How Was Your July 4th Weekend?

What a weekend. Despite some northern NJ cities having to scale back on Fourth of July celebrations, Montclair and some of its neighboring towns didn’t do too shabbily at all.

Indeed, Baristanet’s hometown put on a slew of festivities, ranging from the parade in the morning, to a modest picnic at Edgemont Park, all rounded off with a bang at Yogi Berra Stadium.

So, how was July 4th for you? Take our poll on which pyrotechnic display rocked your world (after the jump), and tell us in the comments.

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  1. We took our girls to their first fireworks show in West Caldwell last night. It was a nice, low-key show held on the high school field. Really nice. We avoided them for so long because our girls are easily scared. We heard Montclair’s show was really loud and big, so we will wait to take them to that one. They had a great time, but held their hands over their ears the entire time.

  2. Conesus Lake upstate NY for the ring o’ fire on the 3rd. Now it’s Le Tour De France on Versus!

  3. Our son went to a cook-out with a group of young people, that he graduated college with. Iwas a re-union of sort, as they graduated 4 years ago.
    His parents (us) took a drive to the cemetary where all 4 of our parents are buried, paid our respects, said our prayers and bid farerwell to the town of Rahway.
    On the way home we went out to eat, in Westfield. It was a very relaxing and quiet day.

  4. Visited aging and sick Mom in the hospital, kept aging Dad company in her absence, sanded new trim, stripped old door, tended to the garden, called friends, called son, did a bit of office work, and various husband things. Heard the fireworks over the din of our bedroom A/C.

    And, on the evening of the 4th, read weird and pathetic angry flag-draped comments on foxnews. com.
    It’s nice to know I’m a “libtard” and that “Barry & Moooooshell Obummer” destroyed America !
    Oh well, ya can’t please everyone !

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