Hurricane Irene Watch: What Are You Doing To Prepare?

With Hurricane Irene set to hit Baristaville tomorrow, local families have started taking necessary precautions to prepare. On Facebook, Twitter, local yahoo groups and talking to friends, we’re learning what families are doing:

“We live in Zone C of NYC. I’m actually one block away from the water in Brooklyn. I stocked up on milk, bread, water and coldcuts. Things we can eat without having to cook. I gathered all of my candles and matches. After all of that preparation…we may decide to just drive to PA and not deal with this.”

“I bought batteries, easy snacks, and put the backyard stuff in the garage. And I already prepared the kids for a camp-out in the living room (or hallway, possibly) on Saturday night.”

“Freezing blocks of ice using containers in case we lose electricity. Lined up all of our flashlights and batteries, checked battery-run radio and made sure we have extra batteries, moved all of the outdoor furniture into the garage, and wrapped up the new Crepe Myrtle we just planted in the backyard last week. Also, made some macaroni salad, hard boiled eggs, stocked up on tuna fish, bought crackers for snacking and eating with soup, located our non-electric can opener, have 14 of the large size Poland Spring jugs, and hoping that Mother Nature will be nice and not give us as big a hit as predicted.”

“Doing all my laundry today.”

“I’m making ice all day and I have two coolers ready. I also bought a couple of boxes of shelf stable milk for cereal.”

“Filling the tub w/ water tomorrow so we can flush the toilets (well water+hurricane=no electricity=no water). Fun.”

We’ve compiled a list of links with helpful and updated emergency information. Print out useful information (phone numbers, tips, etc.) now in case you can’t access it when you need it:

Have any other tips? Tell us what you’re doing to prepare.

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  1. What Are You Doing To Prepare?

    Went early to K-Mart to buy flashlight & # D Bat’s. 6 jugs water and
    16 half pints of Deer Park individual plastic bottles of H2O.
    Gassed up wife’s Jeep Cherokee and moved one additional car into Car-Condo, in West Orange. (Hope I did the correct thing … doing that?? !!)
    It’s never leasked…over there….yet.
    Not much more I can do. Have candles & holders for them, and matches, and food, and wife bought a new battery operated radio.
    Maybe we did did not buy enough food. Not sure on that one. I think it’s okay. Wish ya all well.

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