Hurricane Irene: Wet, Scary Mess

Gov. Christie is describing “record flooding” caused by Hurricane Irene. Here’s a look at Bloomfied’s Brookside Park near Broad Street.

Power lines are reported down in Glen Ridge. Millburn has a boil water alert.

Thom Kennon snaps this tree down in Montclair. Tell us about your block — do you have trees down, flooding — either in comments, or send an email to tips or tweet using #irene #baristaville.

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  1. Huge tree down on our neighbors’ lawn – corner of James St. & Park. We think the top branches hit their house but can’t see if there is any damage. Trunk seems to have missed anything major.

  2. The flooding of backyards and basements by Broad and Bay is pretty major. I have a friend whose neighbor’s tree collaposed on her house taking out one entire side of it.

    There are lots of people without power and nine people in five states have been reported killed.

    Were you looking for more?

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