Nauna’s Fire Under Control

UPDATE: Bernadette Baum has reached the scene and says that it appears the fire is under control. Fire chief Kevin Allen said the fire department was alerted by a passerby who saw smoke. Although there is some damage to the ceiling of the restaurant, he said, the fire was caught at early stage. Everybody was evacuated immediately and no one was hurt.

We have reports from a tipster and Breaking News Network that a fire has broken out at Nauna’s Bella Casa, 148 Valley Road in Montclair. Send pictures or information to

From BNN: “Fire is rolling thru the ceiling towards the front of the building.” Our tipster saw three fire trucks at the scene.

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  1. Oh my God! I hope Tommy, Sean and everyone are safe! Will check back for updates. How awful.

  2. God bless the fire dept. I’m going to order takeout all week to help Nauna’s pay off their repairs. (I know, it’s a huge sacrifice.) Bernadette, please give status of Chicken Parmesan dinners and Meatball Heroes asap.

  3. Thank God it’s under control and the damage doesn’t seem that bad. I love me a Nauna’s Chicken Parm sandwich.

  4. Hmmm… A fire at Nauna’s the same day filming begins for Kitchen Nightmares at Leone’s?

    I know Ramsey likes to try quirky marketing for the renovated restaurants, but maybe he went a little far this time?

  5. I want to thank the whole community for reaching out and offering their help and sympathy. Yesterday, at about 10:20am, when we were preparing to open, smoke began to come out from the pizza oven flue where it penetrates up through the ceiling and out of the roof. The pizza maker grabbed the fire extinguisher there and sprayed it in the general area, but since the fire was inside the flue it could not be extinguished and only grew.
    By that time smoke was coming out of the exhaust fan very heavily and a few people in the parking lot called the police. The police were there instantly and the fire department were there in five minutes. Literally FIVE minutes!

    My security system captured the entire event and in only five minutes from the time the smoke was coming out of the roof heavily and the bystanders called the police, the fire department was on the roof, and inside the kitchen putting the fire out. They saved the building, and eliminated the possibility of it spreading to the Quick Chek side and the apartments above Quick Chek. They did and AMAZING job and deserve to be commended!!! Their rapid, courageous actions limited the damage to a very small section of the roof and will allow us to quickly repair and re-open. The worst damage is the smoke smell that we are beginning to remediate today.

    We’ve also had dozens of people stop by and offer their help which is really heartwarming. Scott Kennedy from Studio 042 printing made signs for free and hung them up himself in our windows explaining the situation so customers showing up would know what had happened. It’s so nice to see the people that you have been serving for years offer to help you when you are down. It was like “It’s a wonderful life” with people knocking on our doors offering to help, clean up or do whatever we need.

    Even though the damage was limited it will unfortunately take a couple weeks to re-open and I apologize for the inconvenience to our customers, especially the large groups that have private events booked and dinner reservations for this weekend. The good news is that Montclair does have a lot of wonderful restaurants so nobody will go hungry! We hope so see you all again once we re-open and we’ll probably have a big party to celebrate it. I’ll make sure the details are posted here on Baristanet once we establish the date. Thank you all again for your support!

    Tom Moloughney,
    Owner, Nauna’s Bella Casa

  6. Best of luck, Tom, et al. Flue fires and grease trap fires put lots of restaurants behind the eight-ball. It was fortunate(r) that the fire was during your opening hours and people responded very quickly.

    On a related note, does anyone know the progress of Montclair Char-Broil? We have been out of town for a week or so and I haven’t checked to see if they reopened.

  7. Thanks for the update Tommy! My husband will be disappointed that he won’t be able to have his weekly pizza from Nauna’s, but we’re glad you’re all okay and that it wasn’t worse. We’ll be back with bells on once you re-open! We’d be happy to help out in any way we can.

  8. A couple of weeks? Oh, crap, I was hankering for a hero. Thanks for letting us know, Tom. Nauna’s is a town treasure, one of a handful of truly great places, where you can tell people go the extra mile. We’ll be ordering even more than usual once you open, so maybe you want to get an extra oven.

    Glad to here the Fire Dept responded so quickly. You guys are my heroes (though you’re too goddam good at softball).

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