Name That Iced Tea Cocktail


How about a lovely iced tea bevy for the holiday weekend? And I’m not talking about the crap from Long Island you got “wasted” on in college. The concoction that after one drink you were half in the bag exclaiming “Dude I can’t even taste the alcohol in this….” and then you puked on you roommate’s shoes. Nice work by the way.

This  drink is an unusual blend of local tea, rose hip liqueur, vodka, peaches and lemons. Did you know that Joe Tea and Chips was a local Montclair business? Before you pack up the family car and head out of Baristaville this summer, throw some Joe Tea and Joe Chips in the car to bring to Aunt Mildred in Nebraska…trust me she will dig it.


  • One ounce Koval Rose hip liqueur
  • One ounce  clean vodka (Ketel One, Titos, Bootlegger or Crop are all nice and clean tasting)
  • Four ounces of good black tea ( I preferred Joe Tea Peach for this drink)
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon
  • A slice of fresh peach
  • A sprint of mint or lemon balm (not lip balm)
  • Ice

Fill a  tall glass with ice  and pour the first three ingredients into glass. Then add your lemon, squeeze the slice of peach into the glass , stir the drink and muddle the peach a bit. Add some fresh mint or lemon balm (if you want to be all fancy like) and drink up Johnny. You may want to add less booze on the second round particularly if it is hot out and you are tipping these back faster than crap through a goose.

Koval Rose Hip Liquor available at Amanti Vino

Top pciture-Antique mason jars
Vintage 1930’s white baking dish
Middle picture-
1940’s ice pick
Relish dish
Vintage Fort Lewis Service album
Glass ice bucket
Bottom picture-Metal biscuit tin
Vintage hamburger papers
“Flag an American Biography” by Marc Leepson


Joe Tea and chips Available at:
Whole Foods

Sandwich Theory

Watchung Deli


Park Street Gourmet

Terra at Isabel Rose

The Stock Pot

Accents with Flowers

and if you are traveling you can now find Joe Tea in Tokyo, Santiago Chile and China!

Thank you to Wes at Amanti Vino for helping me out as well as my ladies at Little Cricket.

And the winner for our last Name That Pink Lemonade Cocktail is…….Tudlow with “Pinkalicious”!!!

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  1. Oh gosh, do I get a prize? (Bragging rights are fine with me, though.)

    “Not lip balm.” You’re so funny, Holly, although I think muddled cherry chap stick would add another layer of complexity. There’s a lot of different flavors swirling around in this drink, sounds nice.

    Peachy Hip Hop Tea

  2. How about, That Crap from New Jersey You Get Wasted On Now.

    Holly, when are you going to start serving up some of this stuff? I’m beginning to think you’re all talk.

  3. ROTFL Holly! I can’t even begin to think about a name, I’m laughing so hard at your ‘goose’ metaphor! LOLLLL

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