Party Animals Celebrate At The Montclair Animal Shelter


Baristaville celebrated Petfinder’s  15th Birthday with parties at shelters all over the US this weekend, including a block party at the Montclair Animal Shelter on Saturday night. The Montclair event also marked the First Annual New Jersey “Week For The Animals.”

The party started at 5pm and continued well into the night, with music, food, drinks and of course the guests of honor: shelter dogs and cats who reviewed the crowd looking for their new person. One of the guests of the block party pointed out that people do not pick shelter animals to take home, instead it’s the shelter animals that pick their people. At the end of the evening one dog and 10 cats had selected their new people; several people made arrangements to return with their significant other later in the week.

One of the special moments of the block party was seeing Colin and Julian Monteleone of Glen Ridge go home with two kittens. Their smiles shone brighter than the sun. Another highlight of the even was meeting Marlene Price, a physician who works with economically disadvantaged people in Brooklyn but is known locally for her menagerie of rescue animals. Charlotte, a senior dog who is believed to be 10 years old, chose Marlene as her person about 6 months ago. Charlotte joined a home with two other dogs, Zoe and Cary, 2 cats, and 2 birds. All three dogs came to the block party.

As with any good party there was cake. The ShopRite of Nutley provided a large cake for people celebrating the 15th Anniversary of for the two legged guests; The Yellow Dog Bakery, also of Nutley, provided an organic pumpkin cake, iced with yoghurt, for the dogs. Itchy, a female Staffordshire Terrier, got the very first piece of cake. Snacks and noshes for the people guests were also provided by  Starbucks,  Creative Catering, Greek Delights, Muscle Maker Cafe, Veggie Heaven and Air Castles. Music came from two Montclair High School students who are a part of Serendipity Café.

Lynn Gaeta, an Animal Control Officer and Volunteer Coordinator called the first block party a success due to the efforts of volunteers and those donated their time and gifts for the event.  Although a municipal shelter, government funding for the shelter provides the minimal state mandated care for the animals. At Montclair, the donations of material items and money provide soft bedding for the dogs and cats, toys, and even veterinary care for animals whose illnesses might result in being put down in other shelters. (a dog with an ear infection will get special medication, a cat with a urinary tract infection will receive the necessary care at the Montclair Animal Shelter, that sort of care is not mandated by the state and is available because of the volunteers and donors). The Montclair Animal Shelter is also special as it is a no kill shelter meaning that an animal that is not adopted will have a home for as long as it takes to find the right person to go home with.  

Lindsey Gilson, a Veterinary Technician and Animal Control officer at the shelter went home with Arizona.  Arizona was born to a German shepherd who was so emaciated that the staff didn’t realize at first that she was pregnant. Arizona, the runt of the litter, celebrated her 6 week birthday on Friday which is a major milestone as it was unclear of any of the puppies would survive. The unique level of care in Montclair gave Arizona and her siblings a new lease on life.

With so many heartwarming stories many guests at the block party wanted to help the animals but couldn’t take them home for assorted reasons. To meet that need the Montclair Animal Shelter set up a gift table on which two legged guests left food, toys, blankets, leashes, paper towels, and soap. After the party gifts can be left at the front door of the shelter as staff are there at various times every day to care and feed the animals. Cash donations can also be made to the shelter.

The Montclair Animal Shelter is at 77 North Willow Street, near the Walnut Street Train Station. It is  open on Tuesdays from 2pm to 6pm, Wednesdays to Sunday from 2pm to 4pm. The staff knows that not everyone can visit the shelter at those times so appointments to meet your new best friend can be made by calling 973-844-8600.


  1. The Montclair Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter? And it’s a municipal shelter? I had no idea. I hope to God that is true. It takes people with vision, commitment to that vision, and a true love of all animals to run a successful shelter in every sense of the word “shelter”. Volunteers are an integral component. Hard work, dedication and a desire to work together to do whatever needs to be done for the animals in their care is what makes a good volunteer. Congratulations on a successful event!

  2. Yes, it is a no kill shelter. That’s why the shelter needs volunteers and financial and material gifts. State regulations provide for a minimum of care, at the Montclair Animal Shelter they know that, and work hard for the animals by appealing to the community for support.

  3. I am glad this was such a success. The volunteers worked very hard! Thanks to Baristanet for coming out and covering the event!

  4. Of course if you missed the party you can always support the Montclair Animal Shelter by sending a donation or dropping off gifts of food, blankets, wipes, cleaning supplies, non-clumping litter, cotton balls, and more at the shelter itself.

  5. No John, sadly it is not a NO KILL shelter. Statistics released last year showed at least an 11% euthanasia rate.

    Ask the shelter for their statistics – I bet you get what others have gotten which is nothing. Ask the Montclair Town Council is they are able to get statistics from the sheleter. Ask Cary Africk if you don’t beleive me.

    Ask Sandy Reynolds from Humane Montclair if she got any answers when she recently filed an OPRA request for the statistics from the shelter.


  6. Is this the same Sandy Reynolds who spoke at length to the Montclair Times making all manner of accusations about the shelter and afterward declared that the comments were entirely off the record? Consider the source of your information before spreading gossip.

  7. Hey Pat this article was a wonderful one – showcasing all the hard work done by the shelter staff and volunteers. Many animals were adopted. Why do you have to rain on the parade?

    The shelters euthanasia policy is based off of Maddie’s Fund, the leader in setting a NO KILL standard for the nation. Other shelters that follow this program: Mt. Pleasant, Ramapo-Bergen, and North Shore Animal League. Would you dare to tell those shelters that they’re not doing their jobs or that they’re not really a no-kill shelter? I don’t think. So why would you bash the shelter in your own community? No HEALTHY & ADOPTABLE animal is ever euthanized. Only animals who are aggressive and unadoptable or terminally ill are humanely put to sleep. The decision is made by behaviorist, veterinarians, and shelter management. When 100% of adoptable animals are adopted out = no kill. Do you think it’s fair to make a feral cat or aggressive dog live in a cage it’s entire life? Scared to death and lonely just to say that your a “no-kill” shelter? I find that inhumane. In 2010 the montclair shelter euth rate was 10%, pit that against the nations 56%, the states 37%, and Essex county’s 40%. I think that Montclair is one of the best shelters an animal can find itself in.

    Maybe if everyone can work TOGETHER instead of against each other more animals could be saved. Stop bashing everything that these workers and volunteers do. They put their hears into this work and save countless animals.

  8. @missymustang Show us the numbers. Better yet show the Montclair Town Council the numbers. Mr. Africk and I had a conversation 2 weeks ago and he said that the Montclair Town Council could not get the numbers from the shelter.

    We see no animals from the shelter at the Montclair Farmer’s Market but we do see PAWS there getting animals adopted.

    When the Montclair Animal Shelter took over the building it was announced that FELV cats would be euthanized even though they could be adopted and live long happy lives.

    Montclair admitted to killing 11% of the anumals in the shelter in a Montclair Times story last year

    “The shelter has taken in 477 animals since the shelter opened last year, and 52 have been euthanized, according to Dashield.”

    There it is for y’all in black and white

  9. So the moral is don’t send a poor feral cat, one with FELV, a black cat, or an elderly cat to the Montclair Shelter as their lives aren’t safe there.

    Show the Montclair Town Council the numbers. an 11% kill rate is unacceptable.

  10. Yo Pat – sounds like you have a personal vendetta that you are splashing all over Baristanet.

    Just ask, and the numbers are available. So you and some Cary person had a chat, I chatted with Archbishop Tutu back in March, that doesn’t put me in line to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Nor do I recall reading anything on Baristanet or the Montclair Times stating that you are Cary Africk’s spokemodel. So you failed that one.

    Why would the Montclair Animal Shelter bring dogs and cats to the Farmer’s Market? Having point of purchase items at the market is great for things like chewing gum and candy bars but the decision to adopt an animal is not one that should be made on the spur of the moment. The shelter has established hours for adoption and can make accomadatoins for those who are serious about making the commitment. Offering pets in the parking lot of a farmers market as if they are velvet painting of Elvis at an Alabama gas station is not responible. Another Pat Gilleran fail.

    There are FELV kittens and cats at the Montclair Animal Shelter available for adoption. (yup, another fail for you)

    The article you reference is more than a year old and it was written during the period whereby the current shelter was sorting out what PAWS left in its wake. I know from personal experiece that at least two of the animals that were euthanized were squashed by cars but still alive – do you seriously think it would have been more humane to just watch them wiggle around in pain. Get real Pat. (again you fail)

    Black cat? what’s your beef with black cats? Onyx is gorgeous and is completely black and had several suitors on Saturday. (Onyx was also fascinated with my camera and got so close the pictures were a bit blurry)There were some black kittens as well but their names escape me. (yup, another fail for you)

    If you are going to slam the shelter or others please don’t make it so easy for others to discredit you.

  11. Not only is there an FeLV cat for adoption but a FIV kitten and multiple elderly cats, including 16yr old Scooter who happens to be the sweets man in the world. At any other shelter he would have been put to sleep (between his age, heart murmur, arthritic hips, and dental problems that required surgery) but he’s still going strong at Montclair.

    BTW John I totally <3 Itchy… she gives hugs when you ask for them by jumping up with a paw wrapped around each of your hips!

  12. And regarding the farmers market: I’ve personally walked dogs over there on Saturday mornings to socialize them and get the word out that they’re for adoption and what the shelter hours are so that responsible adopters can think about it and come back to adopt.

  13. @johnlee numbers have been requested and number have not been given. I’m sure that Cary will be amused to be compared to Bishop TuTu. If the Montclair town council can’t get numbers the shelter is NOT doing it’s job.

    @missy You’ve just bolstered my example. The shelter has no policy for outreach at the farmer’s market. Dogs and Cats are not shown there . An individual volunteer may walk a dog there but there is no plan even though it’s a perfect place to inform people about animals for adoption.

    No need to walk an animal through the market itself since there’s a grassy shaded park area (you’d know about it if you had ever been there) where there are a couple of benches and there’s always a crowd around the PAWS cats.

    The only outreach that I can see coming from this shelter is that Sandy Reynolds (yes THAT Sandy Reynolds) posts a PET OF THE WEEK since the shelter doesn’t do it themselves.

  14. Pat, you need to check your facts before you make these accusations..

    The shelter sends a Pet of the Week into the Montclair Times every week; space has been an issue in running it…But it is the same pet that Sandy advertises..The pic and write-up are sent to Sandy BY THE SHELTER. And the shelter is grateful to Sandy for this support.

    The shelter may not currently have animals for adoption at the Farmer’s Market (if anyone wants to volunteer to bring animals there, their help will be most welcome) but volunteers and employees have brought animals to other adoption events. There was an event in Franklin Lakes, NJ, as well as a Petfinder event in New York. Bear in mind, that PAWS doesn’t have a shelter, so it’s more critical to be at a weekly adoption event than it is for an organization that has a building.

    FeLV cats are NOT automatically euthanized at the shelter. There was an FeLV+ cat named Spruce who spent several months in the shelter last year before being adopted…Now, there is a cat named Piper who is also FeLV positive who will be there until she is adopted. Other FeLV or FIV cats–and other cats who were considered unadoptable for other reasons, have gone to sanctuaries, one as far away as Martha’s Vineyard. I also know of one dog who is going to a sanctuary later in the summer.And yes, as someone said above, Scooter, who is indeed the sweetest man in the world, has health problems and wouldn’t stand a chance in many other shelters in the area, but will stay at Montclair until he is adopted. There was also a 21-year-old cat who was allowed to live out his life in the office area upstairs. He received a lot of love and attention from the employees and when he eventually died, he knew he had been loved.

    Pat, you bring up the Farmer’s Market as if that’s the only possible adoption outreach. What about the fact that the volunteers got together and ran one heck of a Street Party Saturday night, where 11 animals were adopted? Do you know how much work went into that? Why do you need to turn around and trash them? And what about the Valentine’s Day adoption event earlier his year? The St. Patrick’s Day adoption event? The shelter is always looking for innovative ways to boost adoptions.

    Bear in mind that the shelter has only FIVE employees…Yes, there are only FIVE employees for that whole building. People can’t be everywhere. But there’s a very strong volunteer component that is growing so I think we will see more and more good things happening there.

    An 11% euthanasia rate includes animals that are very ill. The shelter may be making the same compassionate decision that you would make for your own pet who is suffering and in pain, and then the numbers are held against them. With the number of animals that go through the shelter, percentage-wise, you’re going to have a fair amount that are sick. But those that can be treated are treated. There is a vet who comes right to the shelter to care for the animals.

    Pat, by trashing the shelter, you’re only pushing away potential adopters and hurting the animals in the long run. Why don’t you go down to the shelter and check it out for yourself? Meet Piperand Scooter and see first-hand the care they are receiving…Or better yet, look at the pictures above and see the type of dedication and innovation that is yielding many happy endings for the homeless animals of Montclair and surrounding communities.

  15. I just uploaded several pics, including the camera shy black kitten, to the slideshow that is running above, they are interspersed with existing pics to keep it interesting.

  16. One last point, people have often recognized dogs that have appeared in the Times as Pet of the Week because they’ve seen volunteers walking them…So there is definitely outreach. It’s not all about the Farmer’s Market.

    Thanks again to John and B’net for covering Saturday’s event.

  17. Here’s what I know:

    It has been very difficult to get an answer to the simple question: “How much does it cost to run the shelter?” The shelter is part of the health department and employee salaries are difficult to figure out.

    As to the Farmer’s Market, as far as I can remember each week PAWS has perhaps a half dozen animals in the park adjacent to the market itself. It’s well run, and calm, and volunteers seem to spend much time with the families discussing things. Ron is ALWAYS there. People and animals seem to be really enjoying themselves.

    At the same time from what I see the Montclair Animal Shelter also has dedicated, hard working employees who greatly care for the animals.

  18. @johnlee I haven’t made many persona attacks on you and don’t appreciate the fact that you can make them about me.

  19. @Nellie

    There have also been reports that the Shelter and ACOs refuse to pick up strays or when called tell people that their calendar for picking up strays is months out.

    These are things that I hear from the community and should be addressed by the shelter. Accusing me of trashing the shelter doesn’t answer the community’s questions, doesn’t give the Montclair Town Council the numbers (see Cary’s comments above) and doesn’t show a years worth of outreach done by the shelter and volunteers.

    I chose the Montclair Farmer’s Market as an example because it’s just down the block from the shelter and the transport and planning would be a breeze.

    You state that the shelter has ONLY five employees. How many volunteers are there? How many people walk dogs on a regular basis? What is the budget (line item please)

    If any criticism is seen as *TRASHING* I suggest that you get a thicker skin and start taking suggestions from the community, after all the community is paying for the shelter – shouldn’t there be some transparency on the part of the shelter.


    I suggest that you cease and desist and of course the answer to your snide questions is YES. I am a realist and post both the good and bad about things. You are obviously an apologist for the shelter and feel free to attack me personally.

  21. I am the one who found the German Sherpard Pine and took her to MAS. I have to say everytime I go to visit her, the staff is really nice to me there. They let me walk her, and they have let me see the puppies before they went home. If I was allowed to have dogs where I live, I would adopt her in a second.

    Update- Pine was in a foster home, but their resident dog would not accept Pine- Pine is a wonderful dog; she really needs a home. She has no aggression issues, she is so playful and loving. She is so trusting; Does anyone have room for Pine in their lives?

  22. pics of the black kitten have been added to the slideshow, I also have one of the FELV cats in there but didn’t identify it as such as I am not sure which one it was and prefer not to mislabel.
    (I’ll admit it, cute, grey and white all starts to look alike when I’m shooting tons of pics!)

    but wait, Pat stated “don’t send a poor feral cat, one with FELV, a black cat, or an elderly cat to the Montclair Shelter as their lives aren’t safe there” – check out the photos and get back to me – let’s see if Cary defends you on this assertion too!

  23. Pat is a great supporter of the homeless animals, she has helped countless animals, even taking in some herself, so let’s not bash each other. Our main purpose is to help animals, I think we all have the same goal, no matter who we volunteer for.

    I am a volunteer and an ex employee of PAWS, but MAS has been great about caring for Pine/and her pups. They have been very welcoming to me.

    So I wish we could all just get along for the sake of the animals….. All animals deserve a wonderful, loving home.

  24. @johnlee I am no one’s “minion” nor am I the “modelspokesperson” for Mr. Africk.

    I don’t hold political office but will meet you anywhere to pick my nose in front of you and have it filmed if you will push the Montclair Animal Shelter to give the town the numbers, do outreach at events and the Montclair Farmer’s Market on a weekly basis, and stop killing animals.

  25. @cuddles : I have some pics of Pine’s puppy Arizona that I will be posting with her story later in the day; and (shameless plug here) I’ll include her story on my blog to help get the word about her out. I’m sure the Barista’s won’t mind that story being told there.

    Have a smashing day!

    Nkosi Sikelel’i

  26. John Do you have pictures of the mom Pine? If not I can email you some, not the best, but some are OK- let me know…. I really want her in a home, I was praying it would work out with this home, but the traininer said two alpha females would not work out. I dont see her as an alpha female at all, but what can I do…..

    I only saw the pups twice, last time was when they were about 3 to 4 weeks old. So I would love to see new pics.

  27. OK sounds good I am going to visit her tomorrow since they are open a bit later maybe around 4…..

  28. @johnlee how many dogs are there at the Montclair Animal Shelter? There are only 6 dogs on petfinder listed at the shelter. Numbers please!

  29. Anyone who works with homeless animals is a hero, in my book. People who pick their noses in public, not so much. Thanks again to the volunteers who did a bang-up job Saturday. Sorry you had to be hit by so much negativity here.

  30. Ah more personal attacks. So, how many dogs are at the Montclair Animal Shelter…there are six (6) posted on Petfinder. Numbers Please!

  31. If “negativity” is asking for numbers and stats is “positivity” just praising for praise’s sake.

  32. This is getting ridiculous. I think the shelter employees have more important things to be doing that counting the animals for you, Pat – like TAKING CARE OF THE ANIMALS.

    Why don’t you stop by the shelter one day and help clean some cages. Then you can count them yourself.

    Sadly, it seems from your charged, factually incorrect comments here that there are some people who will never accept the regime change and just can’t let go of the fact that PAWS no longer runs the shelter…If PAWS is at the Farmer’s Market every weekend and the shelter is just around the corner – and this really is the MOST IMPORTANT venue for getting animals adopted – why can’t they volunteer to bring over a few of the shelter’s animals too?

  33. johnlee,

    Here’s what I wrote about the Montclair Animal Shelter:

    “the Montclair Animal Shelter also has dedicated, hard working employees who greatly care for the animals”

    So is that what you call a “smear” campaign?

  34. Pat, with the estimated national average of cats euthanized at 70% (dogs 50%) I’d say 11% isn’t that bad. That’s assuming that number is correct, which I’m taking with a grain of salt given some of the other erroneous comments you’ve made on this thread. From my experience, they have a great little shelter, and are doing what they can with what they have. Can you ask for anything more? I volunteer at a local rescue on a weekly basis, and I feel for municipal shelters, considering they don’t have the freedoms private organizations have re: how they spend their money. The bottom line is the shelter is clean, the animals are happy, cared for, and offered adequate enrichment. The event on Saturday was great. Great job to all involved!

  35. “don’t send a poor feral cat, one with FELV, a black cat, or an elderly cat to the Montclair Shelter as their lives aren’t safe there”…..better at a shelter with food, water, care, and the possibility of adoption or euthanasia than starving in the street or struggling to walk around with broken pelvis re:car accident….but that’s just me…I’m not really into the whole emotional trauma/pain and suffering thing.

  36. @theprimroseplath there’s been a claim here that the Montclair Animal Shelter is a NO KILL SHELTER when it’s clearly not

    @peaches yes that’s what people have been told when they have filed an OPRA request for the numbers – we’re to busy to let you have any information.

    My comments are/were NOT factually incorrect. The shelter has at least an 11% kill rate so it is NOT a NO KILL SHELTER. Animals are not brought to Farmer’s Market Events and there are very limited other events. The shelter had a policy of euthanizing FIV and FELV cats and now claims that it doesn’t. The shelter continues to refuse to give the town any of the the numbers and to say how many volunteers it has.

    The shelter also has only 6 dogs up on petfinder – how many dogs that are adoptable are being housed at the shelter right now?

  37. I see lots of personal attacks and accusations but no numbers

    ps. I don’t think that the Montclair Animal Shelter has a grant from Maddie’s Fund do they (they are not listed on the maddie’s Fund website where they would be if they were part of Maddie’s Fund)? So can we document that their euthanasia policy is the same as that of Maddie’s Fund or it’s just “based” on Maddie’s Fund which could mean anything!

    “The Maddie’s Fund emphasis on measurable results requires grantees to produce monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports that provide numerical accounts of progress towards goals. After project participants submit their data, Maddie’s Fund staff analyzes projects’ statistical reports, profiling achievements and identifying discrepancies and questionable data.”
    without numbers NO MADDIE’s FUND grant

  38. As far as taxpayer funds go, non-adoptable animals should be euthanized humanely. So should any animal not adopted in some reasonable amount of time. (say, 3 months?). That’s what the township should pay for. Anything beyond that should be via privately raised funding.

  39. hey RoC shouldn’t the Montclair Town Council know what is being spent and what it is being spent on?

  40. From “The most widely accepted definition of a no-kill shelter is a place where all adoptable and treatable animals are saved and where only unadoptable or non-rehabilitatable animals are euthanized.”

    I’ve been to four shelter events in the past six months, and I know they went to a weekend-long off-site event in New York state last month – so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I’m just gonna go out on a limb here – six adoptable dogs at the shelter right now? Actually seems about right. And there are cats with FIV and FELV at the shelter currently, so obviously your understanding of that policy is incorrect.

    All of this is just wasted breath, though. Like I said above, you will never accept the shelter and will take every opportunity you can to s**t all over them. Get over yourself. All this negative energy could be so better spent channeled into something productive.

  41. “Montclair Town Council know what is being spent and what it is being spent on?”

    P.S. Since the council writes the checks, shouldn’t the “what is being spent” part involve some simple accounting?

  42. RoC also please define “non-adoptable anumals”. PAWS had an adoption rate of 98+%.

    From the Montclair Animal Shelter Volunteer Handbook. “Felines that are
    diagnosed with terminal illness such as FIV (feline aids), feline leukemia or other illnesses where there is no cure, and are suffering, will be considered for euthanasia.”

    When I called the shelter last year I was told that ALL black cats, any of the cats that had been there the longest and any adult cats were “at risk”.

    So, come on Montclair Animal Shelter, tell us what the numbers are, what your kill rates are this year, and if you are still refusing admission to animals and have a 5 week pickup time

    I’d also like to know why the hours that you are open are so limited – other shelters in the area are open from 1p-4pm 7 days a week

    Tuesday: 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.
    Wednesday: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
    Friday: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

    I see now why you don’t bother taking animals to the farmer’s market. YOU AREN’T OPEN when the farmer’s Market is in session on Saturday’s. How foolish is that????

  43. The shelter has had many innovative adoption events. ONE OF THEM IS THE REASON FOR THIS THREAD. Sad that some people (well, one person) can’t see the forest for the Farmer’s Market.

  44. hey @peaches – see my info from the Montclair Animal Shelter Volunteer Handbook. “Felines that are diagnosed with terminal illness such as FIV (feline aids), feline leukemia or other illnesses where there is no cure, and are suffering, will be considered for euthanasia.”

    I didn’t author this – the shelter did

    and as to the numbers- why guess- I guess it’s because the shelter won’t give you the numbers either.

  45. “RoC also please define “non-adoptable anumals”. PAWS had an adoption rate of 98+%.”

    So, PAWS can come pick up all the animals slated for euthanasia. That would be fine by me.

  46. @Pat – I think you’ve overlooked the most important line in the ‘policy’- “…and are suffering…” Why does it not surprise me? You read and hear what you want to.

    “Sad that some people (well, one person) can’t see the forest for the Farmer’s Market.” – brilliant @Nellie!

  47. peaches who judges if they are “suffering”? Most cats don’t show it.

    All of these questions were asked last year and no answers were forthcoming. Here we are a year later asking the same questions.

    Attack attack attack but still no answers. Still no numbers for the town council.

    And RoC that’s not an answer- there needs to ba a definition of “non-adoptable animal” for the shelter to follow in it’s Standard Operating procedure.

  48. It always amazes and saddens me to see how much infighting there is between animal rescue groups/shelters/workers. Instead of groups with the same ultimate goal fighting against one another, perhaps it would be more prudent to work TOGETHER for the common good. Smearing another shelter/rescue worker etc. does nothing to help the animals. Put the “fight” to good use against those who do wrong by the animals, not one another.

  49. So you’ve gone from “all cats with FIV are being euthanized” to “how do you define “suffering”. This is pointless and has gone on too long.

    Pat, you can have the last word, as I’ve no doubt you want, and are sure that you’ll use it to continue ranting about ‘how do I know if the Petfinder numbers are right’ and ‘why aren’t they at the Farmer’s Market’ instead of focusing on how the shelter did a great job with their event this weekend that resulted in double-digit adoptions and positive community outreach.

  50. Amen to that Rae, but clearly somebody has an axe to grind and way too much time on their hands….I’ve never had a bad experience with PAWS or MAS…and believe in the work they both do (and believe they do it well) but every group has their loose cannons. Unfortunately, this one happens to be more public and vocal than most….

    Another point that speaks to a lack of reading comprehension, “Felines that are diagnosed with terminal illness such as FIV (feline aids), feline leukemia or other illnesses where there is no cure, and are suffering, will be considered for euthanasia.”…the operative word here is “considered”.

  51. “…the operative word here is “considered”.”

    I think for the extremists like Pat, no criteria (short of the kitties penning their own living wills) will do. In her words: ” who judges if they are ‘suffering’? Most cats don’t show it.”

    So I’m guessing all animals should be kept alive indefinitely no matter the cost.

  52. still no numbers and lots of personal attacks.

    How many FELV and FIV cats have been killed at the shelter since MAS took over??? Numbers? Percentages of FELV and FIV cats?

    I don’t think that asking questions about the kill policy at the shelter is pointless and it certainly HAS GONE ON TOO LONG since people have been asking for over a year.

    I’m sure that I won’t have the last word as you’ll be back with yet another personal attack- which really doesn’t bother me as long as the shelter realizes that people are watching. It’s not like I’m just sitting here picking my nose (where is johnlee and his camera? a photo op is not being taken advantage of).

    You’ve also heard from RoC who wants more animals euthanized. I can’t say I agree with him but I do want to know what the protocol and SOP are.

  53. please note the phrase “considered for euthanasia” – my dog Archibold head butted me this weekend and cracked a tooth in the process, my dentist will be “considered for a cap”, it doesn’t mean its gonna happen, it just means its a possibility; get with the program Pat

    with regard to the Block Party I have it one good authority that PAWS was invited to participate but didn;t come, mind you this was an event that had press in Baristanet, Patch, the Montclair Times, North, and so more people were exposed to the idea of the block party than ever attend the farmers market – it seems downright irresponsible to me that PAWS didn’t participate – think of how many animals may have found a new home there

  54. Pat,
    I respect your passion. But as someone who has helped save greyhound racing dogs (both by doing publicity for them nationally and internationally — all as a volunteer, and supporting them financially) for over 20 years, your aggressive anger undermines your points (many of which, I’m are very valid). Again, I understand that you are trying to save animals, and I applaud you for that. However, when you scream at people (even in a post), it just makes them not listen.

    Nellie, as always, is the voice of reason here. Love Peaches comments too! Thank you for this post John Lee. It made me realize that I was overdue in writing a check to the shelter (we have three dogs so we can’t have another dog. Actually I’d like about 20 more dogs but there would be no room for us).

  55. Keep in mind that checks are great, and I am not going to disuade anyone from writing one, but stuff is good too.

    I know there is a need to towels and blankets so the dogs and cats can snuggle in them at night, but when I asked Lynn about old sweatshirts that are not suitable to donate to the 2nd Time Around shop on South Fullerton she said “yes”! So when you are undoing summer, and have that bleach stained or torn beach towel, or start unpacking autumn and find clothes that cannot be donated to people charities, think of the shelter.

    One of the things we all do, in every aspect of our lives, is forget that we can repurpose things – we don’t neccessarily need to spend money to help others. Given the meshugge nature of the economy, and the chicken little nature of the media, there are a lot of people in the world who want to do something but feel they are unable because of limited financial resources. Take a look around the house, you might find something that will suit the shelter just fine!

  56. @johnlee you’ve already attacked me personally several times and still no numbers are forthcoming from the shelter

    @deborah broide not sure where I’ve screamed. I’ve insulted no one personally. I’ve pointed out questions that people have asked of the shelter (even the Montclair Town Council) that have not been ansered.

    @johnlee Cary Africk is not responsible for my posts. I am not his “minion” or “spokesmodel” as you have accused me of being. He has confirmed that the Montclair town council can’t get the numbers and has said complementary things about the staff and volunteers.

    You’ll notice that I have said NOTHING about the staff and volunteers but have made statement about the lack of events and asked questions about protocol and policy and asked repeatedly for the numbers. I did refute johnlee’s misinformnation that the Montclair Animal Shelter is NO KILL – it’s not. You can say it is John but it’s not.

    One thing that I feel that I should point out is that if the Montclair Animal Shelter releases their numbers and they can be authenticated there may be more people who want to donate and volunbteer …but if the numbers are as bad as some I’ve spoken to think they are, that won’t be the outcome

    Is the Montclair Animal Shelter licensed by the State of NJ ? I ask because it’s not included on the list of Licensed Shelters and Pounds

  57. This won’t be a very eloquent comment since my head is about to explode from reading Pat Gilleran’s posts. I am a volunteer at the Montclair shelter and one of the people who helped organize Saturday’s event. My priority is finding animals homes. At Saturday’s event, 10 cats and one dog were adopted, which is fantastic and constitutes a success.

    The amount of time and energy that is being spent on writing inaccurate and venomous posts could be so much better put to use by walking dogs at the shelter or refilling a cat’s water bowl or changing a litter box. But I know it won’t be because that would mean actually caring about an animal’s welfare as they wait for their new family.

    My daughter and I began volunteering at the shelter last summer, and have found the staff to be nothing but kind, helpful, and welcoming. They truly do care about all of the animals. Maybe if Pat actually visited the shelter she could meet the staff and all of the animals, and see that even dogs who have been waiting TWO years are still cared for each and every day, and have not been given up on, much less euthanized. Or maybe she should read the blog about the deaf pit bull, Diamond, whose rescuer drove from VIRGINIA to come get her and has nothing but positive things to say about the shelter and its staff. If the shelter was all about euthanizing animals, believe me, a deaf pit bull would be on the list. But she wasn’t, and the staff kept the faith, and was exploring special needs rescues when Diamond’s person contacted them, via Petfinder. Diamond, now named Nea, can be read about here: or see her Facebook page:

    And after Pat comes to the shelter to walk dogs and clean cages and foster kittens and nurse sick animals back to health and organize adoption events and seek donations so that the shelter can treat common health issues like earmites with medication that the town won’t pay for because it is not state mandated, she will count the animals herself, which seems to be more important to her.

    I organized the shelter’s trip to an adoption event in Franklin Lakes a few months ago, which resulted in the successful adoption of the dog I brought. I will be working on getting the shelter to a large adoption event in September in Brookdale Park. Reading Pat’s bile only makes me want to help at the shelter MORE. The point of this work is to get animals adopted, not to hoard statistics and numbers.

    I have to stop writing now due to the migraine I have from my complete disgust with someone who can turn a positive event into her own soapbox of negativity. I do not need to address all of the inaccurate information Pat has maliciously spread here, as other commenters have done such a great job already. I am so grateful for all of the positive feedback and intelligent replies that people have been putting up to counteract the petty hating. To Pat and angry PAWS supporters who love to bash the shelter: get over it, already. MOVE ON. Your bad energy only works against the good which many people are working hard to create. Be productive, not destructive.

  58. More personal attacks (as IF I don’t do enough for my community and don’t volunteer enough) and of course still no answers to any of the questions.

    Is the shelter hiding something? Other shelter give the State of NJ numbers on a monthly basis, should I infer that the Montclair Shelter is above doing this?

    Someone mentioned Maddie’s Fund (above) and suggested that the Montclair Shelter was part of it. It can’t be since Maddie’s Fund REQUIRES numbers.

    So where are the numbers. How many animals have been killed? What’s the kill ratio? How many has the shelter housed? Adopted out? Refused to pickup? How many volunteers are there? Why the limited number of events? Why doesn’t the State of NJ show the Montclair Animal Shelter as being a licensed facility?

    You DO need to adress the lack of information that the shelter releases.

  59. Adopting 10 cats and one dog in one night is just phenomenal…The fact that it was not the Farmer’s Market should not detract from the huge success this event was!

    One last point: PAWS was Not No-Kill…Dogs were euthanized for aggression (I can think of three off the top of my head who were put down the last year PAWS was at 77 No. Willow St; as were sick animals.) And what I can say in the Montclair Shelter’s favor is that there is a strong volunteer component that works very hard for alternate placement for such dogs, Edie among them. And as I mentioned earlier, cats have been brought to sanctuaries, as well. (And for the record, a volunteer named Alicja started the cat sanctuary effort at PAWS in 2001 after 60 cats were euthanized for space. Fortunately, other volunteers picked up the ball on that after she moved away.)

    The shelter is doing a great job under the restrictions that most municipal shelters face….It is about so much more than the Farmer’s Market…It is about the joy of placing a deaf dog or an FeLV cat only to have a sicker or more problematic animal come in the next day…It is about Compassion Fatigue since Shelter work can be a revolving door of heartbreak. The warriors on the front lines need support from the community, not the lies and the garbage that were spewed here today.

  60. Pat, you need to go down to the shelter and ask your questions. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find there.

  61. There is something very dishonest in Pat aiming to take the “no personal attack” high road when, with every post, she implies corruption, dishonesty and opacity on the part of the shelter.

  62. You’re no slouch in the attack department, Pat.

    You do not seem to actually read any of the responses to your misinformed comments. I would prefer it if the shelter staff spent their time caring for the homeless animals, rather than gathering pointless data at your request. If you spend some time at the shelter helping out, you can even get your statistics all by yourself.

    Your last paragraph contains quite a few questions. Once again, I invite you to come to the shelter and find out for yourself. Come live the numbers and statistics. Come read about when the animals were surrendered and abandoned and taken in, and how long they have been waiting and have been cared for because the shelter follows the no-kill guidelines of Maddie’s Fund. Come meet the staff and see their tireless efforts as they answer yet another call, see cases of unbelievable neglect and abuse, and care for each and every animal every day, individually. Come watch them keep the hope alive that each animal there will find the home that they should have.

    The shelter has nothing to hide. It’s all right there. Come down and take care of some animals with all the other volunteers. Come plan an event if you feel there are too few. Make yourself useful instead of typing the same asinine words into your computer all day long for Baristanet and the Watercooler. What’s your point, anyway? Why do you need to tear down people’s efforts and morale? Actually, I think you have only succeeded in making yourself look like a mean-spirited fool in the face of such overwhelming support and good will toward the shelter.

    The idea is to work together to get these animals homes, and to make their stay at the shelter as easy as possible.

    So please, get in touch when you’re ready to pay a visit. I will be happy to give you a personal tour. Together we can clean cat boxes, take pictures of cats and dogs for Petfinder, do laundry, wash dishes and hose down dog kennels. There’s a lot of work to be done–for those of us who don’t spend all day on Baristanet shooting down an animal shelter that’s doing its best.

    Look forward to seeing you.

  63. @edie I don’t need to come on down as I already volunteer in many other places. I don’t need to gather the data – the shelter does and by the way it does not belong to Maddie’s Fund no matter what you claim and it is NOT NO Kill (I never said that PAWS was a NO KILL Shelter just that they placed 98+% animals).

    The shelter needs to provide numbers to the Montclair town council and the residents of Montclair. I have asked appropriate questions and no answers have been received. If that is perceived as an “attack” so be it. I have not insulted the volunteers or shelter workers but have been attacked on a personal level.

    What does the shelter have to hide? It’s not “right there” it’s NO WHERE!

    RoC I don’t imply anything. I have asked a number of questions- it’s up to the shelter to answer them or rufuse as they have for the last 2 years. By not answering the shelter implies that there’s something to hide. And yes there’s been NO TRANSPARENCY at the shelter. Even it’s supports will tell you that. They don’t feel that transparency is nerded!

  64. Scared, huh? I thought so. I know you can make time in your busy Baristanet writing schedule, Pat. It won’t take very long for you to pay us a visit to see how wrong you are. You know the shelter has nothing to hide. Since you care so deeply about animal welfare, and not your own personal agenda, you could work with us, finding homes for animals.

    Every word you write is an attack, interesting that you can’t see that. The staff and volunteers ARE “the shelter”. Thus, the attack.

    I never made the claim that we officially “belong” to Maddie’s Fund. We follow their definition of a no-kill shelter. And I quote: “Maddie’s Fund aims to create a no-kill nation where all healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats are guaranteed a loving home.” That’s what the Montclair Shelter is doing, no matter how many claims you make to the contrary. To be better informed, I suggest you read up on the Asilomar Accords, After you read that, you will certainly be ready to come visit the shelter and understand that what you are seeing there is being carried out as per the Asilomar Accords.

    If you were better informed, you would know that your NUMBERS have been supplied. What is more transparent than me inviting you to the shelter to spend some time?

    Again, please come see for yourself. I’m sure the other places you volunteer wouldn’t mind if you helped out some animals for a little while.

  65. Johnlee wrote: Keep in mind that checks are great, and I am not going to disuade anyone from writing one, but stuff is good too.
    Seriously, seriously, seriously checks are the most valuable thing a shelter can receive other than competent volunteers. I’m with a different shelter in the area and no check is too high or too low – EVER.

    More often than not we get more stuff that we cannot use – food which is not the diet we use, newspaper, open containers of food, expired food and medicine, flea collars, styrofoam plates, and toys which are dangerous.

    Use your shelter’s wish list and follow it to the letter, or give them the cash to get what they really need.

  66. madisonpark _ my point is, that in economically challenging times like these people often feel that they are unable to do something as cash is tight, but that extra can of cat food, a donation of something simple can make a difference. The Americans are all obsessed with big donors but its the small individual efforts from individual people that can really make a difference.

  67. Does anyone know who this Pat Gilleran person is?

    I wrote a simple story that for all intents and purposes was, in my opinion, a puff piece, and out of nowhere this person swoops in, starts calling me wrong and whatnot, then continues on a venomous assault about killing and neglecting animals. She invokes the name of Cary Africk by stating that the shelter has “at least an 11% euthanasia rate. Ask Cary Africk if you don’t beleive me.” (6th comment above) And yet the vile mess continues to pour from her.

    Why is this person whose lies can result in people avoiding the shelter altogether, allowed to continually post. If I were to post “I heard that PAWS wants to make Cool Whip the official symbol of Montclair from members of the community” I wonder if that comment would remain because it is based in as much truth as this Pat person’s assertions.

    Yes, I am taking this personally, because I wrote something that someone else is using in an attempt to bring harm to others. I have a responsibility not only to tell the truth, which I did in the original story, but have now gone above and beyond in the comments. Mind you filth like the comments posted by Pat Gilleran are searchable on google, that’s how I have found some of the long winded comments Pat has posted on other stories in other media.

    Sure, thee are curmudgeonly people who post on Baristanet, but those comments are usually harmless at best “the liberals this…”, “the Obama supporters that”, and from the liberal side “people who eat at Cracker Barrel this” (insert giggle here) But to use the community platform that is Baristanet to make implications of animal abuse and neglect is disgusting.

    Free speech is one thing, libel and slander is a whole other ballgame.

  68. @johnlee lots of people know me, where I volunteer and what my passions are. If you wrote that PAWS was petitioning to make “Cool Whip the official symbol of Montclair” you’d be asked for examples of this behavior (petitions, flyers, a statement). Factual stuff.

    What I’m asking for is factual stuff, THE NUMBERS. And guess what..since you are allowed to call me names and say nasty things about me here I am going to continue to ask for THE NUMBERS.

    So, where are they (an no I’m not coming in to count the animals and generate statistics that’s what should be coming from shelter management).

    ps- is the Montclair animal shelter posting photos and bios of the animal on the Montclair Patch and on the Patch’s of the other communities that they are paid to cover? I don’t think so…but maybe @johnlee will be able to come up with 2 postings in the last year.

  69. message to Pat – the homeless guy screams that the aliens abducted him while he was having tea with Elenor Roosevelt, just because he keeps screaming it, doesn’t make it true, just like vomitting up lies about the shelter doesn’t suddenly make your assertions any more plausible.

  70. @johnlee are you having problems with Eleanor Roosevelt? She’s been dead since November 7, 1962.

    I have spread no lies. I have asked questions and there have been no answers forthcoming.

    You on the other hand, have made claims that are totally untrue. YOU claim that the Montclair Animal Shelter is NO KILL. It is not.

    Gee I wish I could see what comments you made that were deleted by the Baristas – must have been really really good.

  71. Ugh – this is still going on? It’s no use everyone. No matter how eloquently and passionately you write, no matter how you discredit her accusations, no matter how clearly you prove how her assertions are wrong, @Pat will never see it that way, will continue to claim she is a victim of attacks and will never stop commenting as long as people respond to her. Not one commenter here has taken her side, yet she still persists.

    I think we have very clearly defined what constitutes a “No-Kill” shelter – it’s all semantics. If she doesn’t like term she should take it up with whoever coined it because it’s used by thousands of shelters across the country with the same policies as MAS.

    The best thing to do now, I fear, is to just ignore her. I hope anyone who’s been reading through this thread has gotten the real picture of how dedicated the shelter staff is and all they’re doing for the animals in this town.

  72. [portion of comment removed by editor]

    You seem to think there is a full administrative department at the shelter who has nothing but time to respond to pointless requests. That’s why I am inviting you to visit. Come see the senior animals and the challenging animals and the sick animals who are being healed and worked with and socialized. Come see the bills which are paid with money raised by fundraising efforts, if not the staff and volunteers themselves. Come see the puppies and kittens who are being raised and cared for, in the hopes that they will be adopted and not grow up at the shelter. The easy answer would be to euthanize. But that’s not happening.

    As per the the true definition of no-kill from the Asilomar Accords (which I have supplied you with) the Montclair shelter is in complete accordance. When the no-kill policy is twisted by people such as yourself, it becomes the true definition of animal abuse.

    Really looking forward to seeing you at the shelter.

  73. @cuddles Thank you for the kind word that I’ve repeated here

    “Pat is a great supporter of the homeless animals, she has helped countless animals, even taking in some herself, so let’s not bash each other. Our main purpose is to help animals, I think we all have the same goal, no matter who we volunteer for. ”

    I agree but the Montclair Animal Shelter is relentless in it’s refusal io give the Montclair Town Council and the Public any statistics. This in unacceptable since the shelter is supported by taxpayer monies.

    It doesn’t matter what the definition of NO KILL is, or how wonderful the staff and volunteers are. THE NUMBERS are required by the public and the town council. No Numbers and all else is suspect. So @peaches get the numbers out there and clear the shelter’s name.

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