Soggy Flag Day

The sky just opened up quite suddenly on my block, and let loose a torrent of rain — and it happened too fast for the proud displayers of the red, white and blue to get out and take them down. Which is actually what you’re supposed to do, according to the United States Flag Code — even if it is Flag Day. Or maybe especially if it is Flag Day.

With the chance of rain at 50 percent all day, it’s a hard one for patriots. Looks like the only safe time to fly it, in Montclair at any rate is, 2 p.m.

Are you flying a flag today? And if you set one out before leaving for work in the city, are you concerned about breaking flag day protocol by letting it fly in the rain?

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  1. Herb has his out everyday. My die hard lib neighbors not to be out done by me started keeping it out everyday a few years ago and it’s kind of caught on on my street which is nice. Of course they don’t know proper flag etiquette and leave it all night and in the pouring rain. Take it in when it rains and put a light on it if keeping it out at night and also replace it when they become worn. Happy Flag Day !!

  2. Herb has his out everyday

    Thought you were Herb AKA Weiner there for a minute, herb.

  3. I have mine out 24 hours a day from Memorial Day on, no matter the weather. Luckily, the previous owner of the house left us an all-weather flag, so we’re good. We count the entryway light as illuminating it, so we’re kinda good there.

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