Baskerville Coordinating Effort to Raise Funds for Khan Daughter

There will soon be a way to donate money to help Samara Khan, daughter of the woman found dead in her Wheeler Street apartment on July 4 and the man accused of killing her. But not yet.

That’s the message from Renee Baskerville, who plans a meeting on Sunday night with community leaders to plan a way to collect, hold and distribute money.

“People have a right to know where the money is going,” said Baskerville. Until there’s a plan, she added, “I’m not going to touch a dollar of anyone’s money.”

Already, she said, the United Way has received a request for $13,000 from someone claiming to be from the Khan family — and it’s not clear if the person actually was a relative.

Baskerville said Khan’s body is supposed to be flown to England today.

“I encourage everybody to just exhale for a moment until we come up with a sound plan.”

Organizations interested in helping out should contact Baskerville about sending one representative to attend the 6 p.m. Sunday night meeting. The location has not yet been determined.

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  1. Thank you Renee. The weird part is that the Jeffersons (Jefferson cafe is where Mina worked) are planning their own fundraising.

    I spoke to them this morning and asked of they would join the converted effort that Dr. Baskerville is coordinating and they said no.

  2. I don’t necessarily think it’s weird that they intend to throw their own fundraiser separately. Perhaps they prefer the plan they’ve got and would rather move ahead. Anyway, both groups are to be commended imo.

  3. No. I asked about a plan and was told that there wasn’t one yet.

    On the other hand Dr.Baskerville is moving ahead – this was just received


    The collaborative fund-raising meeting for Samantha Khan (daughter of Shazmina) will be held on Sunday July 10th at 6PM. The meeting will take place in The Fire Headquarters at 1 Pine Street……second floor. This meeting will be 1 hour and will be focused on how to best secure funds for Samantha’s immediate well-being and future scholarship. (ie: Annuity and or trust account to be court administered or a scholarship fund….some type of non-profit)

    If you know of an estate attorney or someone who specializes in assuring that funds raised are directed to the appropriate place, who may wish to volunteer their time, please invite them to join us.

    Regards, renee”

  4. Well, it may be “heartwarming” but they don’t have a plan. Hopefully they’ll come up with one while people are still willing to give. Are they related? I thought the child had no relatives on her Mom’s side in the US.

    I don’t think it’s heartwarming that “Already, the United Way has received a request for $13,000 from someone claiming to be from the Khan family — and it’s not clear if the person actually was a relative.” Profitting on other’s misfortune is heinous!

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