“73 See Gallery” Opens in Montclair’s Fourth Ward

Nestled away in a tight alley on Pine Street in Montclair is an amazing trove unknown to many in Baristaville. Owned by Montclair artist Mary Z, the 73 See Gallery & Design Studio is both a creative showcase as well as a work of art in its own right.

The gallery, opened officially on April 8, was once an ice factory, but after a year and a half of renovations — with the help of the local community — it has been transformed into the ideal space for exhibiting art. From the shape of the walls to the color of the floors, the structure was “designed by Mary, built by the community,” says Stan Stepney, business manager and executive director of the gallery.

She is enthusiastic about joining the Pine Street Historic District.

“People who come, say ‘I didn’t think anything like this could be on Pine Street,'” said Z. “It’s a shock value. But, I don’t know another gallery in Montclair that has this kind of wall space and the ability to show in this way. That’s exciting to me.”

Both Z and Stepney believe the increase in local businesses will bring about a much needed revival to the neighborhood. They recognize that the rejuvenation of Pine Street requires foot traffic from visitors, which is why 73 See Gallery holds weekly and monthly events for the public.

Every Tuesday night from 7pm-9:30 p.m., Z holds art classes for women, who are exploring their creative sides. The class is $240 for an 8 class session (about $30 per class). Classes are revolving, which means you can join at anytime and don’t have to attend consecutive weeks. Z is working on creating a scholarship fund for those who need tuition assistance.

On August 13th, and every second Saturday of the month, the gallery will feature a night of music, poetry, and more for a $10 charge.

August 21st is the opening of a new exhibit displaying the work of two artists: Montclair resident, Jo Bradney and Jennifer Ann Moses.

There are still many aspects Z would like to explore with the gallery, like creating an art class for local kids and turning the adjacent alley into a library, where people can learn and ask questions about art.

You can visit the 73 See Gallery & Design Studio on: Tuesday-Sunday 10-6pm and Saturday 10-3pm.

For information, click on www.73seegallery.com or call 973-746-8737.

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  1. wow, it looks like they did a beautiful job with the space. I can’t wait to stop by and see it!

  2. lol @ hansmeier. it was just what i was thinking right before i clicked on this item.

  3. I’ve attended the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival a few times, this is on Pine Street. I didn’t get mugged.

    I’ve stopped at the Crowd Around Deli, on Pine Street. Don’t recall encountering any difficulties.

    Around the corner, I’ve gotten take out food from Urban Chicken. Further along the corridor, on Maple Street, my 3 kids have attended Glenfield School, I have patronized Brantley’s Tire Service and Montclair Supply for plumbing needs.

    I recently ate at Leela’s and every so often get the taste for delicious fried fish, so stop in at Crocket’s.

    The socioeconomic makeup of this part of town is poorer and darker than the rest of town. People are the same though. That said maybe “stuff happens” more often along through here than outside the doors of Williams-Sonoma or in the Whole Foods parking lot. How might this change, how might this improve?

    Most people would answer “investment”: people putting money into the buildings, opening businesses in one of the handful of storefronts. Right? This is how the negative aspects of neighborhoods improve.

    So when, in the town in which I live, someone makes an investment that moves the needle in a positive direction, I am grateful.

  4. you’re lucky. keep hanging out over there. read the police blotter. i used to live over there. i’m so happy i could move. fearful for my life every night after work walking home along maple.

  5. “..after I get mugged…?”

    I can’t believe that I’m reading this. Totally preposterous! https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/preposterous

    Mugging and crime happen everywhere…you have to be aware wherever you go.
    Its an importantant state of mind to maintain no matter where you are…always…otherwise you could possibly be mugged on Upper Mountain Avenue…The Short Hills Mall…or even Beekman Place!

  6. If you’re so afraid of getting mugged then odds are you already aint stepping out to this gallery so no danger there.
    But what’s the point in taking a trite middle-school swipe at a business that aims to add a positive presence in the area?

  7. RE: theswedishfisherman’s comment: I read the Police blotter and as I wrote “stuff happens” more often along these streets than in other areas of town, and I have never lived in this area so I empathize with your honest and well-placed daily fears. It is a different thing to pop into an area for a few minutes, and living there, as you did, coming and going at all hours.

    You seem to believe that small positive steps, such as taken by this gallery owner, are a waste of time, hopeless and therefore deserve derision and perhaps that only a more massive effort would have a chance of creating a positive atmosphere, benefitting law-abiding residents. Given your experience, what would move the needle far enough in a positive direction that would get your support?

  8. Whoah, chill out people. My comment was intended as humor, based on the well-known fact that there’s an awful lot of crime reported in that section of town, including numerous muggings per year.

    I’m in favor of anything that brings some life back to that section of town and makes it a more attractive place.

  9. townie – You’ve posted articulate and enlightened comments.

    I see people back-peddling all over this post!

  10. So great to see some good press out of the area. As a current resident of this particular neighborhood, I’ve been witness to the hard work and dedication that Mary and Stan have put into the Gallery and into the surrounding neighborhood. Their work with the neighborhood kids and getting them involved in the arts should be commended.

    Sure this area has had it’s fair share of crime, but so has the rest of Baristaville! Don’t let the stigma and (ignorant) comments here deter you from visiting this great gallery. Not once in the 2.5 years that I’ve lived here (right around the block from 73 See) have I feared for my life or been afraid of being mugged.

    Visit the Gallery and support the local artists!

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