Montclair’s “Those Mockingbirds” Release Second EP


If you’re a veteran of the indie band scene in Baristaville, you’re probably already familiar with Those Mockingbirds, who have been a fixture in Montclair’s below-street-level, “harder” music venue for years.

“We cut our teeth at The Meatlocker on Park Street,” said Adam Bird, lead vocalist for the band, whose last EP No Symmetry topped’s Movers and Shakers chart in 2010. The up-and-coming Montclair band has a new EP coming out September 13th, called Fa Sol La.

In keeping with their history at The Meatlocker, Those Mockingbirds music is heavily influenced by grunge and punk bands. Bird specifically cited Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins as inspirations. However, as clear as the influence of these music giants is, there is also something distinctly Jersey about their sound. Those Mockingbirds mesh grunge with the pop punk that was prominent among young bands in Northern Jersey in the early and mid 2000s.

While Bird grew up around this pop punk community, he eagerly pointed out the other sounds present in his band’s music. “We’re doing hard rock and mixing it with classical,” he said, in reference to his band’s use of violin, along with the standard guitar, drums, and base. The diversity of influences on the band’s sound is clear, in their outstanding cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain and the morose track Don’t Stray off their upcoming EP.

Like the other songs on Fa Sol La, Don’t Stray blends common elements of the grunge sound — like guitar fuzz and a driving drum beat — with violin and female vocals, to create music that is at once familiar and new. The opening track Coast to Coast has the power and catchy hook of an early Foo Fighters song. In contrast, the throbbing and complex The Bloodiest Gums layers different musical elements to create a catchy nervous sound, more appropriate for dancing than head banging.

You can check out Those Mockingbirds here, and hear them live at The Irish in Kearny on August 26th. Their new EP will be released on September 13, and Bird said the band has been working on a lot more new music.

Click here to listen to “Coast to Coast” off their new EP.

Band photo by Jenna Przybylowski

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