Bukowski Shelter Might Need Emergency Foster Homes

Please be advised that Bukowski Animal Shelter in Bloomfield will be closed for volunteers this Sunday due to Hurricane Irene. In the event that we need the volunteers’ help with emergency situations, shelter management will communicate with committee chairs and other volunteers and request help. Also please spread the word that we may be needing emergency fosters for dogs and cats during this storm. Volunteers are encouraged to email rfernandez@bloomfieldtwpnj.com if they are capable of fostering during this emergency situation and its aftermath.

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  1. I just came back from the shelter where the roof is already leaking. I brought back a kitten to foster.

    If you are going to volunteer to foster please do so now. The shelter is open until 4pm today. When you email the Shelter Manager please copy the adption committee at basanimals@yahoo.com and they will send you an application to fill out.

    Because Shelter Mangement is closing the shelter to volunteers tomorrow – dog walking will be curtailed as there will only be two ACOs and the shelter Manager allowed in.

    Let’s get as many of the poor animals out as soon as possible

  2. Does this mean that if we were able to get to the shelter we wouldn’t be able to help? I’m sure there are people who would be able to get there. Please advise.

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