You know, before the “Dems” lowered the “bar”.

    But hey, don’t let the facts interfere with your “thinking”.

  90. Perhaps some time soon you can explain to me what a “conceived (and obvious) remark” is, besides an assault on the English language, that is.

  91. I don’t think Weiner broke any law. He may have breached congressional ethical protocol. If he hangs tough, like Clinton, he may be able to weather the storm. He seems like a slick guy, narcissistic with psychopathic tendencies. I think the feds should check his basement, just to be on the safe side.

  92. Now he’s asking for a leave of absence while he seeks professional treatment…Oh, brother….

  93. No, he won’t pay for it under the “Obama” health plan. Members of Congress and top government employees already enjoy the best health benefits plan in the country, and they have done so for decades. The Obama plan was designed to have something approaching that level of care available for those who are not in the Congress. But of course we see where that went — shot down by the very folks who enjoy those benefits themselves.

  94. MM. Nellie, do either of you know what kind of health plan Haband offers their employees?
    I heard they offer full coverage for stretch infusions.

  95. Haband’s plan, also known as the “sansabelt option”, is indeed the Cadillac of health options. But I’m sure Ryan’s ideas are better.

    And Spiro, try to remember that ANY plan, if Mitt and the GOP proposes it, is better than that EXACT same plan if Obama proposes it. After all, how could a BABOON have a good idea?

  96. “These two points alone should disqualify him from further consideration as someone’s congressman.”

    Agreed. And if I were one of his constituents, I would not vote for him. But I am not so I will leave it up to those who are.

    Having seen the behaviors of several Kennedys, one Nelson A. Rockefeller, the incomparably stupid William J. Clinton, and a host of others, this is just another sad chapter in “Men: Why think with the Head on top of your Shoulders when the littler one will think for you?”
    Kissinger was one of the best practioners of power-as-an-aphrodasiac because he understood that it works best when you don’t try and flaunt it — let them come to you and weigh the risks before you blunder.

    And, Nellie, you are hysterical! Haband of Brothers Forever!

  97. I ponder what the majority of opinions here would have been had it been Chris Christie who had been caught sending naked pictures of himself to others rather than Anthony Weiner? Would the common theme still had been, as long as it doesn’t impact his ability to lead, then it doesn’t matter.

  98. That’s a very silly bit of speculation on your part, stu. A fool is a fool regardless of party affiliation. Whatever you were trying to get at is simply way wrongheaded.

    I do think, however, that similar pictures of Governor Christie, given his heft, would definitely have verged on the pornographic. Would likely only really appeal to the “chubby chasers” contingent out there on Facebook.

  99. Posters here are Christie’s constituents, so the comparison is weak. We are not Weiner’s (thank God). Personally, I cannot believe that the man is hanging in after all of this — I would have been on the first plane to Pago-Pago with no forwarding address left behind. Of course he should resign on his own, and he would do so had he any concept of decency and were he not so clearly self-obsessed. But it is ultimately up to him, the House should they proceed with an investigation (and they should) and his constituents.

    By the way, the mental image of Christie in similiar compromising photos is hysterical. To paraphrase JAWS, “we’re gonna need a bigger phone!”

  100. Yes, why is everyone saying, “If it was a Republican, he would have gotten a pass…”? Get real! As Cathar says, “A fool is a fool” and no matter what you seem to think, Republican politicians caught in similar circumstances deserve–and get–the same treatment.

    Also, may people are giving Weiner a pass, saying that what he did was consensual, he didn’t break the law, blah-blah…what many are forgetting is that he was caught in a lie. If he can lie about this, what else has he lied about?

  101. I’m not really trying to get at anything more than pointing out how biased by partisan leanings the majority of posters here are. It is quite annoying to read postings where people can see no fault with Weiner’s initial actions, yet only take issue with his lying about them. I am not defending Weiner nor promoting Christie. In my book, all politicians are absolutely useless and not worth paying the least bit of attention to as long as they continue to kiss the ring of whomever provides the greatest lobby dollars. Constituents’ needs are of no consequence. Got to keep the corporate interests happy.

  102. Put another way, Stu, what would the reaction here have been if Weiner had taken a state helicopter to a personal family event?

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