Dog Found Near Montclair’s Bradford School

A staff member found this cute dog wandering around Bradford School. The dog is now at the Montclair Animal Shelter.

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  1. Thanks, John for the update on that cute dog! I’m so happy he/she is back home. I do hope they find Tigger (I keep checking in here to find out). And of course, the dog that was kidnapped from the car (although, sadly, that doesn’t seem to be looking good. Sigh..). BTW — I got a wonderful kind, sweet, generous note from the Montclair Animal Shelter after I sent in a (long overdue) donation 10 days ago. Thanks again to John for that initial story (and I really hope this mention doesn’t bring the “accountability” controversy up again).

  2. I am actually going to the Bloomfield shelter on Sunday to meet the dog that jumped in the car. Please wish us and this dog good luck on being the right match for each other! We have another dog that we rescued and we hope to find a nice companion for him!(and ourselves of course)!!!

  3. As it turns out, the owner of the house that we rent from is not too keen on the idea of us having two dogs. I just wanted to post this so as not to discourage any one from going to the Bloomfield shelter to see the dog that was left there who’s photo is also on this page.I never got to see the video of Sly, it was removed? Not sure if that is this dog’s name. He is the brown poodle mix that someone found lost in traffic in Bloomfield. I really feel bad for him and hope he finds a nice home!!!

  4. Pat, I actually just went to the other link about Sly, I see that he is not the same dog!!! Hope he finds a nice home as well!!!!

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