Monday, Bloody Monday

UPDATE: Khalid Khan has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Shazmina Khan.

For most of us, the July 4th weekend was a chance to relax, hang out with friends, catch some fireworks and overeat a little. But some terrible tragedies played out nearby, including the murder of Montclair mother Shazmina Khan, who lived in an apartment across from Glenfield Park. There were also six shootings — three fatal — in Newark on Monday, including the murder of Katrina Owens, a 37-year-old corrections officer, who was shot at a barbecue. The 21-year-old suspect in Owens’s murder took his own life when confronted by U.S. Marshalls outside a Greyhound terminal in Richmond, Va.

Khalid Khan

Today, the grim aftermath continues as suspects begin parading into the Essex County Courthouse for their arraignments. Khalid Khan of Bloomfield, the estranged husband and suspect in Shazina Khan’s death, appears in court at 9 a.m. John Brinson, a 24-year-old charged in the murder of a Newark 13-year-old on June 19, will also be arraigned.

In a press release following the six Monday shootings, acting Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said, “It is important for us to move efficiently and effectively to remove these individuals who commit these crimes from our streets and bring them to justice. We will no longer continue to tolerate this violence in our city. We will continue to look to the public to partner up with us and report any information they have pertaining to these crimes.”

Avid tweeter Cory Booker had no commentary on the Monday bloodbath.

The violence wasn’t limited to Newark and Montclair. The Asbury Park Press reported a brawl that took place in Seaside Heights following the fireworks; 62 were arrested.

When Khan was arrested on Monday night, Montclair Police Chief David Sabagh issued a quote: “I want to reassure the residents of Montclair this is a targeted incident.”

Are you reassured?

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  1. Sadly, no I am not reassured. I live in a section of town that, in my estimation, was known for it’s quiet, peaceful nature. However, within the last 6-8 mos., there has been a mugging, drug seller arrest, petty thievery, and other untoward business occuring on my street. I am gettin’ out of “Dodge”… I’ve had enough.

  2. Domestic violence can happen in any community–even Glen Ridge! I haven’t given a second thought to my safety to be honest. I have, however, given much thought and prayer to the little girl who is without a parent. I hope the community provides much love and support to help her through this tragedy.

  3. There are towns within Essex County that have exceedingly low serious crime, but their cost to enter is very expensive and taxes are even moreso.

    South Orange, West Orange, Maplewood, Millburn, Ceder Grove, Livingston, Verona, Short Hills, and stepping out of Essex County you have Westfield and Summit. Sure some bad stuff takes place there ever once in a while, but you can cut your odds greatly over Orange, East Orange, Bloomfield, Irvington, and others.

    My section of Bloomfield has very very little crime. Actually less than Maplewood. Extremely low crime. It’s the extreme south-Western corner of Blmfd.Boradering Watsessing Park, Midland Ave & Cartaret Street.
    But when I hat it lottery I’ll be moving to Livingston.

  4. ASposa is right, domestic violence can happen anywhere. However, not all women (or men) have access to the best legal recourse to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I also read in the Montclair Times that the “alleged” killer pleaded “not guilty.” The parallels to the Paul case are eerie. What is the point of pleading “not guilty” in cases like this?
    Same thing with the pharmacy killings in Long Island, a “not guilty” plea was entered, even when there were witnesses and a partial confession.

    That is admirable that Monica Paul’s aunt is offering to take custody of the woman’s child, though.

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