The Bar Method Enters the Fitness Craze

If you want to be trendy, open a fitness club in Montclair. If you want to be even trendier, open a Bar Method studio. That’s what owners/instructors Shannon Albarelli and Kelly Lezynski are doing at their new space on 493 Bloomfield Avenue. Look up at the second floor across from the Clairidge Cinema, and you’ll see the loft-like construction yourself. The owners, from Summit and Westfield respectively, plan to debut The Bar Method by the end of this month.

3Sixty and dFit recently popped onto the fitness scene even though the Y and New York Sports Club were already operating in the same two-mile radius. Workout fiends–like me–rejoiced. Now we get Bar Method? I need a towel to wipe my brow (and cash to fill my card). Bar Method is best known for turning average, GAP-wearing women’s bodies into slender, strong Black Swan bodies. Word on the street (Church Street, that is) is that Bar will have you shopping in the petite section in as little as six months. The class promises aerobics, strength training and stretching with the elegant ballet barre as the equipment of choice. “The Bar Method was designed for dancers,” Albarelli explained. “This is the most safe, effective and fun workout.”

While the Y and NYSC offer flat monthly fees, these new studios focus on a class card model minus initiation charges. (To be fair, some offer monthly memberships, but they’re expensive–especially for folks who are used to paying around $50 per month at the Y and around $70 per month at NYSC.) 3Sixty just reduced their prices from $18 to $11 per class for the summer. When I went to dFit, I paid $18 for one cardio sculpt class, but now they’re running a summer special, too–unlimited classes from now till Labor Day for $325.

Bar Method will cost a bit more. Drop ins will be $25 per hour, although the grand opening special is unlimited Bar for $150 for the first month. Classes can be purchased in 10s and 20s, and unlimited access will eventually cost $250 per month. The Bar Method plans to start with 25 session per week at 6 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday plus several evening and weekend options, too.

Sweating isn’t cheap, and legions are forming. While the crew at the Y has remained steady, workout buddies who saw each other every day at NYSC are breaking off into different camps by studio. For some, price tags don’t seem to be an issue. So The Bar Method should be perfectly poised to compete.

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  1. The “bar method” is how I got to needing a gym in the first place… Beer’s got a lot of sugar in it!

  2. I think I would love this class, but there’s no way I can pay $25 per class. Even with packages, it’s too expensive.

  3. Bar will have you shopping in the petite section in as little as six months

    Really? That would be some trick.

    I would pay 25 bucks to stand in for the bar, however.

  4. @profwilliams – I was hoping that this was the picture for the caption contest. I would have been a good one, but probably too X-Rated for most.

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