What’s That Smell?

The American Basswoods or Linden trees are starting to bloom and their sweet aroma can be smelled up to a mile away. Even Barista Liz George told me that she goes crazy for the smell of the trees every year (sure, right Liz, it’s “the trees” that are making you crazy).

Many towns on the east coast have planted the fast growing, stately trees along our towns streets. Also known as the “bee tree” because of the large amount of nectar they make and the rich honey they produce. To me, they smell like a combination of Jasmine and Lemon blossoms.

Basswoods are planted all over Baristaville. They have a heart shaped leaf and small white flowers. In the late summer, they put out small, green pea-like berries attached to a small skinny, light green leaf that looks like the seed from an Ash tree. My daughter fondly calls the Basswoods “the birthday tree” for the massive amount of crap that drops all over the sidewalks (that she thinks resembles confetti) after the tree is done blooming.

One of the facts about the Basswood tree that you won’t find on Wikipedia is that it is delicious. Ok, how many times has this happened to you? You have a basswood tree and are trying to find a new exciting way to prepare it for dinner. You could de-bark the Basswood tree, remove the branches (leaves and flowers) and serve the tree as you would any tree dinner. Oh why-oh-why did Rovco stop making the “Super Bass-o matic 76“? Seriously people, do not eat this tree, it’s just another day of Holly and her usual hijinks.

What smells in the air make you crazy?

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  1. Thank you for clearing this up. Its been driving me nuts for a week. I keep asking my wife ‘Don’ you smell that, what is it?” I thought it was the mulch.

    The smell of sulfur I can’t stand or my old college roommate after a nite of Blatz Beer and White Castle.

  2. The French make a tisane out of the blossoms by steeping them in hot water….c’est delicieux!
    I have a Linden on the side of my house. Last night I threw on the attic fan and let the aroma lull us to sleep.

  3. I guess the smells that make me sick would have to include any type of toxic chemical smell: formaldehyde (new carpets, new plastics), certain cleaning chemicals, turpentine.

  4. The magnificent aroma of Baristaville’s linden trees. There was a HUGE one on South Mountain Avenue when the Noyes House was still there…..at night, the perfume was deliciously intoxicating. This is truly my FAVORITE aroma and will always associate this perfume with summers in Montclair.

  5. My favorite smell is coffee brewing in the morning. I don’t like the smell of cigarettes. And I hate it when I smell a rat.

  6. Favorite smell is cooking bacon. At any time of the day or night.

    Least favorite smell is jasmine flowers that are left to die on the branch. Smells like decomp.

  7. I love the smell of the Basswoods, my Meyer Lemon tree which is still blooming a tiny bit, Lilac and Lily of the Valley. I grew a night blooming Jasmine last summer which as a plant in the garden was rather uninteresting but come mid august It was intoxicating.

    I’ll one up you Nellie-I hate the smell of stale, wet cigarettes.

  8. Likes: that new car smell! Also, puppies; baby-formula breath; oranges; and the air along the beach at the Pacific ocean. Yes, somehow it seems different than here on the Atlantic.

    Dislike: damp basement; sun-baked neighbor’s-cat poo in my yard, car exhaust (after the car is old enough to reek, sometime after failure of the catalytic converter, I presume); Men’s Polo and English Leather colognes; and stinky feet.

    Holly, my new scotch broom smelled great for the four days after I brought it home, before the monsoon took all the blooms off.(yeah… I now know it’s invasive, but I promise to keep it in check!)

  9. I always liked the smell of tar on wood, like utility poles, on a very hot day. It brings me right back to the amusement park rides on the boardwalk – when I was a kid on family vacations in Asbury Park in the early 1960’s. The rides and the boardwalk had that same smell on a hot day.

  10. We have alot of roses in our yard and also the neighbor’s yard. They smell amazing in the early evening. The scent of a rose might just be one of the most beautiful things in nature.

    I don’t like the smell of cigarettes on someone’s clothing. Sometimes during the commute to NYC, a person will pass you on the train and will literally reek of stale cigarette odor. It boggles my mind that anyone in their right mind would ever smoke those vile things.

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